Removing the pain from Lilly's eyes


Today Lilly has been with us for 12 days and she has made good friends with her new brothers and sisters - Rosie and Rufus in particular. She spent a week on her own (which she really enjoyed) letting her fungus clear to a large degree - she's still got a few days of treatment for it to clear completely.

Physically Lilly was in a pretty fine condition (everything taken into consideration) although I did find the look in her eyes rather pained and sad (scroll down two posts to compare). She was in this peculiar way where she seemed to really love cuddles but would get really bitey of the hands cuddling her and she would squeak and cry if hands were put on her too suddenly. I wondered if her story was one of being handled by small children not really knowing when to let her go. I found Lilly on a building site - a house almost finished and recently inhabited for a few weeks by the family building the house (a family with three children - all under the age  of 6). I found Lilly roaming around on her own just a few days after they left the house and it would kind of make sense because Lilly wasn't really skinny and there are no other houses nearby. There was also no trace of a kitty mom or any siblings.

Well, I proceeded with this theory and told my dear husband to be mindful when handling Lilly and to let her all the time feel as if she had the upper hand and would be able to say no when she didn't want to engage. This approach started to make a difference - no more biting (she would bite even when we were handling/cuddling her really gently) and now she is so confident that she will walk into our laps of her own volition and we will just place a hand next to her - letting hands become a trusted friend again. This image is from yesterday morning - today we've been able to stroke Lilly very gently with no biting and no squeaking and it has been a major YES! feeling. To feel her become confident again is just wonderful - and her eyes are gradually becoming softer again. 

Trust is truly something you have to win - you can't just assume it will be there and Lilly has demonstrated such a valuable lesson.


Daisy said…
I love seeing the change in Lilly's eyes! So glad she has found trust and love.
MarkD60 said…
That doesn't even look like the same cat! Lilly looks much better.

Our Al has ringworm, and we can't get him to put the creme on every day.
I'm glad she has come to love the handling, she's improved by leaps and bounds thanks to your dedicated love and caring...
You are such a special person !
Anna E said…
This story is really touching, and it - again - looks like a totally different cat compared to the first picture!! And those eyes - they are just spectacular and soo strong and beautiful! Don´t think I have ever seen a cat actually SMILE, which is what she really does! And in such a confident and "superior" way, like she really is the queen of the land. Great to hear of her progress and making friends with her "step-siblings" (sted-søskende) :-))
Marg said…
Oh gosh Lily, you look so much better. You are so lucky to have Joan looking after you.
Did Tiny ever come home?? Don't forget, I had a cat disappear for three months and just showed up one day. So don't give up. I think we need to put tracking devices on them. Hope he comes home.
Dearest Joan,

The change in Lilly's eyes + behavior is remarable for only 12 days of care and LOVE.
It must be very rewarding for you both to see her settling into a loving environment and even coming volunterely to your lap.
Love to you,

The eyes truly are a window to the soul, and you've certainly touched Lilly's soul and her heart, and mine too!
I see a smile all over Lily's face!
She feels safe and content!
What a blessing.
Deb said…
She has the look "I am safe now" on her beautiful face. God love her. Hugs to you Joan. Deb
Barbara said…
I missed the first post about Lily but scrolled down and what a difference! You truly work magic with those kittens. The photo in this post just melts my heart!
Lily said…
I can't tell you how much I LOVE your blog! It makes me so happy to see your kitties and how much they've grown into strong babies!

I volunteer for our Humane Society and am taking the leap into fostering! I find out tomorrow when I get my first placement! :)
Catherine said…
It makes you wonder what this sweet little kitty's story is. Either way, clearly she is in good hands now!

Sending hugs,
xo Catherine
Crafting Queen said…
So glad to hear she is doing better. She had found a wonderful home. :)
Hello Joan,
lucky little Lilly, that you found her. She looks much more confident since she has a human Mom who take good care for her and loving siblings to play. Give her a lovely scratch from me and have a great week.
Best greetings, Johanna
the pose that you captured of Lilly is completely gentle, loving and exquisite. She is smiling in her eyes now :)
sunshine said…
Love that picture of Lilly, she looks like a brand new cat and I believe it's because she's got the most important ingredient in her new life; love and care.

By the way, she's got the best looking cat nose I've ever seen, love it!
Debra said…
I can see trust in her eyes too. Good for you! We had to work SO HARD with our dog when we got her from an abusive past situation before she ended up in a shelter. We'd have to carry her part of the way when we walked her-she took months and months of patient handling and prayer. It's only been the past 2 years that she barks when people come to the door. We've had her 10 years now, and I think almost all her fears are gone. She's still afraid of thunder-but I see signs of even that improving.
Becca said…
Oh how wonderful! I love this post!
What a difference ! I so agree that you sometimes just have to let the kitty or doggie decide when they want cuddles and up to what point they are comfortable with being cuddled and touched.I have the same with millie - as you know we have 2 rescue pups, and have had them now for the last 9 months.Millie will still cringe sometimes and gets grumpy and growls when she is overcome with too much affection and cuddles as she perceives it as a threat- goodness knows what they have been through and what they have endured.. the same with your new little kitty.Only time, patience and love will get them back to a happy place.And you can see improvement from day to day, so it really is always worthwhile !
Reena said…
such a huge difference in her eyes! I am so glad she has found her way to you and your loving care!
Draffin Bears said…
Hi Joan,

What a wonderful post and so happy to hear that Lily is doing so well.
Good that she is now feeling comfortable and secure with all the love and care she is getting.

Hope that you are having a lovely week
Cornelia said…
Very much in love with your approach!
Julia Williams said…
That's a wonderful story, and I agree with you 100% about the trust. She is looking so much better, and there is more calm and peace in her eyes.

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