Esthetics and animals...


I've got a huge thing for esthetics and I love anyone able to capture animals with a sense of refinement, finesse and sensitivity. I believe that all the many "little people" we're surrounded by are all an expression of the soul-life of the planet and it's clear when a sense of awe and respect moves through the lense. What a skill. I mean, how do you capture the soul of something?? It's gotta be something about it being in the eye of the beholder (the photographer) and what they're able to connect to in that moment.

I've recently come to discover a lot of hugely talented photographers and I'm in awe of what it is in them that sees and captures the beauty.

Image © Svetik Rasti


Andrea said…
Blessings and prayers,
Cosmic said…
I second that!

Heart2Heart said…
I just love how people can capture the very essence of life in a split second. Love your picture and in finding joy and faith in the wonderful things our heavenly Father has created.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

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