Never ending stripes...


A few weeks back someone kindly asked about how Tiny is doing. Tiny and his brother are doing very well and they have become a charming addition to the garden landscape. They goof around and entertain on the terrace on a daily basis and almost tumble inside the kitchen every morning when I open the door to feed them. It’s hard to believe they’re the same extremely feral kittens I spotted in the garden almost 4 ½ months ago. Now I’m able to stroke them whilst they eat (yes, a little bribe goes a long way!). When Tiny was at his worst with a serious respiratory infection I made a little video of him and his brother. I actually had to erase the video because it was too painful to watch. Tiny shied away when his brother jumped on him wanting to play – he was simply too weak to play. But… today they jump on each other, fly through the air and perform all kinds of silly (and sometimes naughty tricks). They’re delightful!

Trying to take a pic of Tiny!

The other day I took a few shots of them having a leisurely time on the terrace. As you can see – Tiny didn’t get his name for nothing. Brother Ninja has (we like to joke) three more stipes than other tabby kitties. I was in the middle of taking a few shots of Tiny when the never-ending stripes interfered. 

Ninja is like a tabby who comes in three instalments… front, miiiiiddle and back. Just have a look for yourself!

Images ©Joan Rachlitz Bowell


Unknown said…
oh how nice this lovely cat, I love it ! big hugh Kathrin
*maren* said…
so beautiful!!! please give him a big hug from me
Deb said…
That first photo is amazing. Such a beautiful kitten. Don't you just love the tabby. They are the closest to the wild ones I think. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x5
Marg said…
Oh goody, pictures of those two wonderful feral kitties. They are so good looking. So glad you decided to bring them into the house. They look like so much fun. Sure glad they turned out so well. What fun seeing their pictures. Take care.
Grace said…
I think the kittens found the perfect home. Good food, a nice place to realx, and much love.
this cat reminds me of my Angel Bobo in so many ways. Except Bobo had a white "bib" on his neck and 4 white paws. He had those stripes/spots. Tiny is just gorgeous. These kitties are truly blessed to have found YOU.
I would love to see them in "pawson"
Andrea said…
woofs and wags,
sunshine said…
I love those pictures, both kitties look so much like my long lost cat Tica, I miss her everyday!

Also, those won't be the only "stripes" adorning your life... another lovely stripey kitty is coming your way!!!
Anna E said…
Thanks for the lovely - and funny - pictures, and SO good to se you "online" again :-) Tiny´s eyes have such a special and magic colour. Have seen that colour before somewhere, like greyish-green, but dont know what to call it. Anyway, awesome.. :-))
Sylvia said…
Hello Joan,
What a lovely post, the first picture is so beautiful !
Tiny and Ninja are so cute, reading their story made me think of my Moesj, she's a feral cat too. She's still very shy but so sweet.
Have a nice weekend,
K. said…
Your cats are very beautiful, they are pretty cats " tabby "
From the Heart said…
Just a note to thank you for becoming one of my followers. I pray that you will be blessed by our Creator, God, our Heavenly Father when you visit.
Catherine said…
So much stripy goodness here!!! :)
Oh how beautiful! Thank you for helping tiny and his fellow ferals.

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