Believe and act as if it were impossible to fail

Sometimes I need to give myself a little pep-talk. Doing what I do I daily see cats and kittens in need of help. Some needs rescuing if they are to stand a chance at surviving. This was clearly the case with the young tabby in the second image from my last post. I was concerned when I first saw her some weeks back. She was awfully skinny (emaciated really) and she was so timid that it was difficult getting her to eat the food I left behind. She did eventually begin to eat a little but just as I was beginning to hope that she might gain some weight and strength, disaster struck - she caught a flu (just like Felix  - re. last post). She began to sit passively when the other cats would eat. I knew this was bad knews. No way could an emaciated feral cat like this withstand a bad flu. A few days later more doom set in. She was nowhere to be seen. I felt extremely concerned she had laid down in a weakened state to die. Well... this is where I needed my own pep-talk. To do with belief. Not giving up hope. I kept an internal image of her appearing on the wall - just like she'd before.

I hadn't seen her Friday, Saturday or Sunday. But...! This morning a miracle occured. She sat on the wall!! In a worse state - but she was there. I knew I had to act fast so I pulled out a cage that I had already prepared last week. No room for second thoughts - just a firm grab by the scruff of the neck and then off to the vet to give her an antibiotic shot, deworming and an examination of her eye. At the vet she went ballistic. The nurse held her firm with huge protective gloves whilst the vet examined her. Turned out she had a really bad case of conjunctivitis. I knew what that meant... several eyedrops during the day for an entire week. I knew I could feed her and keep her in a safe enclosure but I have to admit that I felt a little outside my wits as how to go about a ballistic cat needing eyedrops several times a day (and preferably eye-washes too).  Mmm - believe...

When my turn came I sat down and talked to her. Reminded of a few words from Albert Schweitzer's "Prayers for Animals"... a heart of compassion and gentle hands and kindly words. Then I put my hand in the cage (wrapped in gardening gloves and a towell not knowing what would come my way!). When she accepted my hand in there I gently let it rub her. When she accepted that I removed the towell and gently rubbed her side with my hand. After this I removed the gloves. Again gentle rubbing her on the side. Then gently stroking her head. Then gently pulling her out, washing her eye and popping in the eyedrop. I was AMAZED! Why would this girl let me do this?? Sometimes I sincerely feel so humbled in their presence. What makes them trust like this when all they've ever known is fight and flight??

Whatever it is I humbly proceed. I hope this girl will gain back her appetite soon at least that way I will be able to keep her in my care.

PS about Felix
Felix from my last post was eventually put into veterinary care last week. He didn't eat or drink at all (for many days) and had to be force fed.  And just today he showed signs of an eye ulcer due to the flu. He will stay there for another few days until he gets the ok from the vet. 

PPS The heading is a quote from Charles F. Kettering


Dear Joan,
oh my! You really accepted a hard challenge to rescue all those poor cats. I wish for you and your furry babies all the best. I know why they trust you. Animals have a good feeling for situations. Wish you a lot of success.
Hugs, Johanna
sunshine said…
This post reminds me of a quote I once used on my blog:
"When there is no turning back, we should concern ourselves only with the best way of going forward"
I know it's hard to help those in such terrible state, but also you need to realize that the cats are coming to you because they trust your intentions of helping them are true and pure, so just don't ever believe that you aren't able to do enough and help them. Keep the good work, blessings! XO
Deb said…
They recognize kindness once their fear has calmed. She needed help and trusted you. It is all so humbling as you said. I send her love. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4
Anna E said…
What an amazing and powerful story! By you believing it could be done, it could. She could "surrender to instruction" due to your belief and support and purpose. If we are like God to the animals, they can feel and recognize that kind of presence from a human that wants to do them no harm. And her cry from that picture in your last post, was responded to, by you... Wishing also Felix a good recovery.
PS. I simply love that new image of Benji on your Etsy shop!
They know that you possess the kindest of hearts with the gentlest of hands and kindest words. They know and they too believe that in their very short desperate lives that they have found for the first time hope and compassion and love.
Unknown said…
Oh you are so brave... but what a reward for your efforts! I'm so glad that you were able to help her and hope she continues to do well this week =^..^=
505whimsygirl said…
That tabby cat knows a kindly woman when she meets one! I'm so glad that she cooperated for you and recognizes you as a friend.

I'm still in awe of what you do, what you accomplish.
Daisy said…
So happy that she accepted your help. I think she knows you only mean to do good.
Dearest Joan,

The good news is that today I received your lovely parcel from Greece! Thanks a million and I will try to get a post done about it tonight.
Animals can read people better than any psychologist. If they trust you it is the highest compliment. We had this again with our daughter Liz, as my loyal body-guard Barty choose to spend the very first night with her down stairs. He was on her bed the last day, fearing the suitcase that had come out... Oh, they can read their LOVED ones. What a true act of kindness you've done again.
A big hug to you and all the best for those in your care.
Love to you,

RoySr said…
Certainly the little ones recognize true good and caring in a human. You have all it takes to gain their trust. I admire you and salute you for the work you do. Would that I could still go like I did 20 years ago I would be doing all I could for the strays and castouts that abound in this country community. No one seems to care anymore.

Keep the faith, and be safe. Good thoughts for the little ones all.
MarkD60 said…
You are one of the best humans on this planet.
Crafting Queen said…
I agree with the person above, you are one of the best humans on this planet!!
Cornelia said…
As if she said
"From pain and suffering I am saved
Stay with me as your kindness grows
My eyes do see how you speak to me
Your tender care heals me through and through
My eyes can see so much loving grace
Gentle quiet touch... You mean to me so much
Calming presence by my side it is so long time ago
I don't remember when I last purred as I now dó
"All is well, all will be well - sweet promise from your hand...
Nothing compares with your touch, human and angelic
You know so well that I am feline...and now you are all MINE."
Viola said…
I'm so sorry to read about the cat who got sick and got lost and so happy to hear she came back! I believe cats are *just knowing* whom they should trust.. :)
I hope bothe the two cats will recover soon..

What a beautiful heart, I guess you've made it?

Best wishes from Viola! :)
Anonymous said…
Such a wonderful reminder to at least TRY! I'm so glad she sensed your sweet heart and let you help her. Hope Felix gets better soon, too!
Your post brings tears to my eyes- you have such an immense amount of kindness and care for those poor cats who need you desperately.Bless you Joan.XOXO
highheeledlife said…
Joan you are truly and Angel! I just discovered you via Mariette @ Mariette's back to basics. You are a warm heart. many blessings to you... I'm your newest fan and follower of your blog, xo HHL
Catherine said…
You are doing everything you can do sweet Joan. You are truly such a beautiful soul and there are so many cats and kittens better off having you in their lives.

Big hugs,
xo Catherine
You sure are an angel Joan !
I do hope that little skinny cat will be gaining some weight and that her eye´s will be OK.
We cat´s do know who we can trust and not :)
Blue Lavender said…
My dear friend Joan:
What a lovely story, and how brave you are to help all of those little kittens, you have such a wonderful heart.
Sorry I haven't been able to see your blog more often, as you know I'm still with my sister in Tx, I will return to Canada on December 20, I already sent you an email with the information you need, my email is I will try to send you another email.
Take care my sweet friend, and I send you a big big hug.
Laura =)
Marg said…
Hi Joan, I am so sorry you are having trouble leaving comments. That darn deal that I have now is because I was getting over 200 spam emails a day.
You are such a good person and I know all about that believe deal. But self pep talks are really good too. We hope this tabby kitten makes it. It is amazing how sometimes they trust us and it is because you are being so gentle, so the little thing has nothing to fear. I personally thank you for taking her in giving it a good try. Don't give up now. Take care. Happy Holidays.
Marg said…
PS, I got those great cards of yours and they are just gorgeous. Joan, I have a suggestion for you. Why don't you put a 'donation' button on your sidebar so people can help you with the expenses of all those kitties. We know just how expensive it is. Take care.

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