My lovely friends in the bloggersphere...

Image © Such life in the tropics

When I started this blog I had NO idea of all the lovely people I would come to know via the blogging world. Sometimes you get a lovely little comment correspondance on the go, and sometimes you get this incredibble kindness where someone sends you something that relates to your blog. It's happened a few times now and I can't express how touched I am by these sweet gestures.

A little while back I posted a comment over at Such life in the tropics about how much I would love to swim with a sea turtle, and just the other day I received this lovely decorated envelope containing a fine art print of a mermaid diving with a sea turtle! How sweet is that?!!

Image © Yes and Amen

Then another time I left a comment over at Yes and Amen after she wrote a post about a hummingbird nest in her garden. I am in awe of hummingbird nests... I think they're like something straight out of a fairy book and I would love to see one for real. I've heard they're made from down, lichen and spiderweb - how amazing is that? Well, a few days ago I received a box with a gorgeous set of cards from her marvellous photo collection. I've written a post about them before and you should seriously pop over to her Etsy shop and have a look. The images are just irresistable. And then I found a little box of baking cups?? Well, I thougth it was sweet because I actually really love baking. BUT... what did I find well protected inside the little box of baking cups? A hummingbird nest!!! A real itsy bitsy hummingbird nest. My goodness... I cannot believe how teensy it is. And it truly IS a fairy creation. You can see bits of cotton down and tiny snippets of spiderweb holding it together. It's magical... I'm having a hard time figuring just how tiny the eggs must be.

To both of you I can't express how moved I am at your sweet thoughtfulness and I'm so delighted to have met you in the bloggersphere.

I'm without my proper camera for the moment, so instead of sharing an image of these fine treasures I'm sharing a favorite pic from each blog.




Thank you for living and sharing abundant love, it just makes others live abundantly as well. Loving out ~ sharing abundance ~ is the greatest thing we can do in life?

And thank you for your stories and photos and making girls like me think more about "all things Great and Small".

You are such a treat to visit...keep it up!
sunshine said…
The first time I found your blog is when I knew that blogging was something very special.
Thanks for having such an inspiring blog and for share with us your love for all Gods Little People and specially now, for being my friend!
Marg said…
Bloggers are a special bunch of people. I really enjoy meeting all the different people and their animals.Love those two pictures. Hope you have a wonderful day.
Heart2Heart said…
Just goes to show you that what you put out there will come back to you in loving kindness. You truly are a gift from God and you deserve all the wonderful things that will be coming your way.

I've loved getting to know you and love the beautiful soul that resides within.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat
Again... thank you SO much everyone for your words. I feel so TRULY blessed to know you all.

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