The gift of life

Tiny's startled look says it all...  "Who are you?"

As promised, here's a few images of Benji and Tiny meeting and playing with each other. I know there's nothing original about kittens having fun together, but the beauty of these two little guys playing together is that they simply wouldn't have been here today if it hadn't been for their rescue stories. Tiny first appeared in the garden way back in October where we soon discovered he had a horrible respiratory infection. By chance I'd had the experience of taking a very similar sized kitten to the vet earlier in the year, when a friend of mine had found a tiny kitten dumped by the roadside by humans (it was completely tame) and she asked me if I would take it. It turned out it was emaciated, but because kittens are such little fluff balls it can be extremely difficult to detect. So I soon realized Tiny was in quite a bad shape... mommy kitty no longer showed interest in feeding or caring for him. He constantly sought her affection but got none. It was not an optimistic vet that sent me home with antibiotics, but luckily Tiny's appetite was intact and lots of quality food combined with the antibiotics gave him enough strength to fight back. And as for Benji, well you know the story by now.

What is that Tiny?

So even though there's quite a selection of furry destinies in the garden (each with their unique story), I do of course have a major soft spot for these two heartthrobs (and believe me they are!). 

As mentioned in the last post it was a bit nerve wracking introducing Benji to the other cats around here, and Tiny was the only one who didn't seem too scary for him. They appear to have been born within a few weeks of each other and match perfectly size-wise. 

Watch out, here I come!

These images are from one of their first encounters - at first some startled looks and then some sweet exploring. In the above images Tiny is showing Benji the garden (I belive his first visit ever in a garden!)  and which is the good plants (good smelling for cat nostrils) and not so good (prickly!). 

Benji in mid-air!

Then there was a whole lot of exhilarating rumping around... I chase you then you chase me. Every time they caught up with each other there seemed to be an unspoken agreement that it would be without bites and attacks - only a whole lot of playing. They seem to be at ease with each other and as I've also said, it appears they're good for each others confidence. Tiny is tiny (yes, I know... duh) due to his early life setback and probably has therefore always shied away from confrontation, so this other early-life-beaten-up newcomer is so good for him. And vice versa. It's a little miracle witnessing these two enjoying the gift of life. 

Images ©Joan Rachlitz Bowell


your story touched my heart. It is so beautiful you could seriously make this into a children's picture book.
God definitely brought Benji to Tiny, and he brought both of them to YOU...a person with a heart and soul of gold who appreciates the beauty in these boys. They are precious...they are truly blessed. Thank you for this wonderful post! xoxo
Vicky said…
There is no such thing as too many kitten pictures. Lovely to see them at play. Thanks for sharing.
Deb said…
Leaves me smiling. They are so lucky to have found you. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x5
MarkD60 said…
Mice cat pics, great story, cool yard!
Marilia said…
I love stories of successful rescues!!
I also rescued some cats and they all managed to loving homes.
A hug from Brazil.
Anna E said…
Yes, like Caren said, a childrens picture book is so obvious! It would (also) touch the hearts of children so much, and show them /teach them about friendship. And the pictures, environment and whole story is SO great! GO GIRL! ;-))
Catherine said…
Oh this does the heart good! What joyful photos!

Well now watching kittens at play.... what could make for a lovelier day than that? I'm off to a good start this Thursday morning! :)

xo Catherine
sunshine said…
Loving them together, specially cause they have so much in common as they have both being bless with your presence in their life to give them another opportunity. You are amazing, thanks for sharing the joy!
Marg said…
Those are such great pictures. We are so excited that Tiny and Benji are becoming great friends. It is so much fun watching them play like that the first time. Benji sure looks terrific. Sure glad those two found you. Isn't there another kitten too?? This was a fun post.
Cosmic said…
beautiful, just beautiful!

I`m so glad that they formed a bond right away.You are an angel to have helped them out,phyllis
Julia Williams said…
What a wonderful post! I predict that these two will grow up to become the very best of kitteh friends!

P.S. Your pictures are amazing -- so clear and bright. What kind of camera do you use?
Hi Julia
Thanks for your sweet comment and the compliment about the pictures. I use a Konica Minolta digital camera. Thanks for following!
Marilia said…
Thanks for visiting my blog. I love!!!
In my blog I always translate into English because I have some foreign readers.
I have other blogs, but as anyone out read still, so I do not the translation.
A big hug and come back often!
Thanks for sharing such lovely heartwarming pics.

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