When you know what you're gonna get

At some point or another you've probably known the feeling of retreating back to your home - away from encounters with devious, dishonest, two-faced or shall we just say not entirely straight individuals. Back to that soothing and uplifting company of your pet - whatever it's shape or size. 

Here's a small extract which I'm sure you will find so recognizable.
From "The Emotional Lives of Animals" by Marc Bekoff.

"Sometimes it's easier to see and understand emotions in animals than in humans because animals do not filter their emotions. What they feel is clearly written on their faces, made public by tails, ears, and odors, and displayed by their actions. Animal emotions are raw and out there for all to see, hear, smell, and feel."

It's just a small and well-known fact to all animal lovers, but when you really come to think about it, isn't that just beautiful?? What a friendship to have. No hidden agendas. You know exactly what you're gonna get. How comforting is that!

So here's to a big kiss, hug or cuddle for our beautiful friends.

Image © via raumyrskole.wikispaces.com 


Grace said…
Animals give us that total unconditional love. They don't care that I did not put on my make-up today. They don't care what my income level is. They don't care if I'm short/tall fat/thin, young or old. They are just happy that I am there. A friend to be near.
another great post. That is why I prefer animals to most people! :)
sunshine said…
Totally agree with your post. I think We humans are the only species that have egos and we sometimes let that ego take over our soul (in many cases drowns the soul completely) and then it's all about ourselves. Animals have that amazing gift of being only soul and they are 100% true to their own nature, they are awesome!
K. said…
Oh, is so beautiful! I like returning to house and to see his faces and happy gestures on having turned out to be, such as if I was the happiness of his lives, when really they are my happiness. Karin

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