The right to build a nest

If you're familiar with some of my earlier posts you'll know just how much I love bird nests and all the beauty jam-packed into it. The nest above is one I found in a forrest floor - I think it'd been abandoned, no trace of chicks or egg-shells. I had a moment where I just stood in awe and admired all the fine intricacies wowen into it. I mean... look at all those little twigs, feathers and horse hair - collected from a nearby horse field. I honestly think it gives pause for thought. Doesn't it move you to know all the effort and urge this little bird/birds must have felt.

Well, this nest is quite small (maybe built by a blue tit) - so just image how teensy this glorious little hummingbird nest is. 

And yet, it is a PERFECT little nest. A master-piece. Just look above and below at the details of this hummingbird nest sent to me by a dear friend (I'd long wondered what a real hummingbird nest looked like - my jaw dropped and I shed a tear).

Ok, now to the actual point in this post. A reader of this blog sent me an email last night with a plea for help. She lives somewhere where nets are put on buildings to prevent pigeons from nesting. As the nets doesn't work the outcome is horrific - the birds get caught behind them, gets tangled in them and  suffer a horrible slow death (read her own words here). She asks for help in the way of leaving a comment so she can put pressure upon those responsible. I know the cynical mind that thinks one person can't make a difference - but I support that one individual who stands up against such callous human behaviour. As the sovereigns of this planet I abhor what it is in humans that would cynically (for some human convenience sake) exclude and prevent any animal from having it's rightful place and it's right to live. Please support Emma's attempt at rescuing these birds from such an attrocious fate. Thank you!

P.S. Please follow the link to Emma's site via the first link by clicking the words  (above) "read her own words here". A Blogger gremlin has gotten hold of me trying to post the link at the end of my post. Hope you succeed with the link.


Marg said…
Those nests are fantastic. It is so interesting how the birds build their nests. I tried to go to Emma's page and neither link works. I would like to help if I can. Hope you have a great Sunday.
Shoot... thanks for letting me know Marg.
Please do try again - it should work now!
Dearest Joan,

My goodness, one cannot believe the stupidity of such act of cruelty in a way... Don't they know upfront what they will be causing?
Birds have a very hard time in building their nest and for raising their chicks. It is never easy for finding a safe and sheltered place where also food is nearby. The worst is when people interfear... Can't imagine this but our planet is full of cruelty.
Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

Lots of love,

Catherine said…
Those are such pretty little nests. It looks like the mamma and pappa bird put a lot of love into those nests!

I am off to go visit Emma'a link.

Hope you are having a happy weekend friend!
xo Catherine
Barbara said…
Truly amazing masterpieces. Puts me in awe. I hope Emma is able to make a difference!
Reena said…
Beautiful nests! Off to Emma's link!
Anna E said…
I have followed the link you mention, and wrote a comment of support. However it was not possible for it to be blogged, so don´t know why.
It's so amazing and awe-inspiring. Nature is a great thing, and people are such a pain in the backside sometimes with their thoughtlessness.Signed the petition by the way!
Thanks for following my blog, too!!
I love you and your sweet posts! You do so much to help others and your lift our hearts with your sharing!

I am so thrilled you have that bitty nest. I loved seeing it in such pretty lighting!

I have little hummers that buzz me every night, they are so social and some funny hawks, too.

Love your involvement in helping other animals, it makes a difference to bring *heart* to a matter like this one.

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