When it's all too much for a little kitty


So as you know, this little girl was brought to the vet for some intensive care for three days. During the course of the three days she was treated for intestinal parasites and fleas (she was virtually being eaten inside out) and even though she was very weak, she ate well. Upon bringing her back home she was still weak (she barely stood on her legs when she was brought back) but still with a good appetite. We had lot's of physical contact - and she purred every time. Unfortunately she didn't drink any water at all and Saturday she began to develop constipation and showed signs of great discomfort (many small squeaks and barely eating). Saturday evening she was treated manually by a vet to help her do her toilet. It helped but it appeared it'd really exhausted her. I had hoped she would be back to eating Sunday morning but she still didn't eat - also not drinking. She just wanted to sit in her little box quite withdrawn. It somehow appeared that she had the same problem - not really being able to do her toilet. This evening I brought her back to the vet. I was surprised when he informed me that she didn't have  constipation and she didn't have a fever - there was no obvious signs of anything wrong with her. But he said she was feeling down.  

When you do your uttermost it can feel a bit discouraging, but in a sense I wasn't surprised. I've been trying to feel and register her and I did get sensations that she missed her sibling, kitty mom and her old environment (as horrible it might all have appeared to me!). I've been in such a contradiction about this that at times I've almost wanted to bring her back to her kitty mom and sibling (as crazy as this might sound). But I know I couldn't possibly. When I picked her up from the vet last week I was told to keep her from other cats for 10 days because she was so weak that she couldn't possibly fend for herself. But you can imagine the contradiction and my urge to want to bring her back together with her little family (yes, I also pondered trying to capture her feral kitty mom and sibling to bring them back here, but knew it would cause further distress).

Well, for the moment she is staying with the vet for some observation. Apparently she instantly started eating again - maybe the noise of other cats has a strange calming effect on her, given the fact she comes from an environment with a colony of cats. I am so hoping and believing though that she will eventually be able to settle here in spite of the many seeming changes to her little life. 

Running parallel to her story - the little black kitten (her sibling) has had the exact same treatment as she had this week (for fleas and intestinal parasites). I've been back every day feeding him lots of nutritious food. He is doing very well and is very strong (always first at the foods bowls). 

Now I patiently wait for little girls return (I think her name is Rosie). This attempted rescue has been a valuable lesson for me in that when I thought I could take her away and rescue her physically, I didn't really consider that I would be depriving her of an emotional/social need (from being part of a colony of cats - even though she's only little). 

I humbly proceed and hope to learn faster and better for the sake of the cats.


I too was surprised to learn just how strong these feral colonies are, surviving against all odds, infested with parasites, and living a constant battle to just simply survive in the elements, but survive they do.
I'm glad that took her to the vet, and enabled him to cleanse her from inside out, maybe she'll get lucky and find a forever home.
You have a caring spirit my friend.

Bossy Betty said…
You are doing all the right things here and learning along the way. You are a blessing to these little furry souls!
Fur Everywhere said…
You are doing some great work! I know that it can be hard to remember that cats not only have physical needs, but social/emotional needs just like we do, as well. I'm glad this kitten has come into your life and has taught you/reminded you of all the needs a kitty has. :) Keep up the amazing work!
She would not have made it in her colony, and your saving grace is what will help her survive. It is interesting and so sad to think how she must miss her Momma and her life as she knew it, if only she understood better days lie ahead and believe.
The little kitty is lucky to have you as a friend. I have rescued lots of feral cats; they do adapt to a loving home, but maybe it helped that I have had a great alpha cat to take care of them when they first arrive.
Draffin Bears said…
What an angel you are and doing such a lovely thing for this little kitty.
Just to be rid of the fleas and parasites and to be fed regularly will be so beneficial for the sweet girl. I am sure she will settle down soon and be happy again.

Blue Lavender said…
My dear friend Joan:
You are doing such a wonderful job trying to help these little cats, you are so persistent trying to help as much as you can this little kitten, and that my dear friend, that is worthy of admiration.
Thanks for visiting me, (I'm happy you liked the Graphics Fairy) Take and have a wonderful week,
Send you a big hug,
your friend

Laura =)
Reena said…
Poor little thing .. it wouldn't have occurred to me either that she would be dispondent over being cared for and fed.
So hope she finds comfort with you soon!
Becca said…
I am grateful for what you are doing for little "Rosie" she is so sweet, and I really hope she gets better. She is so sweet!
Dearest Joan,

Don't fret over this too much. You gave all you have, you poured your heart out for little Rosie and her sibling! She will pull through, she has to sort it all out and get used to all the 'human love' she suddenly and newly receives.

A big hug and lots of love for your new week!

Crafting Queen said…
This must be so hard for you. Poor little Rosie, hope that she continues to grow stronger. Hugs.
Daisy said…
That poor little baby. I hope she will continue to get stronger. Glad to hear her brother is doing better.
Anna E said…
Dear friend

It´s so good to hear what happened to little "Rosie" and the valuable lessons you are learning. I had strong sensations this weekend that you were not at ease, and now I know the reason why. And there is so much hope; Once she is better and the medication has worked (even if she has to stay with the vet for some more days) she will hopefully be in a condition to be introduced to some of her new family /colony in your garden, which can hopefully give her new vitamins and will to live. Keeping my fingers crossed and sending lots of support! <3
MarkD60 said…
A few times I have seen these chickens here... They are probably months old, about the size as a head of lettuce. They seem to be depressed or something. They just stand there when I walk by with the dogs, don't even try to get out of the way. There was another standing in the road, who didn't even move when I rode by on my scooter, about 3 feet from where he was standing.. It's weird, zombie chickens. Sounds like your cat.
505whimsygirl said…
You definitely did the right thing by taking her to the vet to get the urgent care she needs. Yes, she's missing her momma and sibling - hopefully when she's able to be socialized with the others in your garden she'll perk up and find new friends. Is her brother at the same vet? Maybe they can spend time together?
Deb said…
Thank you Joan for helping them. It does my heart good just to know you are out there. I see I am not the only one who feels there will never be an end to learning about the CAT. They are a marvel with their strength and strong bonds. I look forward to seeing that little grey bundle get better. Hugs
Oh my, she is sooo tiny. I hope she will recover. She will never forget your help.
Best greetings, Johanna
this completely tore my heart out. The poor sweet baby misses her family. What a quandary you must be experiencing.
You did (and are doing) the right thing. The poor little one
Debra said…
awww...what a lovely little kitten. I hope she will recover and be a grand cat.
Marg said…
Well as everyone has said, you are trying your best. If she has been treated, maybe one of the quieter kitties at your house can go in with her when you bring her home. Also I really think that she was so malnourished, it is going to take her a while to perk up. I have never tried putting a feral kitty by themselves. But I sure would berate yourself Joan. You are doing such a fantastic job with rescuing all those kitties. Rosie will be just fine soon.
I would have done the exact same thing you did. Please don't allow yourself to feel guilty about what you did. You've made a huge, huge difference for Rosie (and her sibling) and being in tune with what she needs shows that! I think you and your vet are doing a wonderful job in keeping this precious girl safe, and I have a feeling she'll be just fine because you care about her!
Anonymous said…
I hope you don't feel guilty - she wouldn't have survived this long where she was, and if she gets physically better, she'll gradually feel safe where she is. I'm so happy to hear the black kitten is doing well!!
Catherine said…
Oh sweet little Rosie. If she only understood what a lucky little girl she is and that you are only trying to help. I am thinking good thoughts and sending lots of love that she grows stronger!
xo Catherine
Sylvia said…
I do hope Rosie is feeling better soon, what a sweet litte kitten !
You're doing great work, Joan, as I said before, you are their guardian angel !
Julia Williams said…
Like you, I would never have thought of the emotional ramifications of rescuing her and removing her from her environment. I still think it was for the best. She surely would have died there, so at least now she has a fighting chance. Once she recovers physically, the work can be done to help her adjust emotionally. Purrs and prayers to her. I hope she makes it!
Cornelia said…
Rosie is soooo sweet!!!!!!!!! How courageous you are and how much strength and patience transpires and rains from your experience with Rosie! It brings such an awe and admiration and makes possible to kind of 'feel' the angels of true love and human care in deed in all that you so kindly share with us.
How wonderful must it be to be one little blessed GodsLittlePeople in your garden!!!!!!!!!
Cornelia said…
How courageous you are and how much strength, patience and care transpires and rains from ALL the experiences that you so gracefully share.
The best always happens where you are!!!!!!!!!
Lots of love,

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