One big happy family

So here's a little feel-good video for your weekend - this lady makes me so happy, and she's the living proof that a divorce can lead to something positive. What an exellent use of a house with a big plot of land. Check out how happy this "household" is. I would fit right in!

Read more about Lynea Lattanzio's wonderful work on Cat House on the Kings.

And what a great chap who actually took the time to shoot this little video.


meowmeowmans said…
Holy Cat! That is simply awesome. Thanks for sharing such a great story. I had never heard of Cat House on the Kings, but if I am ever out that way, it is a place I'd definitely want to tour. :)

Have a great weekend!
Hello meowmeowmans :-) Oh, I'm so happy you liked it. I also think it totally awesome and envy that you actaully live some place where you're able to pop by - how cool! Thanks so much for stopping by and a great weekend to you too.
Anna E said…
Absolutely wonderful to watch!! Couldn´t think of a better place to be a cat - or a dog - it could be such an exampleship for other animal shelters, why didn´t anyone think of that before? It absolutely comes out of a "non-square" or "non-caged" mentality, and is very liberating to watch. Wonder if it could be possible to make that circumstance in Denmark..(?) Thanks so much for sharing it!
Hi Anna
Yes it's such a great exampleship and indeed very liberating to watch. I simply love everything behind this concept she's got on the go here, and hope she can be an inspiration for other shelters.
sunshine said…
WOW! What an amazing example of living in harmony this is. I am so grateful for people like Lynea that give animals the opportunity to be happy and have a safe place to call home. It's such an inspiration... As always thanks for sharing, your blog brings nurturing to my soul!!!
Aww, thanks so much Sunshine for your kind words. Yes she is an amazing woman - it's like she's carved a whole new path for just creating a space for animals to life safely and happily. I was also truly overjoyed the first time I saw this video.

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