"A blog with substance" award


I was  deligthed to find a message about a "Blog of substance award" in my inbox today. Of substance... yes, I was truly pleased. Something of substance is exactly what I ultimately would love to convey. I believe you have a responsibility when you engage people minds. I mean, isn't it a good question what you want to fill peoples heads with? Anyhow...

There's a few rules which comes with the award and they are as follows:

1. To thank the blogger who gave you the award...
Mariasol, gracias!! You make my heart smile on a daily basis. I know you love animals but I also believe you have a heart of gold, and that makes you deserving of the substance award!

2. To sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation and experience using five words...
My words relate to  what I believe we should - as naturally as breathing - extend towards animals:  Humanity  Empathy  Awareness  Responsibility  Trust

3. And now to pass it on to some other deserving blogs... (in random order.)

Well, I would have to mention a lovely modern day sheperdess and photographer over at Yes and Amen. I felt an instant affinity the first time I saw one of her photos of a lamb. I thought there would have to be a very fine and gentle soul behind this photo and indeed there was. On her Flickr page you will find the words: "Here is just a random sampling of the wild and beautiful things I have seen through His lens and experienced in my walk with Him. Photography is simply chasing His light... It is my life, and I love it." Thank you Junelle, for sharing the light you find on your way. It's awesome!

And Kat for her lovely sentimented Ark for God - encouraging Acts of Random Kindness. I love the idea so much. I brings about so much hope and just imagine all the good feeling these acts spreads. I can only imagine all the goodness in your heart to write such a blog. 

And lastly (because I don't have more time now) but the great spirited cat soldier Marg over at Margs Animals. I have an incurable soft spot for cats and love this lady SO much for doing all she does to home and rehome cats.

There you have it... and yes, the lovely image is by Junelle at Yes and Amen. 
P.S. I so badly want to plant a kiss between the eyes on that little head :-)


Marg said…
Thanks so much for passing this award on to me. I love the picture of the lambs. It would be so much fun to have some baby lambs. But it was very kind of you to say those nice things about us. This is a very special award, so will take me awhile to pass it on.
Hope you have a great week.
Chill said…
Congratulations! Animals remind me of the tender mercies of our Heavenly Father, and I thank Him for sharing them with us.
Heart2Heart said…
You are such an endearing friend and I am so glad that I have inspired you through some of the stories I have shared. Thank you so much for the honor of receiving this blessed award. I too, am a deep lover of animals!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat
I have been overwhelmed with the sheeps this week (we moved them all down the mountain), and so I am just visiting you today. You are so deserving of an award that is full of HEART! That is you!

~I also am in shock with a huge-beaming-grin over this sweetest post and being involved in your sweet message~

Thank you so much for thinking of me and the "blessed barnyard" ~ it is such an amazing walk with God when you get deep in His creation and see what he is doing...there is so much to learn in the dirt of life?

I love you sweet friend and am so encouraged by you and your blog and the sweet friends that visit here. Hugs!
thanks so much for following my blog, I am now one of your newest followers and am thrilled to be!
I love the concept of your blog and am looking forward to being kept up to date on your latest posts and to reading all of them!
So nice to meet you!

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