How much is that kitty in the window?


I was going about my business a few days ago when I suddenly got stopped flat in my tracks. I walked past a seafront (pretty dead-beat to be honest) tourist shop. The shop itself is a bit dull and dark and you frankly can't make your way around the shop from the sheer load of touristy junk. BUT... the man who owns the shop obviously loves his cat. This little kitty usually putters around on the sidewalk in front of the shop and the owner spends a lot of his time standing outside just chatting with passers-by and smiling each time someone acknowledges his little shop mascot. Yes, I know what the shop looks like inside because I went in there one day because, in my mind, any one with such an attitude towards his cat (particularly in this part of the world where you don't see it much) deserves support. I have often smiled and thought that the cat had a kind of drawing power - you want to go inside because the cat leads you in. But I didn't know he was capable of such clever selling tricks too :-) When I walk passed the other day he was just climbing the shop window shelves and found himself this perfect spot which made it seem like he was part of the window display (don't you think?). I caught the moment with my mobile camera and found it amusing to find this multilayered image when I downloaded it. I only had my eyes on the kitty and didn't realize that I also caught the whole seafront life (people, motorbike, car, ferry and even a small island) in the background mirrored in the window. But isn't he just darling!?!

Image © Joan Rachlitz Bowell


YES!! he is darling! This photo would make an amazing post card! Loved the story behind it too. So did you buy anything in the shop?
Hi Caren... I actually have to admit that I didn't but I will be going back. It actually turned out that there was some quite good little quirky finds in there! You have to be patient and persistent but sometimes these little Greek shops have things that are SO old on the shelves that they're small treasures by now :-)
Anna E said…
It´s a great picture! I actually thought it was a collage, and it reminded me of my own collage "vision-board" that I made lately. And also of the song "Der sidder en vovse i et vindue". So perhaps next time you go there, you could ask for the price of the kitty ;-D
Yes,it`s seems as if he`s THINKING about his whole world-which is mirrored all around him in your picture,how strange & tingly-feeling!phyllis
Jules said…
Absolutely beautiful picture! And yes, it does bring to mind that song, "How much is that (kitty) in the window!?"
Marg said…
That really is an interesting picture. Love the cat, he is so handsome. But that is so neat how you got all the reflections. It really is a pretty cat and I bet it does attract customers. Hope you have a super Sunday.
sunshine said…
SOLD! I'll take it... jeje, just kidding! Great post and I love the picture as well.

Did my kitty package reached you yet? hope soon!
Sylvia said…
That picture turned out beautifully, Joan !
And that cat is so cute !
Wish you a nice week,
Catherine said…
What a wonderful photo you captured! There is a family run garden centre that I go to that has one Irish Setter and about 9 cats that live in the store. Love it! Very very fun!

Such a lovely blog ~ I am following you as well and will be back to visit soon and read more posts.

Have a happy day!
xo Catherine
We love this photo ~ and the cat is adorable. He is their secret marketing ploy!
Love that photo. That kittie is onbviously quite at home in that window.

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