In the absence of human interference

An innocent little comment from yesterday - "God never wanted us to mow the yard" (thank you Mark) reminded me of a documentary I saw a while back, which I back then thought worth mentioning here. So upon remembering it, here it is...

This clip above is from a documentary called Chernobyl: Life in the dead zone. It's an eerie portrayal of animals resilience and amazing ability for survival - and most eerie of all; what life on this planet looks like in the absence of human interference (and what a sad dichotomy it is)... it looks like a garden of eden!

I happened upon this documentary quite by chance but I promise it is very worthwhile watching. It's about how animals have survived (even living with radiation) and adapted to life after the Chernobyl disaster in 1986. It's nature taking over where there were once humans. Just so beautiful, peaceful and still. 

It's chilling in the light of the current situation in Japan but also strangely enchanting and  not just a little bit  thought provoking. 

You can watch the full documentary for free several places online - simply Google the title and lots of results will appear. 

P.S. There's a kitty story in it that will capture your heart!


Marg said…
Wow, that is a great documentary.I do need to go find the rest of it. I personally think it is so great that the animals have come back and taken over. They all look like they are getting enough to eat. I don't understand why they are all right. Anyway, thanks for putting that on. I was fascinated. Hope you have a fun week end. Hugs to all those cute kitties.
Catherine said…
What a fascinating documentary! Isn't it amazing what happens when humans leave things alone. Truly Mother Nature knows what she is doing.

Thanks for posting this ~ good stuff!
xo Catherine
Cosmic said…
WOW WOW WOW AMAZINGLY-DIVINE exquisitely-beautifully profound post(thanks for sharing:)!

bella bella bella!

Marilia said…
Thanks for the suggestion! I will watch documentaries!
It's great to see animals surviving without interference from man. It's not at all how I thought it would be post a nuclear leak. Naure has a wonderful way of recovering.
sunshine said…
I agree with everybody, that is such a beautiful video, shows us the power of nature against the disasters that human beings can create. Even with all the radiation, the balance and harmony with nature and animals is indescribable.
I watched all 4 parts on youtube and the ending brought tears of joy to my eyes.
Once again thanks for sharing :)
MarkD60 said…
I have seen a lot of pics about Chernobyl nowadays. Try a Google image search: abandoned places, Chernobyl
Cool video
MarkD60 said…
I watched all 5 parts, very good story. Pretty soon, humans will go back and wreck it again.
Anna E said…
Amazing documentary, and the storyteller so manages to portray the lives of the animals. Yes, and the story of the cat family really captures the heart!!! The end of the story is like the human race "making up" for the disaster, which anyway was never intended to happen..

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