Dear friends...


I am heartbroken.

The first week of 2012 had nothing good in store for me.
A few days in a deadly virus among the cats of the island spread like wild-fire (it's s very small island) and struck the beautiful Lilly (the last one I mentioned in my last post). The virus is vicious and even though she fought hard and valiantly her little body got eaten up by the virus. She died this morning. 

Last week I couldn't breathe - fearing for Lilly's life and fearing for the rest of my cats. The close knit core - my special rescues are now sat in isolation in four different places. They can all be inoculated after 10 days. I pray no one else shows any signs of outbreak. 

I am now faced with 24 vaccinations and medical expenses for Lilly on top of now feeding 50 cats every day. If you find yourself able to donate I will be ever so grateful. I have created a donation button on the right side of this page. 

This girl was so special to me. She got into my heart in a deep way. She was such a fine, ethereal and sentive soul. She loved most of all to lie in my lap in the mornings, when I would go and have my morning coffee with the crew. She would suckle the tassels on my scarf and purr in a blissed out state. Also she loved playing with her brothers and sisters. After their lovely games they would all collapse and huddle up together. Today when I told her brothers and sisters of her passing they all became still and huddled up together. 

She has been laid to rest in her beloved garden, which today I have named Lilly's Heaven. It's where she found shelter, safety and a life (although way too short) full of love. She was loved by all and she will be eternally missed.

Please bear with me for my absence visiting you all whilst I try to recover from my grief and mend my heart.


Cat said…
What heartbreaking news!!!! What a sweet girl Lilly was, I am happy she knew your love in her short life. I offer my sincere condolences.
Random Felines said…
Oh no - we are so sorry..... we hope everyone else will be ok and are sending healing purrs.
Madame said…
Kæreste du, hvor er det frygteligt, at du har mistet Lilly, og at flere af dine katte er blevet smittet. Jeg håber inderligt, at du ikke mister flere.
Berts Blog said…
I am so so sorry. I didn't get to know her well, but she looks so precious I am sure she would win the heart of anyone who came under her spell.

I am sorry for your hurting heart.

Oh my dear,
what a bad start into 2012. Poor Lilly, but I am sure you did all you could. I don't think that the dead is the end of everybody, not for humans and not for animals, too. So I pray for your furry buddies, that now the pest is over. I give you a big hug for all the trouble and sorrow.
Best greetings, Johanna
Deb said…
I'm so sorry, Joan. No words can express it. I'll pray for the remaining cats and please take some time for yourself to grieve. Bless you. Deb
Anna E said…
My heart is bleeding with yours in this time of grief and hardship. No words will be of much comfort, so I´ll let silence speek and send thoughts of value and love Lilly´s way.

When my girls heard the sad news, the oldest reflected, that maybe Lilly was meant to live a good life with love in your garden, if only for a short time, in stead of dying in the state she was found, when you rescued her.

Take care ... varmt knus og dybeste medfølelse. Anna E.
sunshine said…
Oh Joan, my heart aches with this very sad news, can't imagine what you are going through and the pain you feel. May God gives you strength and protects the rest of your feline family.

Sending you sunbeams of love, peace and support via a little contribution.

Hang in there, remember that Lilly still lives in the heart of those that love and care for her. XO!
Sandra said…
My heart just sank :( I am so sorry for your loss and so sorry Lilly couldn't fight harder. She was such a little precious girl. I hope the rest of the cats will be fine. Sending you hugs and I am now going to click on the donate button.
Oh No :(
So sorry to hear about Lilly :(
We hope that no moore cat´s will get this evil virus !!
Me and mom will ship in a little contribution to you.
Oh we are so very sorry about Lily. WE have put in some as a donation in her honor. We also want to warn you about the Donate button with PayPal as some of our friends in the Cat Blogosphere found out the hard way that PayPal has shut down their accts if they were not a certified charity and using the donate button. Apparently they have changed their policy again and it's in their new policy on their website. It's the word DONATE that gets them all upset. Not saying it will happen but just wanted to warn you if it comes to their attention they will shut down your acct with whatever funds you have in it. A lot of people use Chip In instead or change the word DONATE to something else like HELP.

Dearest Joan,

This is hard to believe, after looking at her very healthy and happy appearance in these photos. Poor little thing, life is not fair to all creatures. But at least she knew what LOVE was meant to be.
Love to you,

Blue Lavender said…
Hello my dear friend Joan,
I'm so sorry about Lily, I guess it was very hard for you and also make it even harder fearing for the rest of the kittens hoping they won't get the virus. I'd love to make a contribution to you, but let me know how, I'm concerned about what your friend Abby said towards the PayPal issue. Please let me know how can I help you.
Send you a big hug my dear friend.
Lots of love,
Laura =(
What terrible news. We are so sorry, and are thinking of you.
Viola said…
Oh no.. I'm sooooo sorry! So sad... My wet eyes when reading.. It must be a sorrow for you..

Glemmer helt at jeg (sikkert) kan skrive på norsk.. Nå håper jeg at resten av katteflokken holder seg friske!! Virus er fæle greier, men jeg skal huske dere i bønnen..

Lys og kjærlighet over dere ønskes fra meg! :)
Sandra said…
Regarding to what Abby said ... could you tell us if you got the donations that were made through Pay Pal? When you get the chance...
Marg said…
Oh Joan, I am so so sorry. I know somewhat how you feel. It just isn't fair for the virus to attack poor little Lily. Some of the kitties are just our 'heart cats' and that is probably what Lily was to you. I know that my BB was to me. I miss my BB so bad.
Anyway, yes I did have trouble with pay pal but I am all right now, They thought I was an official non-profit animal rescue. So in the space where you have 'for medical espenses' also put in these donation are only for our very own animals. In other words, don't let anything indicate that you are rescuing animals as an official rescue organization. Just be careful how you word things. I think you will be fine. And when you get the money in paypal be sure to transfer it over to bank account without waiting too long.
I am going to ask some friends to put out the word about you and the animals and will also start posting about it on my blog.
Joan, don't get discouraged. You can't help what nature hands to us. It was just Lily's time. Take care.Big hugs
Viola said…
Jeg skulle gjerne gitt litt støtte, men har problemer med overføringen.. vet ikke hvorfor..
I am so sorry, how absolutely awful.Such a darling little cat, she looked adorable.I will try to do what I can my dear.Wish I could help more !!Big hig
Joan, just to let you know I have just donated via Paypal and the whole process goes fine.Keep good cheer, I know how much it hurts to lose an adored cat, but you do so much for them and I think all your cats know how much you love and adore them.
Dearest Joan,

Also used the button for donating just a little LOVE. Hope things work out well, a tight hug to you girl!

Marilia said…
SO sorry! Receive my hugs!
Marg said…
Hi Joan, I have a shout out to you on my post for tomorrow. I have to take two kittens for their ladyectomey tomorrow so of course I am a little nervous about that. I will keep putting a plug in for ya. Take care.
Anne Butera said…
My heart goes out to you and all those cats. Wishing that the year fast improves for you. Suffering of our animals is so hard and losing those we love takes a bit of us away.

You and your cats are on my mind.
oh Dear God I can't believe this. My heart is breaking for you......of course I will are in my heart and I am praying for all of the kitties.
Hannah and Lucy said…
We have just come from Marg's blog and read your posts and we are so sorry to hear about your beloved Lily going to Rainbow Bridge. We are praying that all your other cats will be fine.
We will send you a donation and thank you for all that you do.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx + Mum Sue
MarkD60 said…
My condolences. I don't know if I could handle what happened to you. I have never had a pet die. When I was a kid, my cat got hit by a car, and my Mom buried him before I got home from school. The cat I moved her with just didn't come home one day....
I have never seen a cat get sick and die and don't think I could take it.
Your pain is more than I can imagine and I wish you the ability to cope and get through this hard time.
You are definitely a much stronger person than I.
Fuzzy Tales said…
We came from Marg's blog too and are so terribly sorry. We're sending purrs and purrayers to all your rescues and will make a small donation.


Blessings and Peace.
505whimsygirl said…
So sorry to hear about Lily. She was such a beautiful young soul. I will be praying that the virus doesn't affect more of your rescues.

Will make a donation soon.

Anonymous said…
Oh, Joan, I am so sorry. I know you'll treasure the memories you've shared with us - too few, but rich with love. Saying a prayer for you and the rest of your precious cats!
Old Kitty said…
Me and my cat Charlie came over from Marg's Pets. We are so sorry for sweet Lilly. We are just glad to know the rest of her short life was spent surrounded by love and care and family. Thank you for looking after her and for all these amazing kitties too. We donated a small amount and wish you all the best for your rescue shelter. Take care
Just to let you know I am thinking of you and praying all will be well with you and the rest of your kitties.
much love
Cathy Keisha said…
I came from Marg's blog to pay my respects to Lily. Hugs to you and your remailing "children." I hope they're little bodies can resist the virus.
Whisppy said…
We came from Marg's blog. We're really sorry Lily had to run to the bridge. We hope everyone else will be okay. Take care.
Anonymous said…
We came over from Marg's blog. We are so sad and so sorry to hear about sweet Lilly. Thank you for giving her so much love and a safe place to live. I wish you could've had her for much, much longer. I know it doesn't seem fair at all.

I'm sending you my most powerful wishes that the other kitties stay healthy. I'll ask mom to donate some money-papers to help you out, okay?

Gentle wiggles & wags,
Dianne said…
I learned about you from Marg
I will donate what I can right now
and come back when I have more

it is an exceptional thing that you do and I am so grateful for people like you

many hugs
let your heart feel happier knowing that without you so many sweet beings would suffer
you do more than is possible
wildcatwoods said…
Lily is still with you and watching over you - they never leave us you know. I will help by passing this post on to others. Sending loving light to you.

Cats of wildcat woods
Our friend Marg told us about you and your work. We send healing purrs for your loss and will share on FB.
CATachresis said…
This is so very heartbreaking! I trust this virus will be halted soonest. We heard about this from Marg.
LP said…
We came over from Marg's blog to offer our sincere condolences. We are sad that you had to lose your precious Lilly.We send you hugs and all our love.

the critters in The Cottage xo
K. said…
That pain, Joan, I feel very much.
I all that you loved Lily.
A lot of force so that your kittens spend this thunderstorm.
A hug,
Keiko said…
I'm so sorry to hear about beautiful little Lily.
We came from Marg's blog too.
We will be praying for Lily to find peace at the Rainbow Bridge.
Your wonderful work taking care of these babies really touches my heart.
Lots of purrs from Kitty Quartet.
Catherine said…
Oh Joan. I am so so sorry for your loss and for all that you are going through. You do so much for all those sweet little kitty souls. I am sending my warmest wishes.
Big hugs!
xo Catherine
Julia Williams said…
I am so very sorry to hear this heartbreaking news. There's nothing anyone can say to ease your pain, but I send my purrs and prayers to you and to the rest of your beautiful rescue babies.
We have also come from Marg. We are so sorry that poor Lily was taken by the virus. We are hoping to make a donation at the weekend.
We are so sorry about Lilly. She knew love and happiness with you for her brief time. Run free, Lilly!

Sad hugs and gentle purrs to you.
Dearest Joan, I know the ache your heart is feeling as you have dealt with so much loss. I also know the feeling of that same emptiness and loneliness that you may be feeling too as you struggle to move ahead, but feel like you don't have the strength to continue. But somehow you must, as I am sure you are...The work you do is a part of the fabric of your life and who you are, it's who 'we' are as we try to help those who need us. Please know that out here there are people like me who are so grateful for the difference you are making--While I know that you are saddened because there is not much time with some of your precious cats, I know you are like me with my dogs, in that you would never regret your time with them, and you know that if you had the chance, you would do it all over again. I am keeping you in my prayers for you to find the strength and peace, and that health will be restored to your colony.

I am also able to make a small donation, that I hope will somehow make a small difference...I wish it could be more, I hope there will be a time when it can. Take care!!
Sandra said…
Dear Joan, I just read your comment on Kim at Golden Pines... it saddened me deeply. Lily's soul must have been scarred but what is the most important thing is that she found love with you. There are no words of comfort when we lose the animals we care about, but we know we must endure and keep going as there are other souls to be rescued. It does seem overwhelming a lot of times, sometimes it's hopeless, sometime we barely pull through, but we must never bow as they need us. I hope you find you inner peace soon.
Tracy said…
Awww, I'm so I came to vist some kitty sites since my mom doesn't know I am on the 'puter and I tune in to bad news...I thought I was having a hard day 'cause I got locked in the closet by my doggie-brother but now that's not such a bad thing. Thanks for putting things in perspective for me...
LP said…
Bonjour! Thanks for in turn dropping by our blog.Would you be so kind as to give us your URL address so that we can add you to our sidebar and thereby visit you more easily? Thank you! And guess what? Our LP is half Greek and half French so it would be nice to have a friend from Greece:)
We hope you are feeling less sad these days.You are surrounded by love-from the kitties that you have helped, those gone and those still looking to you for care.Don't forget! Love is the one thing in life that never dies.

the critters in The Cottage xo
Oh no.. I am so very sorry. Sending warm thoughts, prayers, and hugs your way. And making a donation, unfortunately it won't be big but I want to help.

505whimsygirl said…
Just checking in to see how you are doing. My thoughts are with you.


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