- there's maybe not much more than a tiny little bee in the middle of this top image to represent the animal bit in this post but I just really wanted to share these delightful images of a beautiful old almond tree in full bloom. I pass it every day driving to and fro my home on a little hillside and yesterday I just had to stop and stick my head and camera inside it to enjoy that pale pink essence raining down on me. Sweetly smelling and buzzing everywhere with bees - I just stood real still with my camera so as not to disturb them in their business.

Just a little bit further up the road there's a beekeeper with white beehives (maybe you can spot them in the background). I dream of one day buying a fresh jar of honey from him. I'm sure his is more likely to be thyme honey (also wonderful) but how about a jar of almond blossom honey. How sweet would that taste!? Anyhow... just wanted to share a few images to those of you dear friends who live in parts of the world where it's still freezing cold and where trees in bloom is still a while away. 

Images ©Joan Rachlitz Bowell


sunshine said…
How beautiful are those images, I close my eyes and I can almost transport myself under those trees and enjoy the sweet smell, thanks for sharing!!!
Gorgeous images....thank you for sharing them with us. xxxxxxxxx
Ahhhh now THIS is what I needed!!! I have hammering and sawing going on allll around me and your gorgeous photos are most therapeutic!

I have never seen an almond tree, their blooms almost resemble the cherry trees or crabapple trees that we have here.

Do almond tree blossoms smell like almonds???
Hi Caren
Mmmm... I wouldn't say almond blossoms smell like almonds. They smell very sweet - maybe more like almond essence. This particular almond tree (pink blooms) is amazing - a lot like Japanese cherry trees (which I also love). I'm like "oh nooo" when the blooms begin to fall of - I want to glue them back on they're so pretty :-)
Anonymous said…
muito bom mesmo!
Marg said…
I have never seen an almond tree before either. That is so gorgeous. I would have taken a bunch of pictures too.
I know exactly what you are saying when you said how good it was when you were able to pat your little feral kittens. I still get excited with a couple of mine when they let me pat them.
I have one feral kitty that went off for four days and came back this morning and seems to be all right. That is the bad part about the feral kitties. Sometimes some of them do disappear. Take care.
Debra said…
Thank you for asking about my goose-she is fine! (I know Cornelius is a boy's name-all 3 of my geese are girls, and they all have boy's names!) I was so relieved and thankful for answered prayers...
I loved seeing blooms and warm-looking weather here at your lovely blog!
Anna E said…
What a someone has done a little dance with their paintbrush over the flowerleaves - truly gives me the feeling of fairy dresses, and the scent comes right into the livingroom in the middle of wintertime....
Sylvia said…
Hello Joan,
These almond blossoms are so beautiful ! Thanks for your interest in my blog, yours is lovely, gorgeous pictures !
'Gods Little People', what a touching term ...
Nice weekend,
I came back here tonight to be reminded of what Spring may be someday. I love these pink blooms and the lovely road through the bee boxes.

I have a few boxes on my front porch, very old but still with white paint. I love them. I have neighbors with bees but have never ventured into their business. A good friend of mine tells me that a family member of hers drives bees for hundreds of miles out of frigid weather to balmy California and then back to the mountains every year? I need to meet this person. :o)

Much love to you...keep me focused on the merry springtime~
K. said…
Your photos are very beautiful, it makes me want to have a poster with them.

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