There's something incredibly rewarding about rescuing animals. To witness what a little bit of TLC, patience and basics (food and water) can do, is nothing short of a small miracle. It's heartwarming... 

Today I watched Tiny, her brother Ninja and kittie mommy playing beautifully in the garden. Their confidence has grown and these days they come right up to the garden door to say hello. It's just such a blessed feeling seeing this little happy family scampering around the garden. After one of their meals they all curled up in a sunny spot and took turns in giving each other "facials". It was a happily blissed out scene. It made me smile. Do you know this feeling where you know they are showing you their gratefulness? Maybe it's my imagination - I don't think so. They say so many things in their own little ways. Ninja is now a "big boy" - he walks in front when they go on their small adventures. Today he came right up close and lay beautifully in front of me - as if to say thanks. I fetched my camera and he let me take this close up. To me their language is loud and clear. You just have to listen!


Unknown said…
I love the animals and wish tem and you a good new year !!! big hugh Kathrin
You are so right. My Bobo was rescued from a bitter, snowy day where he was outside for who knows how long....I brought him in and he spent the remaining 17 years living his life in complete and utter devotion to ME....that to me was the epitome of GRATEFULNESS!
*maren* said…
i absolutely agree with you!
Wishing you all the very best in 2011!
Lots of greetings, maren
sunshine said…
"plant kindness . . .harvest love"
— unknown

It's a wonderful photo that shows that amazing bond you have with them, I am so happy for you to have them, but specially for them to have you!

Happy New Year!
Heart2Heart said…
What a great way to begin the new year! Priceless and beautiful. Thank you for sharing this.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat
Anna E said…
Oh, the picture says it all..! When feeding our rabbits I always get a "smile" from especially one of them, a "thank you, this tastes delicious" look in those little, brown eyes. It takes so little to "make their day", wonderful.. :-)
Your post made my heart smile :) Sometimes I see things like that and my heart swells with gratitude and I think it might burst!

You are such a blessing in the world and I am grateful I met you!

Happy New Year!
xx Angie and the kit-kats at Catladyland

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