So predictable...

It's been a while since the last post - I have among other things been travelling and therefore been away from all the cats for a while. It's the first time since making all these darling little acquaintances. I'm the kind of person that chit-chats with them whenever I pass one or more of them in the garden - so they are quite used to my company by now. I missed all the little characters (I heard all about their antics whilst being away) so upon my return I instantly made my way through the garden to say hello to them all and to leave little treats... 

The next day when we had to go out the keys were nowhere to be found. We always keep the keys in the same place... so we searched and searched and searched - but no keys! Finally my husband did a mental trace to try and locate where they keys could be and realised I was the one that had them when they got lost. He suddenly resolutely walked out the door and came back a moment later with keys in hand - and a big smile. He said he just had to think about the first thing I did coming home (rushing to say hello to all the cats and leaving the treats at their feeding station). That's exactly where I left the keys. I happily forgot all about the keys in the midst of the happy euforia! I can't say I like being thought of as predictable - but this incident really made me smile at myself. And I think this little tale makes a nice tribute to the sweet friend who gave me this key-fob (yes, it's an actual little book of cat quotations). So until next, let me leave you with one of the quotations to give you a hint of the  t e e n s y  delicious treat awaiting you in the next post... Yes, things have been happening around here!!

"It's impossible to keep a straight face in the presence of one or more kittens"


sunshine said…
Oh, how sweet to see a picture of the key-fob I gave you :) I am glad is in good hands!

I am happy to report that I am doing very good with my feral friends around here, they are getting more used to being around me and although it's still too early to even try to get super close or touch them, they now come out of the bushes when they see me and they get fairly close... I've even been able to sit next to them while they eat!!!

By the way, I have a key color cover just like yours!
Aw Sunshine, I'm so pleased to hear about your feral friends. It's all SO totally worthwhile... all they need is time. How wonderful!! Do keep me posted.
Marg said…
You have one smart husband. Just look where the kitties were and there is where the keys would be. Love that quote. Looking forward to some more. Have a great day.
Catherine said…
Haha ~ that's so cute! Sounds like hubby knows you well. We have a keyless entry on our door. No key. Now we just have to remember a 5 digit number. Sometimes I can't get in the house because I keep trying to press my bank card number in!!! LOL!

xo Catherine
Anna E said…
What a sweet key-ring, and it sounds great to be greeted by feral friends :-) Can recognize the trace of finding something that was lost, and my husbond is an expert in tracing lost things for all of us in this household - except for his own things LOL
that is a darling little key chain...I also love that your husband obviously knows you quite well!!!

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