Mine was the privilege

The welcoming committee!

When we had our last bad rain fall and the local road washed away I was asked by a cat acquaintance if I would look after her beach cat colony for a while. I live in walking distance so this was a pleasant ~ and may I say very gratifying little task to take on. Every day I’m met by happy cats who runs towards me as I approach and a jolly cacophony of miaowing ensues.

On rare occasions other caring individuals drop off some food for these cats. This morning as I approached from a distance I saw a man pull up in his car and went to the boot and pulled out a big bag. The cats went straight towards him with happy tails and all their usual signs… the sweet anticipation of full tummies. I felt a bit like “Bummer… missed out on the privilege this morning.” But… that is not quite what was happening. As I came closer I could see a big bag full of a selection of riffles. Turns out that I live in an area where hunting is allowed in the winter season (had I known I don’t know if I’d ever want to move here). Apparently these sorry souls hunt for wild rabbits and game. As I started my good mornings with the cats he quickly vanished (I guess the emotional connection with animals was not quite the warm up he was looking for!). So solely mine was the privilege again... the darling welcoming committee and happy cats with full tummies.

Image ©Joan Rachlitz Bowell


Marg said…
That does sound like fun to have all those kitties so glad to see you. That is the way I feel when I go out to our barn. Most of the cats do come in the house to eat now but there are three that live in one of the barns. That is too bad about that guy that was going hunting. I hate seeing that too.
How is your kitties that you caught??
Unknown said…
have a nice time, my dear and a realy good week !!! big hugh Kathrin
that is so wonderful that everyone helps care for the kitties! I love the "happy tails" depicted above!
Anna E said…
What a contrast! Imagine if you had not come at the same time, would he have a "game" with one of the cats??? Hopefully not!! Have a happy - and safe - cat-feeding-priviledge-week ahead :-)
Loving those photos, I feel like they are swirling around me~ the eyes intently looking and the tails happily flitting. You are a lucky one~

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