A rare flower


That's what she was. Lilly... a rare flower.
Thank you all - for your kindnesses and comforting words and for your incredible generousity. I feel and have felt so unbelievably supported during what has been such a testing time. I thought you might all like to know that your donations has almost entirely covered the veterinary fees for Lilly and for the many vaccinations needed. I am just overwhelmed at the kindness of "strangers" - and yet you are not.

During my time grieving the loss of Lilly I was surprised to realise that we only had her with us for 14 weeks. It seemed more like she had been with us forever. I can't reason with the reasoning mind why I felt such a sting at the loss of her... I mean when you've had a cat for such a short while. But she was a rare one. When you rescue a cat - or a kitten in this case - you get attached in a deep way. The top image is taken just moments after I brought her home (you can read her rescue story here). She was rescued from an abandoned building site and she just had the saddest look in her eyes. And yet she was such a precious and naked little bundle (naked from skin fungus).

The little soul behind these eyes just instantly got to me and I fell so much in love with her.

After recovering from her skin fungus she was introduced to her many friends... here she is standing upright in the doorway curiously looking at her new roomies.

Here she is testing her own strength with Rosie... Lilly was no push-over in spite of her much smaller size.

Lilly and Rosie playing with my shoe-laces...

- and Lilly enjoying being the center of attention!

These last images are from November and December where Lilly was begining to be a beautiful young cat in her own right. 

On a sunny and mild December morning... 

Her life was too short but she did reach her full bloom...

- and I have to guess that she fullfilled her purpose in life. I like to think that things happen for a reason and it already feels as if much has changed around here since she passed. Her passing has been a catalyst somehow and now we need to see what the year has in store. 

Soon things will return to "normal" - at least for those cats that have sat in isolation and when we once again sit together on the garden steps we will have a quiet moment for Lilly looking out on Lilly's Heaven... the garden where she is laid to rest.


Sandra said…
I never even met her and I am so touched by her story that tears couldn't be stopped while I was reading this and looking at her pictures. So it is no wonder she snuggled into your heart, where she will stay forever. We have to find comfort in the fact, that we do all that we can to rescue and love them.

So glad so many donated - you deserve such great support as you do great thing.

Deb said…
Those last photos of Lily..oh Joan, you did love her so. I can see it in the cat, herself. I have to say it again; thank you for what you do. I can only imagine the loss you feel as she was such a darling and only a baby. I'm so sorry. Deb
It is simply an act of the heart slowly being chipped at by the loss of special friend. I am dealing with Abby illness and it makes my heart ache and I am filled with fearful feelings because I do not know if what I am doing for her is the right thing. Lilly touched so many lives, and you know what Joan? She still is.

Crafting Queen said…
Thank you for sharing Lilly's photos and story glad you had the donation button made it much easier. :) Thank you for doing what you do for these little souls. :)
Dear Joan,
with all sadness, I want to ask: Isn't that a great life, when Lilly fullfilled her purpose. I hope we can do that too in our life. You have given her this life because without you, she would have never experienced love and care. And now she plays in heaven and will stand in line one day....
I wish so much, that you and all your cats are now safe and in good health.
Hugs and loving greetings, Johanna
Dianne said…
I'm so glad most of the expenses are covered
these photos are amazing, I fell in love from them I can only imagine the joy she was in person

she moved on knowing she was loved, and that is all because of you

it will be good for you to have the others back

hugs to all
It seems that the healing has begun. But I know there will always be a place in your heart for Lily who truly was a rare flower, and one that bloomed with your nurturing!!
highheeledlife said…
I am certain Lilly is watching you from above and smiling. You made it possible for her last weeks on this earth to be the best! and she was able to return to God's garden. Your love made a difference to Lilly! xo HHL
Dearest Joan,

After a long day back and forth to Atlanta (6+ hours driving for me...) with Pieter I am too tired to read many blogs but this one was a MUST for me as I do care about your furbabies. Lilly at least knew how to be loved, how to play, how to hypnotize you with her eyes where you look straight into her soul. It stings, certainly but look at how many countries in the world did read about her short and sweet life. She's free and will probably protect you in return!
Love to you dear friend,

Barbara said…
She was such a bright angel - thank you for sharing her with us! It's strange how attached we can get in such a short time - in fact, time has nothing to do with it... it 's the connections we make. Hope the rest get out of isolation soon!
The Cat Guy said…
My heart hurts, my eyes water. I can only imagine the depth of pain in your heart. I am thankful you gave your heart to Lilly, so she knew love.
Lily said…
I am so sorry to hear about your sweet girl :( I can't imagine having to go through the losses that you experience doing what you do. These cats have no one else and you save them!

I lost my 20 year old this summer and healing has been a rough go. Her absence hits me like a ton of bricks at random moments and it makes my heart ache.

But I'm a bit like you. I've started opening my home to kitties in need and have found such joy in it. In fact I just posted about my foster kitties (and my own) on my blog yesterday!

I love coming here and seeing these gorgeous kitties blossom into who they were meant to be!
Cornelia said…
"I am not sure exactly how heaven will be like, but I know that when we die and it comes time for us to see God, he will not ask "How many good things have you done in your life?" rather he will ask "How much love did you put in what you did?"" Mother Teresa
Marg said…
Wow, those are beautiful pictures of Lily. I am so glad so many people came over from our blog and helped you out a little bit. I will be glad to put a note on our blog tomorrow telling everyone a big thanks. The Blogosphere is a wonderful place and the bloggers are so supportive and helpful. We just wish Lily could have hung around but she had a good life before that darn virus came. Like you once said yourself Joan, nature is going to do her thing. Take care.
505whimsygirl said…
Oh, little Lily. What a beautiful little one. Yes, I can see why those eyes would touch you so deeply - they certainly did me.

I'm so glad that the donations covered most of the expenses. That's just wonderful to hear. I know I felt honored to do my little part in this. You and your cats are never far from my heart.

You asked about the heart wreath. Yes, I learned the wreath from the 12 Artsy Ornaments course. The first one I wrapped in burlap and was a 12 inch round. When I saw the heart I knew I just had to make one using it and that paisley material. I love how it came out. If you have burlap try making the roses using it. I really like how they came out.

Hugs to you and yours,

Anna E said…
Det smerter mig at se alle de smukke billeder af Lilly, og vide at hun ikke mere er hos dig. Hendes yndige sjæl har åbnet et rum i dit hjerte, som nu altid vil være der. Hvad der kommmer til mit sind er et stykke som kaldes "Resolve" som jeg ofte finder trøst ved at læse og være med i svære stunder. <3
Catherine said…
It's hard to understand why some little souls are on the Earth for such a short time. I guess we have to feel special when they spend their short time with us.

Sending you big hugs!
xo Catherine
Tracy said…
Oh little Lilly...she was blessed to have you in her life~ I rescued a gray kitty when I got my first apt. after college and she was poisoned by a Hart's flea color. She was so sick but her little eyes told me I needed to love her throughout her last moments on Earth which is exactly what I did...'Sasha' is always in my heart.
Bless you...
MarkD60 said…
All your cats seem so tame, we are just getting to be able to handle ours...
Since we fixed our 'crowd' the new skinny cats seem to have stopped coming.
Lily was such a beutiful kitty and blessed that met you that made her life so much better !
Hugs from me and mom Camilla
Hannah and Lucy said…
Mum is sat here with eyes filled with tears for little Lily and also with the joy that you gave to her in her last few weeks. If it hadn't been for you she would never have known love, joy and happiness. You gave her unconditional love and that is the greatest gift of all.
Take care.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx & Mum Sue
Madame said…
Åh, det er gribende at læse, hvad du skriver, Joan. Jeg ved, hvor frygteligt det er at miste en elsket kat, og hvor var hun dog blevet en smuk kat. Tanker og klem til dig! Ønsker dig en kærlig aften ...
Marilia said…
Great tribute.... I´m so very sorry but she fullfilled her purpose in life, yes!
Lily was such a sweet girl. We are sorry her life was so short but in her short time you showed her what being wanted and loved was like. Even so, knowing you helped her doesn't stop your pain of her leaving and we send you our gentlest headbutts.
Mum sends (((hugs)))
505whimsygirl said…
Hi Joan,

Hop on over to my blog -- there's something there for you!!!

This comment has been removed by the author.
Hello Lilly~ you were one spoiled little kitty! How sweet to have such a beautiful world and a beautiful adopted Mum to look after you~

What a tender blessing Joan~
Blue Lavender said…
Dearest Joan:
Certainly Lily was such a sweet kitty, although the time you spent with her was very short, Lily had the chance to know what love was, because of you. She felt loved and protected by you, and I'm sure whenever she is, she must be very grateful because she met you. You have a great and wonderful heart.

I also want to thank you because today my husband went to the post office, and I got your lovely present, it is very nice and sweet, I have to find a special place in my sewing room to put it. I'm also so glad to have you as my friend, even we are very far, I know you are such a wonderful human being.

I took some pictures and I'm going to post about it in my blog. Thanks again!!! You just made my day!

Lots of love,

Laura =)
Julia Williams said…
Those last two photos are just breathtaking. Though I am sure you feel a great loss, you can take comfort that she really did reach her full bloom, thanks to you.
Elizabeth said…
I am so sorry to hear of your loss - Lilly was simply beautiful and clearly a delight to be with. As a fellow cat person I can only say you have my sympathy. I noticed that you had become a follower on my blog - welcome, I hope you will enjoy reading it and about what the The Boss, our Bonnie, gets up to ... she is now our only cat but we love here dearly. Hugs, Elizabeth x
Old Kitty said…
Oh Lilly, sweet beautiful angelic angel Lilly! Me and Charlie are just glad she spent the last half of her life being loved and cared for. She lived her life to the full with you all. Thank you for being there for her. This is such a wonderful tribute to a most special kitty! Run free now sweet Lilly! Take care
I am so sorry for your loss of the kitty angel, Lilly. My heart is breaking for you.

I'm so glad enough money to cover medical expenses and vaccinations was donated. Thank you for doing what you do in a country with such a problem and likely no rescue groups to turn to.
Hi there !
I have a little blogaward for you on my blog :)
Anya said…
Those last two photos are so very beautiful - she did indeed bloom. So very sorry for your loss.
Anya (http://catwhisperer.blogspot.com/)
Que precioso gatito!!!!!!!!! no se como hay gente que los abandona.....pásate por mi blog y mira mi última entrada.....besos

K. said…
Joan, How are you? I hope all is going well, after seeing the sweet Lilly.
Hugs, Karin
Anya said…
There is something inexpressibly moving about that photo of Lilly looking back - I keep coming back to it.

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