A brave little soul

So the little miss Noona was spayed two days ago and is now recovering quietly - mostly sleeping indoors. She is such a braveheart considering the ordeal she's been through already. As you will see in the third image she is not through recovering from the mammary hyperplasia yet, but since she had bad side effects from the last treatment the vet decided it was better to let her recover for 10 days and to then go ahead with spaying her. That will now settle her hormones, which hopefully will make the last swelling go away.

It's increddibly rewarding to see how beautiful her face has become - just compare these two images above from day 3 and week 3. The look in her eyes has become so soft (top image).

In this image above (after being spayed) you can get an idea of how skinny she really was when she was rescued. You can see she is still quite skinny - and that's after more than three weeks of eating a highly nutritious  diet. 

It took a very long time for her to begin to preen herself and it's wonderful to finally see her being able to. She physically simply wasn't able to with all the extra weight as seen in the above image.

So far she's endured two horrible hormone treatments, an abortion, being on intravenous fluid during the days of the bad side effect of the hormone treatment, being spayed, trying to find her own space in a new colony of cats and still trying to recover from a stubborn cold (which she's proably carried around since she was a kitten).  Luckily she is VERY affectionate and we have some lovely nose rubs. It naturally does her a lot of good and gives her the strength to go on. She truly deserves a second chance and to live a life where she doesn't need to fight for her survival. I think she's done enough of that.


Deb said…
The comparison is amazing. So happy to see her feeling better. Each day will see more improvement I hope. Thank you for helping such a sweet girl.
Dearest Joan,

So glad to read that Noona is doing better, however slowly. But considering her history she is a fighter!
Lots of love to you and your furbabies,

Crafting Queen said…
Great to see her doing better. Hope she continues to get better and better. :)
Marg said…
Oh Noona, you sure look better and we are so glad that Joan is really looking after you now. We are amazed at how much better you look now. Sending lots of purrs that you get all better really soon. What a strong and good kitty you are. Hope all of you have a super week end.
Reena said…
I'm so glad to see her doing so much better...she's truly got a beautiful face!
Daisy said…
It is so wonderful to see Noona feeling so much better. She has a very soulful face. She deserves a lifetime of love and happiness.
How astonishing to see the dramatic difference some care and food makes. Bless you and Miss Noona!

Ohhh Joan! I so want to hug you and to kiss dear sweet Noona!

She IS improving and yes she is thin but you can tell she is doing so much better. Poor little one, I pray this is the beginning of a happier life for her ((((hugs))))
Blue Lavender said…
My dear friend Joan:
I'm very happy to see Noona is recovering and feeling much better, I can see a huge difference and her eyes sparkle now.
I just saw the web site you told me about, and I'd love to join it too, it sounds very interesting, thank you very much for recommending the page, and thank you for visiting my blog.
I send you a big hug and have a wonderful weekend and I also hope Noona get well soon !

Laura =)
MarkD60 said…
Thanks for doing all this for this cat. I, for one, appreciate it.
Catherine said…
Such a sweet girl! She is blossoming right before our very eyes. You are taking very good care of her friend ~ thank you so much!
xo Catherine
HELLO!!! What a beautiful little girl!! I'm so glad she's getting a chance to have the life she and others like her deserve!! You know, cats were my first love, and this post reminds me of why, there's a gentleness about them, isn't there?

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