A shout-out for Pesto's pain-free life

It's a bit far and wide in between posts these days but life just seems to get busier and busier around here and there's never a dull moment. In spite of a lot of good work with neutering projects we've entered into the season for hundreds of newborn kittens and in 5-6 weeks I know I'll be in all the same predicaments as last year... too many cute kittens in desperate need of being rescued. Well, in the midst of the importance of investing in neutering cats to diminish future misery, I sometimes have to put less pressing kitty ailments on the back-burner. Such as in the case of this forlorn but sweet boy called Pesto. 

He first appeared some time last summer peeking through the door. He'd obviously heard some rumours in the neighbourhood, lol! I was struck by the green eyes looking through the door and there and then he was named Pesto. He was very feral and would always run away when I tried to leave some food for him. Over time he became more tame but he's always remained a loner with a pityful personality. Where all the other cats will seek out the most comfortable and dry spaces he can be found rolled up somewhere in the open space even during heavy rainfall. One time (after having established a trusting relationship with him) I actually physically carried him into a dry space. He looked like he was drowning from the rain and yet he turned around and walked straight back and curled up in the same vet space. He prefers solitude to comfort.  I figured he needed a space to himself so during the cold winter months I would lure him into a caravan in the garden where he would sleep at night. He very much liked that idea!

I became more acquainted with this boy and noticed that his mouth appeared a bit, well... not quite working properly. I thought maybe he suffered a once broken jaw - it was obvious that it wasn't anything recent. But his actual condition became apparent when he recently started looking very skinny. I brought him to the vet who found that he had a mouth full of rotten teeth. Signs from his life as a feral cat where he would have lived off God's knows what. Due to the cost of the full dental work I simply had to settle to bring him back home (with pain relief) and feed him soft food. That's until a few days ago where he was in obvious agony and no longer able to eat even soft food. So, naturally, today Pesto had all his teeth removed. As I am writing he is in recovery and facing a now hopefully pain-free life.

My vet has graciously agreed to do this surgery on the basis that I pay when funds become available. THEREFORE I will be launching a BIG AUCTION within 48 hours to raise funds for Pesto's dental surgery. On this blog I will post images of 100% exquisitely handmade handbags and accessories (approx. 50 items) made by yours truly. So stay tuned for more info within the next few days!! I promise you it will be worthwhile a visit.


He is a sweet little boy. We are glad you have an understanding and helpful vet and Pesto will now be pain free. We will watch out for your auction.
Deb said…
Oh my gosh, you never cease to amaze. me, dear Joan. Give that vet of yours a hug all the way from Canada for helping Pesto and waiting for funds. God bless him. I am so happy that he will be without pain and I know from experience with Ed & Lily that they do very well without teeth. Within a month you will see that he not only can eat the soft (immediately) but also kibble, too. I look forward to your auction. Hugs to you, too. Deb
Annuk said…
Poor sweet, little boy! I'm so glad to hear his life will be painfree now!

I'm so glad I discovered your blog! I have a sweet, much loved and adorable kitty girl I adopted from Rhodes as a homeless kitten back in the summer of 2003! I KNOW about the hard life of cats on Greek islands, you truly have a BIG heart, God bless you! :)

Love from the Italian Alps,
Anna & Zoe :)
Tina said…
You are one amazing woman, can't wait to see your auction items! Pesto what a sweetie.
Hello Joan: I saw your comments you left for Deb and I wanted to see your blog, and I'm glad I did. I am following you and I hope you can come to the Cottage and visit me. I've just read one of your posts and am impressed of the care you give to the animals. I will be reading more..Happy Monday..Judy
Marg said…
HI there Joan. I will be more than glad to give you a shout out about your auction. I could also ask people to put some items on your auction too. Good for you to catch Pesto and get him to the vet. I have one right now that desperately needs to go to the vet and I am trying to feed her in the carrier but I am having a time getting her in there. She has terrible allergies which I am sure is from fleas somewhat. But she needs depo shot so badly.
Anyway, keep me posted about the auction and I will sure go to work for you. I can put it on Facebook and Twitter and get all my friends to do the same. Take care and many thanks for taking care of all those kitties.
We just sent you a small donation for dear sweet Pesto. We will come back for your auction and we hope that you raise lots and lots of $$$ for Pesto. WE will mention this in our blog too.
Dearest Joan,

Can't believe such misery for any animal... and now for living without teeth, but no longer in pain I guess.
Wish you the best of luck for the fundraising.
Love and hugs,

We will send a few green papers too. Thank you for helping dear sweet Pesto.
MarkD60 said…
I could'y stand to see a cat sleeping in the rain. I'm glad you took care of Pesto. I hope he gets tame and becomes your personal lap cat! I'll be looking for your auction.
Hansel said…
Oh pesto! you lucky soul, to have wandered into just the right place!! I hope he recovers quickly and well, i will try to be back for the auction!
The Island Cats said…
We will definitely be back to check out the auction! Thank you for helping Pesto!
The Island Cats said…
We will definitely be back to check out the auction! Thank you for helping Pesto!
What a handsum boy Pesto is. We are truly amazed by your kindness. We'll be back to help with the auction. xoxo Purrs fur Pesto's quick recovery.
Cat said…
Sweet Pesto, we hope he recovers fully!!! Of course we will be back for the auction :-)
Madame said…
Du er fantastisk, Joan - hvor er det gribende at læse om alt det, du gør for kattene!

Varme klem til dig og til lille Pesto ♥
Anna E said…
Hvor ER Pesto uimodståelig, og navnet passer perfekt :-) Glæder mig med den store støtte du allerede på forhånd har fået gennem kommentarerne. Jeg glæder mig til at se alle dine fine håndlavede ting, og spændende hvor meget det bliver solgt for. Er det sådan at det bliver solgt for højeste bud, eller med faste priser? Nå, jeg venter og ser. Og hvor flot af dyrlægen at udskyde regningen, hvilken sentimented støtte. Knuser herfra :-)
Crafting Queen said…
Pesto is very lucky to have you. He is a beautiful cat and I love those eyes. Lots of hugs to you and your furry ones.
Mariodacat said…
We know all about toothie problems cuz when my peeps first adopted me, I had to have all my toothies pulled too because my first oomans must have neglected me. M said she'll help out with a few green papers. She wishes it could be more, but maybe she can come back in a couple of weeks and give you some more.
Old Kitty said…
Me and Charlie came over from ManxMnews! Awwww Pesto!! Big purrs and hugs to you! You are in the bestest care and we look forward to the auction!! Take care
wildcatwoods said…
Thank you for helping this sweet boy and for all you do. I visited your country many years ago and fell in love with the cats everywhere and wished I could help. Will repost this on Facebook and hope it helps! Happy May Day from all of us!

Cats of wildcat woods
Hi Joan,
I know, how the costs for such vet treatment raises. I think it was a good idea to remove all the bad teeth. I hope Pesta will be without pain soon. And sure I will have a look at your auction.
Best greetings, Johanna
Sandra said…
You have a big heart Joan and Pesto is very lucky to have found a safe haven with you. I am anxiously waiting for your auction... if I won't be able participate, I will make a small donation no matter what. Keep helping our little feline friends.
Deb said…
I put a link to your blog today, Joan. Hugs
505whimsygirl said…
Hi Joan,

Pesto is a little cutie pie. His eyes are amazing. I'll be coming back to check your auction and once you post I will do a post on my blog linking up with you.

As for "The Art of Wild Abandonment;" I haven't even made it through all of week one's videos. I'm glad I have access for an entire year. I hope you enjoyed the class.

Hilary said…
So glad I stopped over......and will definitely be looking for your bags to be up for sale.
Being a 'cat lady' myself, I totally understand what you do and why you do it.
I do the same.
It's a blessing to have a vet who understands.
Elisabeth said…
You are an Angel!
Hannah and Lucy said…
We only just read about sweet Pesto - it struck a chord with Mum as Hannah has had to have nearly all her teeth removed (she isn't quite 3 years yet) - she just has her canine teeth left. She was a rescue from a place with over 100 cats living there. Mum was lucky to have health insurance for her - we will visit your auction site)
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx
and special purrs for Pesto
Catherine said…
You have such a big heart and all the kitties are so lucky to have you looking after them.

Your bags are all so beautiful Joan. I will leave them for others to bid on ~ but ~ as I have your address still (from when you sent me my beautiful green purse), I am going to mail you a U.S. Money Order. I hope it doesn't take too long to get to you. I will pop it into the mail tomorrow. Hopefully it will help for Pesto or for any other kitty you see fit.

Sending you big hugs!
xo Catherine

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