I'll say no more

It's happened three times recently that I've uttered the words; "That's the limit - I really cannot take on more cats." And literally - the moment I've uttered the words - another cat in need has apperead in front of my eyes. But as I've said before... what do you do when a cat in desperate need appears in front of you? Turn a blind eye??

I felt sad and somewhat furious when this precious girl appeared just a few days ago. At first she had me confused because there's a good number of brown tabbys around here. As I sat on the steps to the garden enjoying a lovely sunset with the many new kittens goofing around, this new girl came up to me and walked straight into my lap. None of the other tabbys has ever made a direct approach like that. So of cause I took notice and realised it wasn't a cat I'd seen before - and she was badly emaciated. How could a girl this affectionate be so emaciated??  It for sure was a case of a holiday visitor having cared for her during their summer stay (when she was a young kitten) and then abandoned her when they went back home. First I find infinitely cruel to make  a cat dependant on food if you take on to feed it and then leave it to fend for itself, but secondly I find it so cold and heartless to make it dependant on human effection and to then discard it.

Anyhow... she is very weak and will need a good amount of time to recouperate from the emaciation. She is so weak that she doesn't respond to any of the other cats walking up to check out who she is. In fact she walked up to one of the sleeping kittens to snuggle for warmth and had the kitten startled by her seeming audacity. But he realised she was no threat and happily obliged in a warm snuggle. She seems content as long as she can eat or snuggle. Whenever I'm around she follows me for an opportunity for a lap and embracing arms. Yesterday when I was on the ground taking these photos of her she thought I was offering her a place to spoon. So we did just that - and with the curious little looks of one of the new kittens (the white paws in the background). 

Earlier this week I started experimenting with black/white photos. There is something so timeless and poignant about black and white images and I think particularly the top image portrayed here speak volumes of this girls story. The sad and empty look in her eyes captures the story of her heartless abandonment. 

I can't wait to share happier images of this girl but for the moment - when it comes to how many cats I can take on - let me just say; "I'll say no more..." I'm beginning to think that the Great One above has something else in mind!


Yes, "the Great One above" DEFINITELY has something else in mind!

He also "will not give us more than we can handle" and he obviously sent you to this earth to be the healer of kitties. You are blessed with this gift.

My heart breaks for this poor little Tabby, she KNEW she needed help and KNEW that you are an Angel, she walked right up to you KNOWING that YOU will help her.

I pray that you are bestowed with the blessings that you have bestowed on all of these precious beings!

Much Love!
MarkD60 said…
Maybe you should try to find a way to move the healthy older cats out to new homes.....
Easier said than done, I know.
I wish we had a cat I could hold in my lap.
I want more cats and the wife says no........
The Cat Guy said…
Bless you for taking care of this hungry kitty. She certainly knew you would take good care of her. Is there a chance you can find her a good home?
Deb said…
Aw..bless you, Joan. I know how your heart works. I look forward to pictures whether coloured or black and white of this gorgeous tabby blossoming. Thanks for your encouraging words today. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4
Crafting Queen said…
You are an angel on earth! You have no idea how much it encourages me to know that there are some good people in this world. Thank you so much for all that you do for this little creatures and for sharing their stories with us.
Catherine said…
You have such a big heart Joan! But of course, hoe could you turn such a sweet kitty away? Nope, I couldn't do it either. I hope this precious little one gets some strength soon.

Keeping my fingers crossed!
xo Catherine
Julia Williams said…
I love the black and white photos. This poor kitty...I just don't understand some humans. It's as though they are born without hearts or the ability to understand how cruel they are. I'm sending this beautiful soul lots of purrs, and my thanks to you for having such a kind heart. Would love for you to come by and read my post from Friday if you get a chance.
Dear Joan,
that is so touching that this young cat came to you for snuggling on your lap. They really know what they do! Your are a guardian angel for all those poor cats.
Hugs, Johanna
Dearest Joan,

What a black-and-white story you have to tell here! It is hard to imagine someone that would leave a little kitten coldly behind... Poor creatures, they are hoping and longing for some warmth, cuddles and food... May the Great One above give you help in providing for those you got already under your care. Love and hugs to you,

Barbara said…
What a sweetheart. I'm glad you're taking her in :) God will help you provide if he brings them to you. I'm sure of that!
Anna E said…
When I look at the pictures and read the text, the music "Ave Verum" comes to mind (don´t know why). When I think of all the abandoned cats in the world, there are just so many cats that have been rescued or found their way to caring people. The work you do is such an expression of Humanity. All the good seeds and deeds are now in the astral light, and for cats now and in the future. :-) <3
Marg said…
Joan, just face it, we are both cat magnets. I think I am ahead of you number wise but maybe not. I have 20 here and also the neighbor's cat comes over to eat. I have two that showed up that were and still are very tame so some person abandoned them too.
Glad that cat found you. You are a good person for sure.
I am so glad that she found you. I can see in these pictures how thin she is. I know she won't be that for long with your loving care.
505whimsygirl said…
Bless you. I imagine when she came right up to you she KNEW exactly what she was doing. By the presence of the others I'm sure she realized that this woman could be trusted (and loved).
mankind ponders, God decides.. so the saying goes in Holland...I had this once...my much adored Tara- a lovely tabby stray cat ( sadly eventually lost or killed ) ... she walked straight up to me and demanded to be taken home with me...this on a cold frosty November night, when I went to visit pupils to teach them French conversation..I promised myself if she would still be there the next week ( I had asked around and nobody claimed her ) , I would take her home.The next week, as soon as I parked my car , again she came up to me.. much thinner by the way..there was nowhere to put her so during the one hour I was teaching I put her in my car.She greeted me with loud purrs and sat on my lap purring all the way home.I never regretted it.She was a lovely cat .Sometimes these things are sent to us .... I am so pleased you are looking after this adorable cat!!A woman after my own heart if there ever was one ! XOXO Bea
Marilia said…
You´re a great and sweet angel! ReallY!
Becca said…
Aw, thank you for helping this sweet soul. I just adopted a new 4 month kitten. I was thinking about you...please drop by when you have time. :-)
rosenresli said…
Oh my good,

this precious little soul is so thin and has so sad eyes - it breaks my heart. She is seeking for a little bit of TLC and I´m sure you can help her. Am I right that you fell in love with her?
God knows why he send her to you. Please, keep us updated about this little baby.

lots of my best greetings,
Tanja from germany
Anonymous said…
Why are some people's heart so cold? How can anyone abandon an animal?!
Cornelia said…
This is where whatever 'I know' about humans and fauna cease to exist and something completely unknown above awe and wonder appears..

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