Busy sporting his dashing good looks


I've spent a week quite besides myself. The day before Lilly made her appearance Tiny had gone missing. Tiny is my very first Greek rescue (one of those that was rescued back from the brink) so naturally I've developed quite an affection for him. Well, it appeared that he'd gone sporting his dashing good looks and only this morning did it occur to him to let me know that he was sound and well!  Unusually affectionate - I spontaneously picked him up and gave him a kiss - and he let me! (unheard of before) and obviously with an impressive appetite. 

He had me see parts of this valley that I've never even seen before (I spent several hours calling and looking for him). I also revisited an old post of mine (Nine steps to communicate with your animal) on how to communicate with your animal. I just needed to know what had happened. I've tried these steps before (and trust me they work!) so since I didn't seem to receive any clear message or image back,  I decided to focus on one of the steps...  if the animal doesn't want to talk with you then respect it and try some other time. The communication has to be on the premise of the animal. 

I somehow thought he might have gone out and about doing what a young boy does (he is next in line for neutering!) and if it was his hormones ruling, then there'd be no getting through to him. I don't know for sure if that is what happened (he has shown no signs at home) but last night I asked him to please! come home and at least let me know he was alright. Thank goodness it seemed I was able to get his attention for a moment. 


Marg said…
Oh goodness, that is so great. I have one cat who is also a tabby, who goes off all the time. But he is neutered and so far has come home. I am so glad that Tiny came home. It is so awful when they go off. I had one go off for three months and came back. Amazing. I almost fainted when I saw her. She now lives in the house since she has a bad heart. So Tiny, just stay home. Wish we could put tracking devices on them. Take care Joan and sure hope he stays home.
sunshine said…
Fantastic news! Tiny's been on my thoughts and prayers since you first told me about him being gone, I had all the faith that he was to come back, so this news make me so happy!!!!
Dearest Joan,

Well, it is often very hard to understand our felines. We have our sweet Spooky and he can take off for days, he goes to see Milly a black girl friend who lives two streets down. Pieter found out about this while walking after his heart surgery and by talking to Milly's owner. Spooky is neutured but his heart is probably still deciding when he's in love. We were so glad that the second evening we got home from Europe, he finally showed up. So affectionate but he leaves time and time again.
Your Tiny might act the same. Having him neutured will be a good thing anyway.
Love to you,

Crafting Queen said…
So glad he has come home safely. I can image how hard it must have been for you. When my little one is gone for more than half and hour I am frantic. Hope she stays home now. Hugs.
Marilia said…
Great news! Thanks to share with us!
Hi Joan,
cats live their own life. They just live with us and sometimes they decide to live alone. But we are always happy to know they are well. This tabby face has so much personality. What a luck he is well.
Best greetings, Johanna
I'm so glad your little one has returned!! He is certainly a handsome boy, but there seems to be that spirit of adventure and mischief in those eyes! :-)

I also read your post about your new girl Lily! I have a soft spot in my heart for calico cats--Our very first cat was a calico that we had for almost 20 years, a real gem, as is Lily!
Cornelia said…
What a relief and joy must have been there between Tiny and you! I did not read your Nine steps to communicate with your animal before and thank you so much for the remainder to us who have not read it. They are a great introduction to some very delicate and also advanced ways of communication. I did not know about mental imagery and mental projection of feelings and thoughts with an animal so indeed I find it very advanced communication. It cannot wait to explore and discover how I can communicate with my mother in law's Pax (his name) - a spectacular and very kind 9 year old labrador retriever whom I see almost everyday. I did notice many times how he is very sensitive at changes of moods and atmospheres in the people around him. Now it is time for me to sensitise myself to be with him and understand better his wonderful capacities. There is no doubt with me - Tiny responded to your mental projection with affectionate thougths and happy headed towards his sweet home.
Cornelia said…
Ps. Tiny is gorgeous!!!
Reena said…
Great news! He's so handsome!
Deb said…
I love good news. So happy for you.
I am so glad you were able to communicate with Tiny! What you said about sending mental pictures and opening yourself up is what animal communicators speak of all the time. I am so glad that Tiny came back and that he is alright. What a handsome boy he is!
Catherine said…
Oh those green eyes... I think I'm in love!
So glad sweet kitty is home!
xo Catherine
He IS a STUNNING cat and it appears he was feeling guilty, especially when you said he let you kiss him and he never had before.

What a dashing mancat!
MarkD60 said…
Glad he came back, nothing is worse than a missing cat.
We usually feed 4, 5 or 6 every day. If two are missing, it's Goldie and Shadow. If one is missing, it's Leroy.
Anna E said…
Sooo great to hear he came back home! :-) Does neutering make him stay home afterwards, or is there no certainty about that (his hormones not driving him to distant valleys)? Look forward to hearing more about Lilly and how she is doing. And enjoy your being "inside" and not "besides" yourself! ;-))
Cornelia said…
Is Lilly better today? Is she free of fungus? Will she soon play and play with her sisters and brothers?

How can I possibly express with words how much I appreciate and value your Nine steps to communicate with your animal? For being with the first step of the nine with an animal has offered entrance into wonderful and rich new world. These following are my first human step with God's Little People concerning such important matters as love and patience: Animals do not have a 'personality'. Animals offer themselves so that we by mirroring ourselves in them better can see/understand our own psychologies (if we are willing and capable to do so). Animals have naturalness, natural grace and are innocent as fundamentalities.
I wish to better go on with this first step for ever and will do so. And then there are eight more steps that wait to be discovered.

How rich in insights, attractive for real values with life and living communication and profound world it is with God's Little People!
Anonymous said…
I'm so glad he found his way back home! What a handsome boy!
Blue Lavender said…
Dear friend Joan!
It's been so long since I came here to visit you and what a nice surprise that you have now a new kitty, Lily is a nice name and that you keep doing an excellent work.
I just came to let you know I have a little surprise for you in me blog, if you come and visit me, I hope you like it.
Big hugs my friend
Laura =)
Deb said…
Oh Joan...isn't that the way. I guess I am glad in a way that they made it to YOU but I know how that makes you feel when too much has been thrown at you. I hope you have others to help you find homes for them. Hugs, Deb

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