Why I fall in love again and again


Walking through town the other day I suddenly spotted this little black beauty soundly asleep on a doorstep. He never even noticed me as I knelt down and snapped a little bit of the essence of his blissful sleep. Probably just another unwanted cat - or maybe he is lucky to be looked after. I don't know. But living in a country where all these little beauties are up for grabs - I find myself falling in love again and again. Don't they all deserve to feel that there's a such a thing as human care. When your heart is filled with that feeling - it's oh so difficult to not want to scoop up every little precious creature. I once got caught by a sentence written by Barack Obama... "The power to be kind." Yes, that's it. It's a power we have. And the power to love. I'm overflowing.


Deb said…
Lovely photo. I, too love to snap them in the area just going about their lives. Nice post, today.
MarkD60 said…
Great photo, cat looks sound asleep!
We have some wild cats in our back woods, they won't come near us, but sometimes we feed them and they get it before the chickens do.
Cosmic said…
I quite agree(love the BO's quote similar to the Indian-born Brit actress, Joanna Lumley 'be kind' she who supported the Gurka's rights to be British), lovely, sweet friend!

Jules said…
Beautiful cat! BTW, he does have one eye slightly cracked, so he may have noticed afterall and just let you do what you wanted in that moment. I love black cats. They are such beautiful animals. The way you describe your feelings is the reason I have a hard time going to animal shelters. I want them all, lol!
sunshine said…
Lovely cat and picture, I totally understand why you fall in love with them over and over again!
Marilia said…
So beautiful post!!!!
Catherine said…
Oh sweet kitty ~ I hope you have a loving home to go home to at night. Such a lovely post ~ so many wonderful animals that need homes.

Warm hug,
xo Catherine
love the quote, love the kitty. I pray he is being taken care of by someone...can't bear to think otherwise.
A lovely photo. Blessings to the kitty.
Anna E said…
What a lovely post - am quite falling in love with the lovely sentiment comming from it :-)) By the way, I saw a programme about a WPSA shelter, which took care of baby bears, that had lost their mother. They had to be trained to get back into living in nature after a period of time (guess it was after a year or two). When finally they were released in a huge forest area, their caretakers had brought dogs and guns with rubber-bullets in order to frighten the bears, so they would avoid human compagny in the future. I could see the reasonability and care in that action, but it ached my heart to feel the wrongful reasons for this (hunters wanting to shoot the bears). How wonderful if they could keep that relation and trust they had built with the humans caring for them...!! Anyway, wonderful that there are humans that DO care, like yourself and others. Thank you <3
Marg said…
That is all so true. I need to be knocked in the head everytime I see a stray cat. But at least we are helping a bunch of them and keeping some from being hungry. That is a cute kitty. I have three that look just like that.
Little Bit is still playing with her nip mouse. It is right up there on the bed with her. She loves that one. Take care.
Mmmm...the power to be kind.

I love him, that warm little bit of fur. Yum. I am so glad that they have you to love on them. Busy with lambs, I will write soon ~ promise! xo
Sylvia said…
Oh, what a sweet cat and wonderful words !
So many cats in your previous post, they all are lucky to have you !
Wish you a nice week,
Bitch said…
Love your blog and all the photos with the lovely
Enjoy your love and tenderness!!

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