Who's that girl?


Well... her name is Tiffy and you might remember her from some of my early December posts - first mentioned here and when rescued here.  As you know by now - things somehow got caught up in other matters during the last few months and healthy cats almost got put on the back-burner. This little girl (so small compared to her actual age 7-8 months) is still painfully timid but she is now in the fun and good company of all the lively characters around here. Those in isolation are once again enjoying their freedom and I guess - we're just celebrating each day everyone is healthy and vibrant. I have come to the hard realization that there is no guarantee when you rescue sick dumpster cats. Anyhow... I remember being keen on getting to know what beauty was hidden behind the sickly cat in the image below and these images - above and further below - is the gorgeous beauty that was revealed (yes, it is the same cat!). 

For sure worth the wait and all the effort (she's currently on her 3rd antibiotic course). These kinds of dumpster cats takes a lot of effort. They've got seriously impaired immune systems and I'm told by the vet that they'll likely to need several antibiotic treatments during their lives. 

These days at least I somehow feel more prepared that each rescued cat might not make it. It's been a hard to accept fact but then I get to live with the glow of each day they do live... 

- with a warm bed, good quality food, clean water, medical care, love and knowing they were seen. Basically, living with dignity. And as our vet would say... not a bad life for a Greek cat. 


sunshine said…
Tiffy is looking much better already, looks like life and your care has given her a brand new look, she is a lovely kitty.

Sorry for all the hard times you've been going through, but just like you say it's important to keep in mind that "not all rescue cats might make it", still I think that any help is definitely better than no help at all.

What you do for those cats is amazing and even though some might not make in the physical world, with your help their spirit will live happy forever!
Crafting Queen said…
Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos, it so lovely to see how much the cats have improved. Can only imagine how hard it must be for you. Bless you for doing all you do.
Cat said…
I can hardly believe it is the same cat! So nice to see her blossoming, isn't it amazing what a little love and care can do :-)
Anna E said…
It´s really hard to understand it is the same cat on the images! I remember when I first saw the pictures of Tiffy: It was so painful (and still is), and the image I got was something from a "horror movie" where there is such a cry for help from someone in hopeless dispair...:-( And then look at her now..! It is as if cats - like humans - "process" what is around them and it shapes their body, mind and soul. What is shining out of her now is pure contentment, and thanks to you and your endless work. You definitely are the "Mother Theresa of dumpster cats" and an inspiration to me and probably everyone reading your blog :-))
Dear Joan, all loved childs are beauties. And not only in the eyes of their mothers. It makes a big difference if someone is seen and loved or not. Even with cats. Your love and care makes their life livable. Tiffy is a good example for that. She has become really a cute cat and I can see how much she enjoys the life with you. I wish you good luck. Its time to have some luck now!
Best greetings, Johanna
Madame said…
Hvor var det smukt at læse, Joan! Og dine billeder siger mere end mange ord. Ja, det er nok bedst at prøve at leve med, at der ikke er nogen garanti, når man redder syge katte. Tak fordi du deler dine oplevelser med os herude! Klem
Becca said…
Hi Joan! Oh my, what a difference you have made for her. She knows she is loved.
Hi Joan !
You can´t beleive that is the same cat in thoose pictures !
She is such a little cute darling !
Me and mom keep paws and tumbs crossed that she will make it !
Marilia said…
It is very gratifying to see this development! ConCats!
Tiff is gorgeous and oh how happy she looks.
She will continue to bask in the warmth of the sun and your love.
MarkD60 said…
They look more like rats than cats in that second picture!
Much improved looking!
Marg said…
Wow, what a difference Tiffy. It reminds me of our Maggie and what she looked like when we found her. You sure have blossomed. And glad you are staying as healthy as possible. Joan needs that for sure. Glad you are getting a little more relaxed too. Hope all of you have a great day.
You have done a great job and made such a huge difference. She looks great. Thank you for all you do.
Goodness, what a difference!!! Tiffy looks beautiful now thanks to your love and caring.
Catherine said…
Oh Joan! I can not even believe the difference in this sweet girl. Amazing! You have done a wonderful job with her. She is one lucky girl to have had you come into her life. Wonderful!
xo Catherine
I so agree with Johanna, the love you give is making their lives worthwhile, wether it is a short or long life.What a super gorgeous cat!!
Deb said…
What a caring hand can do for these cats is evident here in Tiffy. What a beautiful cat she was all along. The one behind her in the 'before' photo looks a bit like little Audrey that is in my home. I hope that one is ok, too. Thank you Joan for all you do. Hugs, Deb
Cornelia said…
Your work is so important for now and the future. I am amazed at Tiffy's transformation and all the transformations you make possible. All living oraganisms are phoenixing when in contact with you!

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