What we can do we will do


It's exactly four weeks ago today that I - completely by chance (or not!) - spotted Rosie and Rufus badly emaciated in a town park. If you've follwed the story of Rosie's rescue you will know that I went back every day to feed Rufus and make sure he was making good progress too.

He was also badly emaciated (you can almost count his ribs in the image above) but compared to Rosie he was actually strong - he was like a lightning rod whenever there was food - and I therefore decided to let him stay with kitty mom and come back to check on him every day. He kept doing well until about 10-12 days ago when it appeared kitty mom had gone astray (or whatever else happened) and he began to just sit in a forlorn and pittyful state underneath the dumpster on the street outside the park. I had rescued him twice from the huge dumpster because he would jump into the dumpster to search for food, but each time they had been emptied he was too small to make his way out. Also he had developed a serious diarrhea - it would literally run out of him whenever he ate. He'd begun to give off the feeling that he was loosing his will to go on and I frankly couldn't get the image of him out of my mind whenever going to sleep at night. 

Again - I knew there was only one thing to do - so last Sunday evening I brought him back home. And don't get the idea that I just travel around looking for kittens to rescue. As a matter of fact I've seen and heard so many kittens in the area where Rosie and Rufus comes from that I've had to develop a kind of "don't look, don't listen" state of mind. As I've heard so many times "You can't rescue them all" - but my approach is that of some lovely words once uttered by Gandhi. When the Indien people were suffering due to the British laws imposed upon them making it impossible for them to live, a village elder asked Gandhi; "Will you help us?" and Gandhi (knowing they were up against impossible odds) answered; "What we can do we will do."

The day after I rescued Rufus he went to the vet for an examination. The vet told me that had he not been rescued he would not have made it beyond a couple of days with the severity of his diarrhea. He actaully spent 5 days at the vet in the attempt to restore his digestive system. It's gotten a lot better but he has still some days to go. As you can see in the image above he is just a little hearttrob with a well kept secret - a darling white belly. Now it is Rufus' time to learn to be a kitten again - just playing and goofing around, having a soft place to sleep and not having to worry where the food will come from.


Marilia said…
Thanks to give a chance for Rufus!!!!!
I could just hug your neck !
Rufus already looks so much better, physically and mentally, you have indeed saved this precious little boy's life.
Just look at him play :)
Thank you over and over again.
Dearest Joan,

What a darling this Rufus is. He will fluff back and reward you with playfulness and cat-happiness -- no doubt! His face is so cut and that tummy was a nice surprice. Poor little critters what they already went through. Being sick and miserable and malnourished almost from day one on. Wonder where kitty mom is? Maybe she got killed?
Love you for taking care of one more of God's little people. You have such a big and warm heart. Have a great week ahead.
Love to you,

Deb said…
Aw Joan. You are a darling. What these poor little things have to endure without the help of caring people. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. hugs, Deb
Daisy said…
So wonderful to actually have energy for playing instead of just survival!
Anonymous said…
You are an awesome & very giving & wonderful person w/ such a HUGE heart! God bless you for taking care of them! =)
Crafting Queen said…
How wonderful to see him playing. Hope that he continues to improve. Thank you for all you do for them. Hugs Anesha
I'm so glad that Rufus is safe!! You have seen a need and are doing what you can, and I so admire you for that and for making room for this precious little boy!!
Blessing to Rufus for being his Gandhi.
You do what you can.
One more safe and saved.
Reena said…
hugs hugs hugs to you!
Rufus is such a lucky boy!
Marg said…
What a shame we live so far apart. That is so wonderful that you rescued Rufus. He is looking better all ready. I do the same thing. Try not to look at some situations because we cannot save them all. There were 12 kittens at the dump and they were being fed and playing and besides there just is no way I could fit any more bodies on to this property.
So a big thanks to you Joan for saving Rufus. See if you name them, they will be coming home with you. Take care. Big hugs to all those kitties.
Anna E said…
I am so pleased to hear that you took Rufus to your home and to your heart. Please don´t post photos and stories of kittens, that you don´t have room for saving, it´ll be too painful to hear about if they didn´t make it out there by the dumpsters. Strange, but sitting here by the pc, I still feel "connected" with all those kittens you have written about, and I have seen on pictures. Is there any chance of adopting some of them? Unfortunately not for myself due to allergy, but in case someone here on the blog reads about a kitten, and wants to give it a safe home??
Looking forward to see Rufus with a bit more weight on his little body, but already he looks 100% better than when you rescued him!!!
MarkD60 said…
I still can't pet most of our cats. I don't know the next step.
I'm glad you do so well with so many cats.

Did you know our poor poor Sheba doesn't have any ribs? Come give her a squeeze, you won't feel a single rib. And she has a defective tongue. Scratch her where her tail meets her back and you'll see what I mean.
Cornelia said…
Who would have seen Rufus's secret if you did not offer him your feelings, your thoughts and your precious care? Who would have been moved by the beauty, the pain, the struggle to save Rufus and Rosie and Noona and Ninja and Tiny and Molly and Humphrey and Benji and Twinkle and Emma and Kimmie and ..so many GodsLittlePeople if not because of you Joan, the way you are with them, the way you care for them, and the way you share your experiences withthem with us? For you experiences spread unique messages which warm and melt the heart and inspire and give hope and more..

Who would have been without Rufus' adorable secret? What human can stand to see a living organism in pain and not try to offer relief? Who does not wish the best for Rufus, for Rosie and the other little friends? Who does not understand that each animal, whether that animal happens to be a cat, a dog, a frog, a little bee, a dolphin, a bear, an eagle and a dove, they all bring unique light and delight each moment of our life. For are we not connected with them in miraculous and necessary ways? Who does not wish to see better circumstances arise for our planet for them and us alike?

For you, dear Joan, who feel GodsLittlePeople and care for each one of their unique lives it must be very difficult, very painful to know that many animals need rescue almost everywhere now more than ever before. 'you cannot save them all'. This would mean to bear the weight of the whole world on your shoulders. No one can do this.. not alone.

It was yesterday evening when I first read 'What we can do we will do' for Rufus, and it caught me in so many ways and something in me felt inspired to ask: What can I do for the great chain of living organisms that I am a tiny part of? Can I do something to put new energy back in this great chain that supports my life? How can I better respect the ecology that keeps me/us alive? Is there something that I can do so life gets as it should be? Can I do things better? I kept this in me the whole day and it helped me to see that I needed to tidy some important things that no one other than me had the responsibility to do something about. And so I tidied them up and now before going to sleep I wa ted to tell you how grateful i feel to get this great inspiration from you - What we can do we will do - tomorrow going deeper into these - full of joy to ask and see afresh!
Blue Lavender said…
Dear Joan;

I honestly have no words to describe all the good things you do to this little kittens, just....
God bless you for ever for doing such a wonderful job, people like you make a huge difference in this world.

Send you a big hug

Laura =)
Catherine said…
It's hard when there are so many wee kitty babies to save, but even helping a few of them makes the world a better place ~ and the world is a far better place with you in it my sweet friend!
xo Catherine
Dear Joan,
what a luck for all those kitties to cross your way. May be it is destination and not just coincidence. Rufus looks a bit like a bat with his big ears. But really a cute one and I see the little boy glooming in his eyes. Even not fit but ready to have joy with playing and goofing. All your kitties will have a good start since now in their new life. I love you for all what you do with those cats. Your sweet package arrived me today. Thank you soooo much! I will make a post about it which honors your gift. Thank you again my friend and God bless you for your friendlyness.
Best greetings, Johanna
Dear Joan,
I have made a post about your wonderful gift and your hearttouching kitties. I will come back soon.
Best greetings, Johanna
Blue Lavender said…
Dear Joan:
Thanks for visiting me, and yes, that is the card I sent, I'm so happy she already received it, I already posted it in my blog, I just was waiting for her to get before I post about it.
I'm new on Flickr, and I could't find you, would you please send the link so I can visit you there? Thanks, and have a wonderful day!

Lots of love,

Laura =)
Blue Lavender said…
Dear Joan:

I just saw the card you made, is is fantastic! I love the colors, I love the quote you wrote, I love everything, is so beautiful.

I'm also looking forward for next year and find out what the theme will be for next year, it was so exiting, I loved so much to participate on this, thank you so much for letting me know about it.

By the way, I'm so happy to know you guessed which one was my card....you know me eh? =)

Have a wonderful day

Lots of love,

Laura =)
Jo said…
Dear Joan,
What a moving story about Rufus and Rosie. Now that they have a new beginning I'm sure they will grow up to be beautiful kitties. You do such wonderful work. I have joined your site because I want to keep up with the work you are doing to save the little lives that so many other people would just pass by. I love kitties. We have two rescued kitties. My husband found both of them. One on a job site where he did heavy construction work and the other in a stack of cement blocks along with 2 other little ones. I had to bottle feed them and then found homes for 2 of them. He also found 2 puppies sitting in the middle of the road and brought them home. We still have the black one as you will see when you visit my blog.
Keep up the good work and come over for a visit to my blog and see my furbabies.

Your newest follower
Cat said…
Eat, sleep, play sounds like a prescription for a very happy kitten :-) We are so glad Rufus is improving!
You did again a good job!!!! thank you!
So thrilled you brought him home. Diarrhea is the most frightening thing for me with the lambs because they waste away so quickly. I can deal with everything else, but when they start with that, I can't sleep at night either.

I love Gandhi's wisdom. I think you have to find a balance (and I personally don't have that figured out!). Prayer is all I know of...pray and hope that others will be raised up like you to take the kitty you couldn't?


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