Cool & The Gang


I've been collecting images for a long time and love it when I can draw one out of the archive to fit a story, a quote or something else great for a new post. Well, this one has acutally been lying around for a long time - could never quite seem to find something to write about to do justice to the wonderful sense of mischief or cute trouble these guys seems to epitomise. But today I came across a post over at Such life in the tropics - and it seems as if they could be taken straight out of the great doggie adventure she's highlighting today. Great news for doggies just like these!!

Unfortunately I can't remember where I found this image, so I can't attribute any image copyright. Therefore I just filed it under the name Cool & The Gang. I believe Cool is the little poodle and The Gang must be the rest - what do you think? :-)


Anna E said…
I believe you´re right - it looks like Cool has spotted something, and is about to jump after it, and probably The Gang will follow!:-)
By the way, every weekday at 16.00 o´clock at the Ramasjang Childrens television programme, there is a sweet story about the Shepherd dog Molly, which you might like to see. Little stories of 10-15 minutes. Yesterday it was Molly helping to take care of a premature lamb, very sweet, I think you would love it :-))
Oh, goodness they look like they could be LOADS of trouble/fun. I love that you share variety of all God's amazing creatures. It helps me be more aware of who I am sharing this life & space with.


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