Noona's rescue

Last week I mentioned a new addition to the feline tribe around here - and here she is. Her name is Noona. She was in a very particular and urgent need of help. I first spotted her in a taverna 10 days ago. You might know it's a very common sight to see cats begging for food in Greek tavernas - it almost epitomizes Greek tavernas. And this one was no different. Most cats though looked well and healthy enough but this little girl sat back and was having a difficult time keeping up with the others fighting over the bits of food people threw for them. I noticed she had a very strange shape. She is little (maybe 6 months old) and looked pregnant, but in a strange way. She looked just in an appalling state. Apart from her pregnant look and being way too young for a pregnancy, she was  emtremely skinny and had a cold. To me it was clear she wouldn't make it much longer in her state. I wowed to come back to find her and to get her to the vet immediately.

I passed by three days in a row before finally spotting her again last Monday. Luckily she seemed to know she needed help -  she popped straight into the transport box! Then off to the vet.

Turned out this little girl had a condition called mammary hyperplasia. A condition where the mammary glands swells due to too much progesterone - something that tends to occur in young unspayed female cats due to pregnancy. So yes, she was indeed also pregnant, but the strange shape was from huge swollen mammary glands. Quite unreal. You can see the enormous extra added weight she was carrying around - and these images above are AFTER she aborted four 4 week old feteuses (that's almost half-way through a cat pregnancy). Before the injection to help cure this condition (which is what caused- and is meant to cause an abortion) she was swollen the whole way up her chest and she could hardly walk. It was more of a waddle. In the second image you can see that her legs had gotten quite bend to allow for all the added body mass. She was and still is unable to preen herself  - she understandably loves it when I wash her.

Well, these bottom images are from today. As you can see she is MUCH better already but will need to go back for another shot tomorrow. She might need treatment for a total of four weeks before this condition is in complete remission. Sometimes it might not completely disappear so I'm keeping fingers crossed she'll be fully cured.

She has spent most of the week resting... and just wanting cuddles and attention. Whenever I've stroked her along her spine I've literally been able to feel/sense the soreness she's been feeling. It must have been hugely arduous for her with the extreme added weight.

It's literally taken all week to get her cleaned up (her belly still needs the treatment, but that'll have to wait). The muck and dirt (even oil) from the road was so stuck to her fur. But we're getting there. Last weeks trip to the vet was very taxing for her - I hope she'll do better tomorrow. Hopefully the TLC so far will have made her stronger. When I look at the pain in her face and eyes in the first image I sometimes wonder how these cats even have the will to go on. Who cannot not want to help a cat in such a state?


Marg said…
Oh Noona, we sure are glad that you were able to find a wonderful human who saved you. Gosh what a terrible situation you were in. We are sending lots of prayers that you continue to get better. You sure are pretty. Mom loves black and white kitties. Sending tons of purrs too. Take care and we want updates please.
I've worked in the vet field for some thirty five years, yet not once saw this condition.
How bazaar !
Thank you for taking care of her, she must have been in terrible pain, and by the look of those first pictures she was about to give-up....
So what will happen to her now, will she be up for adoption, or is she living with you ?
Be well Noona, you were one of the lucky ones !
Deb said…
Never mind....most people would not help this cat. You, my dear are someone very special. I am in tears looking at this cat. If she could have willed her death she probably would have. Such agony she must have been in. What a terrible condition. I wish I could give you a hug for all you do. God bless you. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4
Daisy said…
Ah, poor sweet baby. I'm so glad you were able to help her. Noona looks so sad in that first photo. I hope she is all better soon.
this tore my heart out. She came to you, knowing you are an Angel and that you were sent to help her and all of the other cats you have helped. Noona is just beautiful and I see a marked improvement in her appearance. You have a heart that knows no bounds. xoxoxo
Reena said…
You are indeed a very very special person...I so wish there were more out there that would help when they see an animal in need instead of turning their backs.
How can we clone you!!!!!
Catherine said…
This just breaks the heart. How wonderful that this sweet little girl was found and cared for by you. Truly you are a gift my friend. There is no denying the look of thanks in her eyes in the second last photo.

Sending you many hugs and thank you for helping this special girl!
xoxoxo Catherine
sunshine said…
Once again God has send an angel to rescue yet another lovely kitty in need, YOU. All I can say it's that you are such an inspiration for us animals lover that want to make a difference in the life of an animal in need.

Kudos to you and sending some healing vibes for Noonas speedy recovery, God Bless you both!
Oh, what a wonderful thing to do for a cat that had no reason to expect anything out of anyone. I'm glad that she's feeling better than she was in the beginning. Her later pictures definitely look happier than the first.
Dearest Joan,

Well, even without your text, Noona did speak book-parts with her eyes... It makes me want to cry and slap the humans that are responsible for this in the face. How can one turn away from such sweet creatures. She is thanking you with her already cleared up and happier looking eyes. Getting strokes of love, she probably felt for the first time in her rough and miserable life.
Love you for doing this; what a gift of life!

Anna E said…
You are such an angel, and yes it is so clear to see the pain in her eyes in the first pictures. She in a way looks much older than her age, like she has grown up too fast, and literally carried the weight of too much for her to handle. Thank God that you were in the right place at the right time, so you could respond to her cry .. and on the last pictures I can clearly see how wellbeing and recovery begins to shine out of her beautiful eyes. Crossing my fingers and send a portion of healing her way :-)) <3
MarkD60 said…
How do you get the cats to come to you? We have been trying for weeks (Months) and we can get inches away from the cats but they won't let us touch them.
Mark, I spend A LOT of time just sitting next to a feral cat talking kindly to it - letting it know I've got no bad intent. If I want to touch a feral cat I also always lure it with wet cat food - something with a real yum smell. If they are hungry enough they don't have a care in the world if you gently touch them - they're too busy to care. We have a new feral young cat in the garden and she is so skinny and desperate that she is completely oblivious the not exactly subtle hints (lot of loud growls) from the other cats. But bucketloads of patience and kind intent goes a long way. I'm so thrilled you're taking care of some - just the fact that they receive so food and water to survive.
Crafting Queen said…
Oh my goodness that poor cat. Thank God for people like you who help these lovely creatures. So lovely to see how much better she looks. Hugs Anesha
Jans Funny Farm said…
Oh, that poor little kitty. She's so fortunate you saw her and came back to help her! Hope she keeps getting better.
what another amazing story. That cat is now in cats heaven by your house,with your kind help and savings for her. I hope she will soon recover. I remembered in Greece also the many many thin cats in harbours and nearby reataurants. I was also so sorry for that.
K. said…
Let for the rescue of Noona!! I have seen in the news many declarations in Greece. Do not they happen in your sector? I hope that they should not affect you too much. That all good keep on going out!!
Dearest Joan,

Please do visit my blog as I did give you the Sunshine Award!
Lots of love,

What a wonderful cat- and what a wonderful act of kindness- I wish there were more people in the world who care about cats ( and animals )the way you have cared about Noona.
You can see from the pictures she feels a lot, lot better.Bless you for this !Can't believe people will pass this poor little creature by without even thinking they might lend a helping hand.
Thank you also so, so much for your kindness and super sweet comments on my blog about my lovely cat Gibson, I can't say how touched I was and how much I appreciate it in this difficult time.
Poor Noona. Thank you so much for taking her in and taking care of her. Thank you for being her angel.

Beautiful Noona, we wish you a full recovery.
Draffin Bears said…
Dear Joan,

It was lovely to discover your blog, via Mariette and many thanks for visiting me.
What an angel you are, rescuing Noona and caring and helping her on the road to wellness.
So sad when other people have turned a blind eye and not looked after the sweet kitty.
I hope that you have a happy day

Hello Joan,
thank you for your sweet comment and for following. I will follow you also, because I really love cats and your storys are so touching. Twinkle looks so similar to m Wiski. And little Noona knew surely that you will help her. Cats have a good intention what is going on. That is so sweet of you that you helped her. She looks really awful on the first picture. Her eyes are so sad looking. Wish her all the best for a good recovery. May be the shape will not get perfect for a long time but she is tiny yet and as soon as she grows larger, the proportion will get better, too.
Best greetings from Germany to Greece,
Blue Lavender said…
Hello Joan!
I've come to your blog thanks to Mariette, and what you do here it is remarkable. You are such a wonderful woman helping Noona through this though time for her, I wish she recovers very soon. Although my blog is about sewing and crafts, I do love so much animals, and living in the country side has giving me the opportunity to help and feed some animals, like birds, chipmunks, raccoons and even monarch butterflies! Maybe what I do for them it is very little, but one thing is for sure, I do it because I love all kind of creatures.
Greetings from Canada!
Laura =)
ledia said…
Hello! Please, would you tell me how was the kitten treated? I have the same issue with my kitten. She is not pregnant. Here were i liv,the vet aren't very specialized. He gave me antibiotics, but she isn't getting better. Please, kindly share with me the treatment your vet did with your cat. Thank you a lot!! All the best! Albana
Knatolee said…
SHe was such a beauty!

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