How do you create a mouse?

How do you create a mouse? Silly question of course, we humans can’t “create” a mouse. That would have to be the works of God or some higher intelligence (or is it just some random outcome of the evolution of some microbe?)

I know it’s a funny kind of question, but I read a book recently where there was a passage that really made me wonder. The book is called “Destiny of Souls” and is about the extensive research carried out by Dr. Michael Newton into the lives between lives (fascinating if you’re curious about this kind of thing). Via spiritual hypnotherapy he interviews students about what they learn in the after-realm between lives. One student gave an example of a study kind of “classroom” where spirits were taught how to create with energy.

Excerpt: (Student explaining to Dr. Newton)

Student: We are to rapidly visualize a mouse in our minds… as the to necessary energy parts to create a whole mouse. There is an order of progression with how energy should be arranged in any creation.

Dr. N: So the test is the proper steps in creating a mouse?

Student: Mmm… yes… but… actually, this is a test of speed. The secret of efficiency in creation training is rapid conceptualization – knowing which part of the animal to start with first. Then you tackle the amount of energy to be applied.

Maybe it’s a strange thought, but it actually can give you a renewed sense of respect about even the smallest creature if you really think about it. How do you create the little eyes, ears, mouth, snout, whiskers… the fur coat, the tail, the heart?? Doesn’t it give you a sense of awe about how it was actually created. I mean we can’t create anything remotely as exact and superbly functioning.

I guess it’s just a peculiar little contemplation, but a lovely thought when considering giving due respect to even the smallest of animals.

Image ©Dean Mullin


Catsparella said…
Hello! Nice to meet you too! Thanks for stopping by my blog to say hi! :)
simply beautiful! I love posts that make me think and this one certainly did.

You are so right, we must "give due respect to even the smallest of animals"

Really interesting~ so uniquely interesting these tiny creatures. It makes me think of the wildly adventurous lives that they have that we are completely unaware of?

Nice share~

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