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Hello friends! Yes, it's been a while - I've taken some time off recently to go visit my home country and I've joined an online art-class. Some much needed quality time after some very tough winter months. 

We've finally got some gorgeous spring weather, which have allowed me to sit outside to do my artwork - or should I say, try to! As you can imagine, many of my rescue cats loves hanging around me but Jessie (the sad, abandoned and very emaciated cat that appeared in the garden back in October) sticks to me like GLUE. I seriously think she has abandonment issues. 

So... of course, how can I resist when she wants to be the center of attention?!! Like any cat owner knows - an affectionate cat doesn't just want to be nearby, oh no, they want to be right smack in the middle of where ones focus is... yes, just in case one were to loose sight of the most important thing!! They are darlings they are!

Well, in spite of the eager helper, I did manage to finish my little art piece. The text reads:

"If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men you will deal likewise with their fellow men."  Francis of Assisi

P.S. I was majorly surprised some months back when I took Jessie in for neutering - the vet reported back that when she was shaved and ready for her operation they found that she had already been neutered! Someone once must have cared very much for this girl to have gone to this lenght particularly in this part of the world where not many would care to do a thing like that!


Deb said…
Joan, it is good to hear from you. I love your art-work. It is so captivating. It is wonderful to quote the great Francis of Assisi. Love that your kitty wants to be right where the action is. My little Audrey is the exact same. I am anxious to see more art-work from you. It's beautiful. Deb
Dear Joan,
that is so nice to see, that you and Jessie made artwork together. She looks so relaxt and cute. I hope you and your kitties enjoy the spring weather.It good for the soul, too.
Hugs and greetings, Johanna
Crafting Queen said…
What a wonderful page, love it. Your beautiful helper is adorable. :)
Viola said…
Heisann! :)
Så mange vakre herlige bilder du har lagt inn her! =) Og du har begynt å tegne og male, gratulerer og lykke til, og du gjør det jo KJEMPEBRA! Og det verset, det er så sant så sant! :) Det oser glede over hele tegningen din! Jeg har begyntå tegne jeg også, bare ikke blogget noen ennå.. (men det kommer)

Det er synd at ikke alle mennesker tar vare på sine katter og steriliserer eller kastrerer dem.. ihvertfall de som går ute.. de har det ikke godt.. men du lager et hjertehus for dem, fylt med varme!

Katten elsker nok oppmerksomheten den får fra deg, og legger seg over tegneblokka di :))

Take care og klem fra meg! :)
I love your helpful kitty cat =)
The painting and quote
sunshine said…
Your art is wonderful... I am sorry I've been sort of M.I.A. myself, work is very busy and I barely have any time to answer emails while mentally present.

I am glad to hear u got my little parcel.

Love Jessie, she definitely knows how very fortunate she is to have found you!

Blessings to you and keep up the good work on your art!
Tina said…
What a cute little helper....must have been good help too as your picture turned out great. Love the saying!
Sadee Schilling said…
So beautiful! My cat loves to "help" me paint too. Glad to see you're getting some cheerful sunlight and getting to be outdoors!
Marg said…
Good for you to do your art work. Just think of all the wonderful pictures you can paint of the kitties. Joan, you do need to remember, we can't help them all. Those kittens will be cute and some will make it and some won't.
I do feel so sorry for Grayson but so far he is doing all right. But I don't expect him to continue very long. You take care and don't drive yourself nuts over the pregnant cats. It all takes time.
Dearest Joan,

Jessie must have been perfect inspiration for the way your art work turned out. You are quite talented.
What a neutering surprise indeed! Glad she had it already behind her, sorry for the needless shaving...
Enjoy your time with her and the others that are less like a magnet. Whenever we come home from a trip, our eldest cat Barty is like that. He's afraid I might leave him again soon I bet. They are special.
Love to you,

Barbara said…
I'm so glad you're back! I just checked yesterday in case I'd missed something. I get behind!! Poor Jessie - no wonder she has abandonment issues. But my Siamese did the same thing - as you well know, that's just CATS! lol Love your piece of art, and especially the quote. Perfect!
Reena said…
Love your art! And poor Jessie ... I don't blame her for sticking close to you!
Sandra said…
Welcome back! I missed your updates on your cat family! The drawing is absolutely gorgeous! Love it how the striped cat matches the striped vest:))

And yes, some cats just need to be the center of your focus... and they deserve to be - even if it usually interferes with what you try to accomplish:))
Cornelia said…
I ADORE, LOVE, AM IN AWE, WONDER AT, FIND GREAT INSPIRATION AND GRACE IN YOUR LIFEART:-) Jessie is so sweet in her attempt to paint with you! The sun must be lovely for the light in your photos are sooooo beautiful. And such wonderful colours and sensitivity and beauty in your painting of a great caliber of a saying from St. Francis of Assisi. i love the young lady and all the sweet God's Little People in YOUR ART!
Marilia said…
Own! So sweet draw!
505whimsygirl said…
Hi Joan,

Thank you for your kinds words on my blog. It's been difficult, especially at night. Daisy would put her head on the pillow next to me. Katie, my other dog, was really smelling around the house last night. Bless her heart; she misses Daisy as much as I do.

About the class - a confession. I haven't even made it through all of Week One videos! Yikes. I have done some drawing (not very good at it) and did one watercolor with the neocolor II crayons. I am not giving up, it's just that other things have kept me from it. I am glad that we have an entire year to watch the videos!

This painting is darling. I love the deer and bunny. Oh, and the hedgehog is adorable.

So good to see you after your hiatus! Love your artwork and that is such a wonderful quote to add to it!
Oh Jesse looks just like my Gracie. How sweet she is.
Anna E said…
Such Wonderful photos, very inspiring - and you know I love the drawing and the quote :-)
Kunne Jessie mon være kommet ovre fra Trudy efter hendes død, da katte jo kan gå hjemmefra og "vandre" lang omkring? Eller fra et andet godt kattehjem, hvor hun bare ikke har trivedes - eller, som du siger, være forladt af nogen som er rejst fra øen..
Ingen kan jo nogensinde erstatte Lilly eller Noona, men det føles lidt som om der er en bonding mellem dig og Jessie, i allen fald fra hendes side :-)))
Knus herfra
what a beautiful drawing! You must become a bookilustrator! ( I hope I use the right words)I am hesitating between drawning or drawing ( but I do not want you to swim !!! Very kind regards and best wishes from Mieke !
Old Kitty said…
Oh wow!!! That is one beautiful drawing - so profound and meaningful! Yay!! It's lovely!! Thank you for sharing! You are a true artiste!! Take care
highheeledlife said…
Oh my friend .. I too have been away from Blogland over the past couple of weeks.. so I'm trying to catch up on visits.

Your drawing is beautiful ... and Jesse looks relaxed and at peace. Blessings , xo HHL
you are so talented in so many different areas, God certainly kissed you when you were born :)

I am kind of glad that you haven't been around because I have barely been able to keep up with the blogs (reading everyone's) so now I don't feel as guilty!
Catherine said…
Oh Joan! I love your little helper! Your painting turned out so nicely with the help you got. Haha! I love the saying on it as well. So true! It's good to know there are wonderful people out in the world helping those sweet creatures that can not help themselves.


xo Catherine
What a lovely post- I adore the companionship and characters of all your cats..and they are such great "helpers" aren't they..were would we be without them.Glad to see yoy are taking up your creative work again- lovely!!
Cat said…
It's wonderful that Jessie is so affectionate and trusting again after having been abandoned, I always take ALL the kitty love I'm given :-) I just love your painting, beautiful and sweet!!!
So happy to see you back online. I love the artwork. And what a sweet helper kitty!!
♥ my diary♥ said…
nice post thanks for sharing...looking for to visit more...blessings

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