Life as it should be


During this past week Rosie made some great steady progres so she started having some outdoor time with the other cats. Here she is having an afternoon chill and this time around (for the first time) I believe she deliberately turned the knob on the cute-ometer allowing the photographer a few darling images.

A big lazy yawn and then deciding to play for the gallery...

A lovely super content wellness-wiggle...

- and a simple pose to show those tender doey eyes. Kitten, have mercy on my melting heart!

More about Rufus soon.


Catherine said…
I can't believe the difference in sweet little Rosie! She is a superstar and knows it! But I am sure the look in her eyes is one of gratitude for having been rescued by you my friend!

Love her!
xo Catherine
Crafting Queen said…
Rosie looks adorable in these photos. It's so wonderful to see her doing so well, thank you so much for all you do for these beautiful creatures. Hugs Anesha
Deb said…
Oh my gosh, Joan. This has made my morning. I could just reach in there and hug her up. I would adopt her in a minute if I could. Thank you so much for all you do. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4
The Cat Guy said…
Rosie knows how to work that camera!! I love her white stripes, she's melting my heart!
505whimsygirl said…
Wow! What a difference - you can just see the love and tenderness through Rosie's eyes. My heart is melting.
Reena said…
Oh my gosh ... my heart melts! And those eyes!
She has come such a long way ... so beautiful!
Barbara said…
And on mine! What a little doll! The difference is truly amazing!
Cat said…
It is very nice to see her looking so healthy and content!!!
Lily said…
She has lemur eyes! Those eyes stand out more than anything else on her!!! Gorgeous!
Unknown said…
I love al your little cats, have a savety time my dear !!! big hugh Kathrin
Those eyes peer deeply into the soul, they say so much with their beautiful green hued shade of loveliness. Rosie you are as gorgeous as your name.
RoySr said…
Good looking little girl in those pix. I've yet to go back and read up on Rosie's history, but I'm thinking she's in good hands.

This is my first time here, but trust me, I shall be back. Hope all is good with everyone, and all the 'Wee People' are taken care of as they should be. I'm just now about to be outside with my little strays, walk overs, and ferals. We have an acre to groom. Be safe everyone.
What a gorgeous little girl, and how relaxed she now looks.Heatmelting!! Ah!
Daisy said…
It's hard to believe she's the same kitten, she looks so happy and healthy!
OMC I am melting from Rosie! She looks like a little baby Cody!!! I can't stand it! I want to kiss her little head and paws. What a major turn-around!

((((hugs)))) and much love to you!
Marilia said…
OMGGGGG! Rosie is a sweet and cute little girl!!!!! Lovely post!
Dearest Joan,

Oh, if you would not be that far away I would drive over and get that Rosie-girl for myself. She is so CUTE! Look at her purrfect long whiskers and her spunky up-right eye-brows! My goodness is she pretty and those eyes are telling even more than your printed thoughts... What eyes can convey; the before and after story is incredible. You've done so much for this darling feline. What a joy you created for yet another of God's little people. Anxious to read more about Rufus.

Lots of love and hats off to you!

I think my head just exploded from all the cuteness!!

What a wonderful job you have done. She looks wonderful. Thank you.
Anna E said…
She really melts the heart, and would surely win any "cuteness-awards" available! Look at that silky fur, I can feel it right through the screen. And those eyes...have never seen such green-ness. Looks like she is dwelling and far gone in her own little kittenworld on the first image. What a price you both got from saving her from the ilness-misery !
Anonymous said…
I came over from Catherine's Corner of Cat's Mind... that kitty is sooo cuuute! They're all beautiful shots, but I love the 3rd one! So very sweet =)
Cornelia said…
Humans and fauna united in 'The life as it should be'.
The title is not a title and is not a metaphor either. It is REAL. It is life as it should be. It is the unique overspill and culmination serum inserted into the world by your tendering care and efforts of many kinds. For what comes from your many transforming stories with GodsLittlePeople emanate vapours of such subtle magnitude... That when one breathes your fresh posts, one breathes the air of transformation in which gives well being as one's wits get awake refreshed and and new hope enters the stage of the mind.

Rosie looks directly into your eyes. It is obvious that an animal knows nothing of cameras and what cameras are for and how to pose or what it means to be in front of the camera, not any of it. Rosie feels that you know and you feel that Rosie feels. When you see her and she looks into your eyes in your meeting the serum gets combined. It's substance is there between you, in the air between you. This elixir and not all of it but some can be witnessed here on your post. It is a mystical experience to see who sees and what sees for not everything can be described, nor explained with words about the delight and priviledge to be a witness to these awesome unexplainable happenings.

Life as it should be is free from any disturbance and free from anything that shouldn't be there.
waaauw what a progress!! I wished I was in your neighbourhood.
Kind regards Mieke
Becca said…
I just had to share this with my husband. What a difference you've made in this little kittens life! She is such a sweetheart!
MarkD60 said…
These are photos for the Kitty Playboy Magazine!
Hello!! Well, I'm late getting here, but have so enjoyed having an 'aaaawwwwww' moment!! Rosie is so precious and looks so happy and content--No doubt because she doesn't have a care in the world!!
Draffin Bears said…
Hi Joan,

How wonderful that Rosie is looking so happy and well. The big eyes are so beautiful.
You have done such a wonderful thing rescuing the precious little girl.

Happy weekend
Marg said…
Goodness, that Rosie is so darn cute. Look at that fat little belly. No one would ever believe that is the same kitty. All that cuteness is one gigantic thank you for saving her. I know that I thank you a whole bunch. I just love seeing these pictures. We are of a kindred spirit, that is for sure. Take care you good person.
Julia Williams said…
She is just blossoming into the cutest little baby, and she looks so happy. I just know that she knows she was saved from the jaws of death and is so thankful.
She is a beauty.

What tears have rolled down my face as I have heart-fully engaged in these sweet moments this morning.

I am so glad you are there. I am so happy that God has called you to these sweet fluffy-loves. It blesses the rest of us (me) with hope!!!

We can recover and we can be made new...with love.

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