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Each day here starts with new adventures to be had and things to be explored. You might remember Noona - hyperplasia girl (and oh my goodness she was so battered when I found her) who due to a very bad case of mammary hyperplasia couldn't jump (any height at all) - even her front legs were bent due to the exess body mass. Well this morning she discovered there was a pergola roof to be explored, so up she jumped and climbed up with not much thought as how to get down again! In this image she is giving me a slightly concerned look as to say; "how do I get back down again?" - but she of course made her way down a minutte later.

The little guys (Rosie and Rufus) starts their day a bit tentative - first observing the big guys and then they jump into action. After about an hour of wild games they each find a good spot to observe bugs and birds.

I should just add a little note about my last post about Rosie. The images in the last post are already several weeks old - they were just used for comparison purposes because the poses were quite similar to her dad, but do not be fooled :-) this girl has packed some meat on those gorgeous bones!! Sometimes when I look at her I cannot believe how much she has grown in 6 weeks - it's actually quite remarkable given the state in which she was found. All the images in this post are from this morning.

Here Rufus has discovered a brilliant place to safely observe life going by - the open pergola window. He is a little miracle too - just a dearie (I promise I won't call you that when you're a big boy Rufus!) real playful, cuddly, sweet and impish. How can something so fine appear out of an early dumpster life?! He is now where he belongs - that's for sure!

There's such an essence of beauty in these little lives and they're each a true blessing in my life. 


MarkD60 said…
I'm kind of partial to Rufus...

What a life! Watching bugs and birds!
Marg said…
Those are such great pictures.They all look so good.They are such lucky kitties to have found you Joan.
I didn't know you had a design company.I will let you know when we are going to have another auction. The only problem would be the shipping and how much it would cost.
Little Mahoney (kitten) is doing great. Unfortunately the other cats don't like her and swat her but I am hoping soon to let her out of the bathroom.
Magnolia is going to take a really long time to socialize. She wants nothing to do with me.
Love seeing the kittens and Noona. She sure looks terrific. Take care.
Dearest Joan,

What a joy to see those darlings doing so well! Noona has come a long way and Rufus and Rosie are so happy, making up for lost time.
A killer-hug to you for making this possible for them!
Love to you,

Deb said…
The last photo is breath-taking. They look so beautiful, Joan. You must be so proud. I am certainly proud of YOU. They can now have a wonderful full life.
Catherine said…
It looks like everyone is enjoying life here ~ thanks to you! It's so wonderful to see the kitties growing into healthy happy cats!
xo Catherine
Crafting Queen said…
Just so wonderful to see them all looking so well!!
Dear Joan,
Noona, Rosie and Rufus started a happy life with your help. What a fun to see. Rufus looks on the last photo like Mr. Spooky.
Best greetings, Johanna
The Cat Guy said…
beautiful pictures and gorgeous kitties! Glad you are able to see and connect with the beauty held within each of their lives. They are all precious. Thanks for caring for them as you do.
Marilia said…
Own! I love the photods and the babies!!
Cornelia said…
A most beautiful dawn with great news about your catfamily and your happy life- for what is life without true happy moments and adventures and wonders to be had and new experiences for both the cats' and human families alike?
your private blessings become a source of many blessings for whomever is fortunate to see and read about your Rosie, Noona and Rufus and their adventurous family gets happy and for sure I am one of many who get lots of joy and light in the heart at all this!
"There's such an essence of beauty in these little lives and they're each a true blessing in my life. "

There is nothing that says it better...and YOU are a blessing in their lives AND ours!
Gosh they have come on so well! Such gorgeous little cats!! What a treat to see them thrive !!
Each time I read a post, I marvel at what a transformation has taken place in their hearts and lives because of you--and from my heart I continue to give thanks for the kindness and compassion of someone like you who is there to make it happen for these precious little ones!
sunshine said…
Noona looks like a completely new cat, but the same with Rosie and Rufus... Love definitely changes everything. It's always such a great joy and inspiration to read your blog.
Oh I just love these pictures. Rosie is looking so beautiful as she grows up!
Anna E said…
Wonderful pictures!! Reminds me of the set of playingcards I have with Greek Cats, where each card has a different cat on it. Maybe an idea to make your own cards with those cute darlings? :-) Amazing to see their progress, truly a successtory!!
Reena said…
They all look so healthy compared to their beginnings with you! Love that last pic of Rufus in the window.
that looks great, thank you for saving!
Becca said…
Such delightful photos! I love the expression on the face in the first photo!
Anonymous said…
It makes me so happy to see these kittens, all healthy and happy! Thanks for sharing the updates!

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