The art of sublimation

So here I go passing on the award and I choose to pass it on to just one girl whose blog and life inspires me hugely. My smittenness started last year where I happened upon her wonderful photographic images and my heart just plain melted when I saw her baby lamb photography. I can't get enough of them.


Having followed her blog ever since I've found such a kind, searching, inspiring, generous, corageous and encouraging open heart. To me she is a bold and full-blooded explorer of what I would call the art of sublimation (the origin of the word sublimate is 'raise to a higher status). She describes herself as a girl smitten with God and as a beholder of her photography, playful art and word buzzing I'm always left with the feeling of happy exploration, light, beauty, thoughtfulness, grace and intactness. Visiting her blog I often leave with the thought; "God must be well pleased with this girl!"

Pop over to her lovely blog or darling shop - if you love animals her photography will lift your heart. Promise!

Images © by Junelle Jacobsen/


Becca said…
Aw so sweet, I'm going over for a peek now!
Beautiful Sunday to you!
sunshine said…
Beautiful and inspiring photos, they even show the amazing soul of the person that took them!
Catherine said…
How adorable!! I am going to go visit your blog friend right now!

Hope you are having a lovely weekend my friend!
xo Catherine
Marg said…
I know I am going to like that one. Thanks so much for telling us about her.Can't wait to go visit her. Have yourself a great day. Hope all the little kitties are doing well. Take care.
Marilia said…
Great suggestion!! I love animal photos!
I leave with that same thought when visiting Junelle's blog. So sweet! :)
Dearest Joan,

What a great post and also excellent choice for passing on your award. She has a lovely blog with such eye for detail and beauty in the animal world!

Lots of love,

So beautiful.
I will go visit!
She always writes straight from the heart & I love her blog too,phyllis
Sylvia said…
Oh, so sweet en tender, these photos are gorgeous !
Congratulations on your award, I always enjoy reading your posts ( missed some, I've been busy with my tasks for Paint Shop Pro).
Wish you a wonderful week,
505whimsygirl said…
Like you, I've been following Yes and Amen for a little over a year. And by you passing your award to Junelle I have now found you!! Thank you.
Unknown said…
how lovely , big hugh Kathrin
Valerie said…
Ah, what a wonderful tribute to such a gifted girl, that Junelle. You have shared the feelings in my heart perfectly, and I thank you for that :o)
With love,

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