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Dear friends 
THANK you SO much for your great response and for your warming donations/purchases of cards. For the moment being I will leave the cards for sale on Etsy and eventually renew the listings with new images. Each and every purchase/donation is hugely appreciated.

Now I would like to update you on the story of Ellie, the orphaned 10 day old baby kitten I found 6 weeks ago. Thanks to our great vet I have got this short but very tangible video of what she looked like when I had just brought her to the vet. She was found during days torrential rain and very cold temperatures - and I kid you not when I say that she felt like something that had been pulled out of the freezer for defrosting. The poor thing had probably never opened her eyes but the chock and comotion of this ordeal made her open her eyes. What a way to say hello to the world. Just have a look at this brief video - she couldn't walk either. It's questionable whether she would have lasted even an hour. Luckily after being rubbed dry and put on a hot water bottle at the vet she quickly regained her body temperature and stabilized.

Well, the weeks has passed by very quickly and she has grown into a most beautiful little kitten (yes, I know... they all are) but she truly is adorable. 

Last weekend, when we finally had some beautiful sunshine and mild temperatures again, she was allowed a journey into the great big world.

Everything was scrutinised with such an itensity - here she is falling in love with the scent of  the lavender bush. It's the most engaging and magical live theatre you could imagine - like you become a child again just watching her.

The bigger guys already loves her - it's obvious this bitty size couldn't be a threat to anyone and they adore playing with her. Now she just needs to grow a bit bigger before she can be a fully fledged explorer!


Deb said…
That last photo brings me to tears. She is so lovely. The innocence is over-whelming. Once again, thank you Joan for all you do. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4
Oh my that video just breaks my heart. But then fast forward to the next photo and lo an behold a miracle. Thanks to you with your caring heart. Oh she is such a beauty and I bet she knows, she knows how fortunate she was, and I bet she has a grateful heart.

Bless you Joan.
Anonymous said…
Those eyes & that lil face is adorable, sooo cuuute! =)
sunshine said…
Oh wow, that video touched my soul and in a way broke my heart with her crying of shock. I am so happy she has found you and how adorable she is now, God has blessed you with yet another beautiful little people. Bless you and your kitties!
Dearest Joan,

What a poor, dehydrated little thing she was... Too weak to stand on her own legs. But she has 'fluffed' back in many ways, for knowing warmth and true human love. THANKS dear friend for doing all this and I'm glad that your cards are selling well for helping more felines.

Love to you,

I am so sorry Joan but I couldn't bring myself to watch the video because those things just tear my heart out and make me sick to my stomach.

She is such a beautiful kitten. She reminds me so much of my Angel Bobo and how he must have looked as a little one.

All of the kittens in dire need thrive under your watchful eye and caring heart. I pray that you are rewarded for your endless unselfishness in spades!
Sandra said…
She is just beyond adorable! You are right, every kitten is beautiful and adorable, but when you look at one, you think: well, this must be the most adorable little creature! Until you look at the next one and have the same exact thoughts:) I will have to wait until I get home to see the video (won't work at work)...
Thank you for taking care of these precious babies:)
Dear Joan,
the important thing (the low temperature) isn't visible in the video. But she looks poor and wet and uncomfortable, that is easy to see. What a luck you found her and turned her into a fluffy happy kitty. I love your for all you do for those cats. When you once came to heaven, there will wait long lines of honour from cats, who tell, what you did for the.
Hugs, Johanna
Crafting Queen said…
Oh she has turned out to be a beautiful kitten. Such a huge change from the video. Have a wonderful day. :)
Catherine said…
Oh those eyes!!! What a precious little soul. She steals the heart I think. Love her stripes as well.


xo Catherine
MarkD60 said…
This past week, we have had several new cats. But they look like neighbors healthy, well fed cats. We're turning them away. We're only taking our 6 and any new scrawny, malnourished cats who look like nobody is taking care of them.
We learned this from your experiences.
Cornelia said…
We might have never seen Ellie and Ellie might have never seen the world. What a loss would it have been to not see Ellie. It is miraculous that you found Ellie. It is miraculous How you found Ellie. Miracles after miracles are necessary to help life: days and days of feeding, body temperature kept In stability, endurance to see hope til she could move, walk, much care all hours of the day and night, offering her your unconditional love and your great passion for life and surely much more. Series and series of miracles give Ellie New Life - New Life with you and her new friends. Now, she can play and enchant many eyes... and enchant the plants in your garden. Ellie is growing and growing with happiness, freely exploring the world. Years and years of joyful exploration are waiting for Ellie... Watching her magical life theatre in your garden must be like nothing known in the world...
Marg said…
Wow, she sure did grow up to be a gorgeous kitten. Again thanks so much for giving her that chance to become a bigger kitty. Joan, Maggie was sitting next to me when I started the video and she went nuts. She fluffed her tail and is still looking around. Poor little Ellie but look at her now. We love the good news stories.
Anna E said…
Thank you so much for the updating and those gorgeus pictures :-) When watching the video clip it is even more amazing that she made it, and the abandoned state she was in!
Great to hear about the sales on Etsy. We can all spare a "dime" if we want to, and I know it helps the kittens, it helps you in your dedicated work, and it is certainly felt at God´s end, since he loves when we help his Littele People!! :-) <3
Julia Williams said…
Oh, she is just the most precious little thing. That video...omg...what a tiny baby. When she squeaked my Mickey looked at the screen with an expression I can only describe as What the Heck?? She sure has blossomed into the cutest kitten ever. Of course, they all are!!!
rosenresli said…
To watch the video brings tears in my eyes. I watched it without loudness because I know that my two tiny Yorkies will be afraid. What a poor little baby. More dead than alive.
And how lucky she is that you found her and give her so much of Love and Care. The pictures then makes me smile because she looks so happy. Lucky little girl that she is being with you!

May god bless you,
rosenresli said…
I´m happy about your kind words in my blog. Unfortunately I´m not able to install a translator button because I have a mistake in my html-code and can´t find it.
I´m full time working but love to be a bit creative in my spare time. The cute things are not from me but I will try to make them and I love crocheting.

I´m a great cat lover too but sadly cannot give a cat a home because we live with my parents-in-law in the same house and my father-in-law is highly allergic to cats. So we have our two small yorkie boys and they are very funny and cute.

I´m so happy about the well-doing from Ellie - you have done so much for her and she will never forget it. She is such a cute little creature and I know that it is much work to get such a tiny sweetie to grow.

My mother works together with a vet and she is a fostering mom for abandoned cats and they really love her. She can´t make a step without her own cats, two older redwhite males and a young blackwhite male, all are neutered. Her cats are shy and don´t like to be touched by others but they are sitting on my mom´s lap when it is possible and they purring. So sweet.

Please excuse my bad english - I have learned it 30 years ago at school.

I wish you and your sweeties all my best
with lots of lovely regards,
Tanja from germany
I have said it before and I will say it again, you are Saint Joan of the cats ! What a gorgeous and adorable kitten which you saved ..Joan, I don't know what to say, you are a very special person and what you achieve is amazing.
I am grateful to see this and to know you!!
Poor little thing she was a very lucky kitty that was rescued by you , Joan !!
Me and "mom" got the beutiful cards that we ordered at your Etsy shop today :)
Me and my "mom" will make a post on my blogg
about you and the cat´s and the card´s.
We will be busy this weekend so I think it will be on posted on monday.
Have a pawsome weekend !!
Barbara said…
That video just breaks my heart, but seeing what a beautiful little girl she's become puts it back together and warms it up! Precious!
Dearest Joan, I have done a blogpost whcih I hope will have your sales and help your cats .. you can find it here
Hope that is OK with you.
I have also made a treasury list on Etsy with you cards on it..
Hope it helps
Have a great weekend
Viola said…
Hello! :)

First of all I want to say you have a wonderful blog! :)

As I watched your video clip my heart was aching! And now.. today.. so different and helalthy and sweet! What a great work you're doing!

I love cats, and I've got one myself. She was first found in a cardboard box, with her sisters/brothers.. The cat house took care of them, and now she's with me.. :) I'm lucky! :)

Have a nice day! :)
Madame said…
Hi Joan, you have a wonderful blog! Are you from Denmark?
Anonymous said…
nice post! thanks for sharing...loves soraya
Madame said…
Hej Joan, tusind tak for kommentaren på min blog! Jeg er lidt misundelig din græske "vinter" med sol og 20 grader <3
505whimsygirl said…
She is adorable!!! That video definitely brings it home - poor pathetic pearl. Saved just in the nick of time!!!

I can't wait to get my cards. They will be sent to my cat loving friends!!!
What a cutie! Wishing you -- and her -- a blessed Advent!
Jans Funny Farm said…
What a change. She is adorable now. She is so fortunate you rescued her in time.
Becca said…
Oh my gosh, what a wonderful story! She is so sweet!

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