Positive things...

Image ©Allison Trentelman


Unknown said…
very sweet photos and I wish you all a savety, happy new year !!! bif hugh Kathrin
sunshine said…
What a wonderful and inspiring post.

Thank you for your lovely wishes and for thinking of everybody out there that shares "our special bond" of selfless love for all of Gods Little People.

It's been wonderful to share your thoughts, experiences and stories via blogger and looking forward to share more with you.

Have a wonderful and blessed New Year 2011!
Marg said…
That is such a great post. You said all the things that I would like to say but didn't know how to put it into words. We are so thankful for getting to know so many devoted animal lovers. We sure wish you a very Happy and Healthy New year.
this was a beautiful post!! We are so happy to know you as well!

Love, Cody and Caren

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!
Anna E said…
Ahh, such fine pictures (really love them) and words that match - and a happy and succesful New Year to you and all your furry and "feathery" friends as well - from Kasper, Uldtot, Pjuske (the rabbits) and Anna E
Grace said…
Are those your Belted Galloways? We raise them as well. See http://maplenutfarm.com./. I love the photo in black and white.

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