Tranquil moments

After a few hard months we're finally getting to enjoy some tranquil moments around here. 

Those that spent more than 5 weeks in isolation are again enjoying outdoor life and romping around like charming scallywags - being up to all kinds of mischief. Or spending quiet moments - like this one enjoying an Aegean sunset (or is it just me enjoying them with the tranquil sunset being the back-drop to them watching each others antics???).  This to me is bliss. Here it is Rufus' handsome profile.


Crafting Queen said…
Beautiful photo and glad to hear you and your lovely furry ones have a bit of peace. Hugs Anesha
Marg said…
Glad to hear that things are all right for now. Nothing better than a tranquil moment with the kitties outside. I love it when I do it. Take care.
Elizabeth said…
Gorgeous photo - Rufus definitely looks as though he is enjoying that beautiful sunset. Thanks so much for sharing. Elizabeth x
Cornelia said…
I feel so priviledged and graced to receive your Tranquil Moments with God's Little People. The whole of me wants to read again and again your radiating words full of mischief and bliss in Lilly's Heaven and see again and again the marvelous glimpse of the hansome malecat Rufus in the beautiful Aegean sunset. This brings unknown new energy to the whole of me and heals me through in and through out. It is Real Best Medicine in the world for every human animal lover. Deep respect and heartfelt gratitude to you for your many wonder-resques and wonder-healings of all organic life!
Sandra said…
Beautiful picture... it does bring peace... being there in person must have been even better:)
Deb said…
Finally things are settling down for you. This is a beautiful photo, one I would frame. Hugs to you, Joan. Deb
Gorgeous profilephoto on Rufus in the beutiful sunset !
Oh Joan indeed we are also able to enjoy along with Rufus a gorgeous Aegean sunset!

Dear Joan,
yes -prrrrrrr- says exactly, what I feel with this photo. Sooooooo supercute. I can see the soft fur and how good Rufus feel. So incredible charming. Thank you so much.
Best greetings, Johanna
That is a beautiful picture. We are glad things have calmed down for you.
Beautiful! What a great picture! So glad things are calming down. XOXO Bea
The Cat Guy said…
glad to hear you get a moment to breathe and take in the beauty. Absolutely glorious picture.
I love that picture and am glad that there is peace and you and the cats are enjoying tranquil moments!
Cat said…
It is important to enjoy the quiet moments, for they are so rare! What a beautiful sunset, how nice to share it with Rufus :-)
Marilia said…
Quite moments are rare here. EnjoY!
Catherine said…
Wishing you and all the kitties a beautiful stress-free week!
xo Catherine
Catherine said…
Wishing you and all the kitties a beautiful stress-free week!
xo Catherine
Cornelia said…
Lilly's and Noona's Heaven must be so awesome and full of wonders here in the springtime of right now. Thinking of you and your wonders of God's Little People, Lilly's and Noona's Heaven is the land of awe, natural wonders and natural beauties. It is so great to think that it is so, for you have made it possible (not only me but for many other people) to perceive reality in enhancing and healing ways. After reading your "Life as it should be" I ceremonially decided to read no other than God's Little People's news. We are all entagled in all kind of news and each one of us can choose what we wish to be with in this life. Your awesome stories of salvations of kitties and cats save and have saved me every single day. Every day it lifts me up to know that life is going on in enhancing ways in your and God's Little People's bright light.
Anna E said…
Peace, Quiet, Happyness, Settlement...all so feelable from the picture ~ take me there :-))
Sangen "I skovens dybe stille ro" kommer op..
You need some rest! I hope you enjoy it. What adventures you had!I hope spring will be come soon.! oh. yes.... the black alpaca shawl is sold and the owners was very glad. I am bussy with new ones. Kind regards Mieke
505whimsygirl said…
Yes - that is one beautiful sunset! Glad the cats are up to their old antics!!!


PS. Will I be "seeing" you in the Art of Wild Abadonment e-course?
Dearest Joan,

So glad to read this... Lovely photo from Rufus!
Love and hugs to you,

Dianne said…
he has a wonderful profile!
beautiful portrait
Old Kitty said…
Awww lovely profile of gorgeous Rupert enjoying the sunset! We have everything crossed you are all over the worst now. Take care
What a wonderful picture. Thank you for all you do for the cats.
Madame said…
Hvor er et dejligt at læse, Joan! Og sikke et vidunderligt billede du har taget af Rufus i solnedgangen.
Tanker og klem til dig ♥
Barbara said…
What a gorgeous photo - it fills me with peace as well. Hope your world is still feeling peaceful!

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