Postcard from Benji

Benji wishes to pass on his immense gratefulness for the overwhelming kindness that has come his way in terms of good wishes, kisses, hugs and sweet words. I promise - hand over my heart - that every single kiss and hug has been passed on to Benji and his response has been a blissed out purr and little licks on the tip of my nose. It's now three weeks since Benji was rescued and I'm in utter disbelief at how this infinitely tender little soul could possibly have survived a life that hard for as long as he has. He has this fairy like quality about him and I swear there's not a mean bone in his little body. 

This past week he has been introduced to the increasing furry family around this garden and it has honestly been a bit nerve-wracking. There has been a lot of hissing, growling and paw-swiping - yes, poor Benji (I feel so fiercely protective of him). But (melt your heart out!) Tiny has turned out to be a good little friend to Benji. They appear to be roughly the same age and I believe they're good for each others confidence. Tiny's response to threat from other cats has been rolling over with all four paws in the air a la "but don't you just think I'm the most adorable thing you've ever met?" (which does seem to work!). But in Benji's company he's been able to hiss a bit and act BIG and Benji would roll over in exactly the same way as Tiny. So cute. But they would take it in turns and Benji would make a few paw swipes even though it doesn't at all fit his nature. Maybe Benji hasn't had a sibling to have play-fights with (Tiny and Ninja play-fight all the time) because he just simply is so gentle. Anyway... I promise there will be images of Benji and Tiny together in the next post.

A special thanks to Marg and Sunshine for your sweet mention of Gods Little People this past week. It's been a delight to share especially the story of Benji with so many. 

Image © Joan Rachlitz Bowell


Boy,has he ever changed!He looks so sweet,hear me going ahhhhh...?phyllis
Deb said…
Continued good health and happiness for Benji.
MarkD60 said…
I always liked cats. We can't have them because of our dogs....
K. said…
Beautiful Benji! It makes me happy very much to know histories of rescue, like that of Benji.
Marg said…
Oh what a great picture of Benji. Glad to hear that he is doing so well. It is so hard to get everyone to get along.We have problems here all the time.
You are such a good looking cat and we are so glad that you were rescued. What a nice Mom you have. Take care.
Marilia said…
I wish Benji and his brothers are very happy!
Hugs from Brazil!!!!!
YAY Benji!! You were for sure rescued by a total angel! xoxo
Catherine said…
Look at sweet little angel Benji! Oh he is just so adorable! Hopefully everyone will be getting along and playing together nicely soon. What a lucky kitty to have found a home with you!

Love it!!!

More kisses and hugs! :)
xo Catherine
sunshine said…
What a great image of Benji, he looks healthy and happy! Can't wait to see Benji and Ninja together...
It's heart warming to read about how well Benji is settling in, and his friendship with Tiny. Thank yoo so much for caring for him.

You said: "I promise - hand over my heart - that every single kiss and hug has been passed on to Benji" so we thort we would keep yoo busy:

Anna E said…
It´s so lovely to read about the friendship and connection between Benji and Tiny, and the warmth of your affair with those "little people" comes right through and into my room. What a small and intense world inside the big (and sometimes dispersed) world, feels so near, rich and right..
So nice to meet you, Benji and co! Your story is quite inspiring. What a kind and loving mom you have to take you in and save your little life. Orange kitties deserve only the best.
Luzia said…
It makes me happy to see him in this way:-)))
Hugs from Luzia.

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