That's when you know...


When you become quiet in your heart and mind... everything in life makes purrrfect sense... and there's nowhere else you would rather be. Have a happy one!

Image ©Amy O'Neil


sunshine said…
Oh wow, we really are connected even though we are miles away, I posted the exact picture this morning on my photo blog but I had no idea who took it, now I know... Have a purrrfect day!!!
Marg said…
That is such a super picture. We have two cats here that do that every once in a while. Hope you have a great Valentine's day. Lots of love going around. Take care.
Bitch said…
I LOVE this one!!!!
It is the most purrfect photograph I have seen
Anna E said…
Now, isn´t that the sweetest photo I have seen? Such wellbeing, such harmony, such... No more words, just enjoying the look and radiation from the photo :-))
soooo beautiful!!! Happy Valentine's Day!
Luzia said…
Such a wonderful and impressive image! Thank you for this post. Hugs from Luzia.
That is just the sweetest photo! What a great way to start my day :)

Joan, what were you thinking about in terms of your Etsy goodies and the Hearts 4 Paws fundraiser? Drop me an e-mail when you get a minute... :)

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