All embracing thoughts...


May all be blessed with peace always;
all creatures weak and strong,
all creatures great and small;
creatures unseen or seen
dwelling afar or near,
born or awaiting birth,
- may all be blessed with peace!

... as with her own life 
a mother shields from hurting her own, 
her only child,
let all-embracing thoughts
for all that lives be thine, 
- an all-embracing love
for all the universe.

From the Buddhist Sutta-Nipáta


Cosmic said…

Hi Cosmic, yes it's a nice one isn't it!
Thank you for stopping by Catladyland! Oh my gosh, I love your blog :) My daughter and I just squealed at the little birdie in your post. She said, "Send me a link! I want to follow this blog too!"

Looking forward to getting to know you and your wonderful animal blog.

Hi Angie!! Thanks so much for stopping by. And likewise, look forward to getting to know you and your blog... and your daughter, yay!
Heart2Heart said…
Truly a beautiful post from those of us that love all God's creatures great and small.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat
Anna E said…
Such grace, finesse and purity - the promise of how life is ment to be - may peace and love be ours to lend - and fill the world as it was meant... Thank you for sharing such poetic picture and words :-)
Chill said…
Some prose I wrote. Thought you might enjoy.

The Robins Flight

Have you ever seen the robin fly, to where the heights belong?

Has the light seen from her eyes above come to meet your own?

Has her song every touched your ear sweetly settling in the recesses of your mind?

Has her long and fragile wings been seen fluttering in the pines?

Have you ever seen such a beautiful sight, breaking on your view?

Her color, strength and fierce resolve lead her to her prey.

As she wings her flight to mesas unknown, she knows she will find home.

There never has been a time that she, lacked for her daily bread.

She has never feared of things not come, and knows that times will pass.

All things will be alright at home, where the younglings cry.

They cry out for help, and hear her come, and know all will be alright.

She comes with prey, clutched in her beak, and gently lays it down.

Into the hatched objects of her love she deposits their life giving food.

The day of her travail she remembers no more for she knows the joy of the now.

Now is her love understood by the fruit of her life, while they feast on her bounty so lowly.

What splendor! What joy! What a wondrous feeling of awe!

Knowing, and sensing, and feeling such love, given from our Creator above.

The heart of the robin knows not much we are told, but surely her hearts cry is heard up above.

The love of the One, who created this all, is revealed through all nature, written in all in all.

Their never enters her mind any doubt that she will have need of what cannot be given.

She knows that with seeking comes finding, and waiting in hope will never disappoint.

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