When the eyes go soft


It's evident that food and water goes a long way to keep a little kittie going - and I am delighted at how much weight both Rosie and Rufus has both gained, but what thrills me most of all is the softness that has appeared in their eyes.  It's just plain evident that human love, kindness and tenderness feeds something into those little souls that not even the best of quality foods can bring about. And doesn't it make you wonder what it is that looks out of those eyes when you see them go soft?? That's what I work for.

This morning I noticed in Rufus' eyes what I saw in Rosie's eyes a few weeks ago (in my last post about Rosie). I treasure it - I truly do, softness. And yet, on top of that, I still feel compelled to go back and look at those early photos of Rosie. Her transformation is amazing. Just look at this photo from this morning. Five weeks on from when I fist saw these two.

At first they didn't recognise each other but they now play and romp and get excited together. Before their lives evolved around surviving between meals - no room for playing. They're such perfect therapy for each other. Rosie was very quiet before but she has become a boisterous  little girl (a trait from Rufus) and I believe Rosie has demonstrated to Rufus that it's okay to trust a human hand. He's become quite confident when a hands comes his way for a cuddle. 

"Tenderness and kindness are not signs of weakness and despair 
but manifestations of strength and resolution" 
Kahlil Gibran


Becca said…
This is such a great story with a happy ending..or beginning. I can't believe the difference in these two kitties! It simply thrills me to know there is someone out there like you that will take in these little souls and help them to a better life...heartwarming...thank you!
Anna E said…
It´s wonderful to see when something or someone is as meant to be. And thanks to your dedication and purpose, these two cats - and many others - live a decent life, as was always meant to be in the first place. You truly are a role model for others to copy in their own way, from their own lives :-)
Yes and Amen.

I am so enthralled with the sweet parallels your work has drawn for me -- not just with the sweet kitties, but with people too. Love bring softness~ yes?

I am going to focus on your Gibran quote...it is a powerful affirmation of how to live as a human being.

I love those kitties. Thank you for bringing them into my life~ xo
Jo said…
Those eyes are so bright and happy.
These 2 babies have come a long way. They are so beautiful. It makes you feel good to see such progress. You really don't want to think of what could have been, we just look to the future of what is going to be. They look so happy now and it makes me happy to see how far they have come. Give them some love from me.

Thanks for following my blog and come back and visit anytime.

Dear Joan,
your two kitties are doing so fine. Their eyed show their feelings. I think, they feel the first time in their little life softness and happyness. What a good feeling for everybody. Please cuddle them from me.
Hugs, Johanna
Dearest Joan,

As with all eyes; they are the mirror of the soul! It is such a joy that they let you look inside their, now happy, souls and you get to see the healing that you've accomplished.
Love to all of you,

so happy to see them both thriving under your care, you are the "Miracle Worker!"

Heart2Heart said…
I am a cat person, an animal person all the way around and completely agree, as stewards of the Earth, we owe it to everything to do our very best to care for them. I think it shows in more than just the softness in their eyes but in their hearts as well. You have done a great thing and for that you have left me with a warmth in my heart and a smile on my face.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat
They do not look like the same animal!
What you see is complete gratitude and a knowing that life will be safe and secure.
Marg said…
You are giving me such hope. I am trying to trap a feral cat right now since she is the only one that stays at the house that has been abandoned. The others go off but she stays right there. So I have decided to try to give her a chance. I go over there twice a day and feed her in a carrier and she almost goes all the way in. I just have to sneak up on her and close the door one day. I just hope the vets can handle her.
Those two kitties look totally fantastic. That is so exciting that they are doing so well. You have won their trust which is the most important part of it all. That is why you are getting that kind eye. Joan, you are terrific.
These two continue to touch my heart. I'd not thought of the softness in their eyes saying how they felt--I think it's something in my own cat that I've just taken for granted. You've truly opened up their hearts and given them something--You've given them love, peace and taught them to trust--What an amazing gift!
Anonymous said…
I believe love and tenderness can make a difference, but I'm still amazed at the huge difference in the before's and after's. Just makes my day!!
Deb said…
Their worry is gone now and that is thanks to you, Joan. It does show in their eyes doesn't it. They can now be what they are without their lives being over-shadowed with fear and hunger. Thank you for this post as it ends this weekend on a high note. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4
Cat said…
Love heals :-)
Crafting Queen said…
So wonderful to see them both doing so well!!!
Yes, there is such a difference.I had the same thing with my two dogs which I got from the dogs home in December.It took Millie a long time to look at us without a brittle look in the eyes... aloof, untrusting... your little kitties have been through a lot in their short lives.. thank Goodness you saved them.
Catherine said…
Mmmmm.... I think those kitties are sending you the 'love vibes' with those eyes. Lots and lots of love vibes. Oh to see these two sweet kitties looking so much better ~ JOY!!!!!
xo Catherine
Reena said…
Just so remarkable how far they have come!
Cornelia said…
Saving them was no question about looking at their pedigree.. or the colour of their eyes or anything like that.

You did everything possible and then some more to give them the quality of life that they would not and could not have found elsewhere. Taking them out of the miserable fate for what would have happened if not your boundless kindness and sweet tenderness cleaned and cleared their path, their life.
Vicky said…
You have done such an amazing job with these kittens. So glad they have you in their corner!
Julia Williams said…
They are both so precious, and I just know that THEY know how lucky they are to have found their way to you. It's wonderful to see them blossom.
MarkD60 said…
Amazing transformation! Our younger cats let us pet them now, but the older ones are wary as ever.
GardenOfDaisies said…
Oh my goodness. I have just read through some of your recent posts. Bless you for taking these little ones into your home and heart. They surely would have died without your care. We adore kitty cats. Both of our cats are from the shelter and my husband also volunteers (weekly) at a local cat rescue agency. So many little animals out there in desperate need of a good home.

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