Auction results and...

Once again, thank you so much to everyone who has participated in the auctions and also for your kind donations. I also have to say a huge THANK YOU for all your immensely supportive words, emails, cards, offers of auction items, mentions on your blogs, Twitter and Facebook... I'm undone at your kindness, I really truly am. There is never never a dull moment here where the cats are concerned and I will soon write a post about a girl your kind donations recently helped me help.

But for now the results of the recent auction. Please place your winning bids as donations via the Paypal donate button on this page and please remember to add the shipping cost - $5 for the US and Canada and $4 for Europe. Also PLEASE REMEMBER TO EMAIL ME YOUR REAL NAME AND FULL POSTAL ADDRESS. You can mail it to me at

Winning bid 30€ placed by Sandra (

Winning bid $20 placed by Lis Høegh

Winning bid $20 placed by Lis Høegh

Winning bid  $20 placed by Mie Høegh

Winning bid $10 placed by Kay (

Winning bid $24 placed by Carsten Høegh

 Winning bid $22 placed by Anya (

 Winning bid $15 placed by Cat (

Winning bid $20 placed by Jane (

Winning bid $11 placed by Lis Høegh 

Winning bid $10 placed by Old Kitty (


Catherine said…
Gosh ~ there are going to be a lot of lovely accessorized people out in blog land! Love it! So many kitties are going to be helped ~ it's a beautiful thing!

xo Catherine
purpleleath said…
Dear Joan, I wish you and your kitties all the best!!! They are so lucky to have you!!! Your bags are so beautiful!!! I can't wait to hear the story!!!
Wow - love the bags ! And that first drawing is super sweet- you may want to branch out in cat themed greeting cards- just a thought!! XXXXX
ps so enjoying my two purses from you !
Marg said…
Sure glad to hear that the auction went so well. Hope you made a lot of money. Good job. Take care.
Anna E said…
Gosh, how lucky we are - the whole family will be more than fully equiped with bags and purses!!! :-))) And still my heart is "aching" because of those I love too, but didn´t place a bid on. Can´t understand why noone wanted them, they are just too beautiful to not be worn :-)
Look forward to hearing the story of the little girl, and hope it is a "happy ending" one!! xox
Annuk said…
Sweet Joan, I'm so happy about the help and support your furry babies got from around the world!!! I'm so glad these sweet kitties have YOU!!!!!
I'm looking forward to the story of the sweet girl, and we'll be in touch from Rhodes! :)
Big hugs!!!
Anna & Zoe
Dearest Joan,

So glad to read that you did well. I've just made a donation as I was away on a cruise and only now read this post. Let's hope we can continue to keep this flame burning, for the benefit of many felines.
Love to you,
Sandra said…
Woohoo, you did GREAT! So glad another cat could be helped.. cannot wait to hear her story. Wishing you a great Sunday!
505whimsygirl said…
Hi Joan.

I'm so excited to win one of your cute totes! Now to decide if I will keep it or give it as a gift......

I'm going to make a donation in the amount of $30. (I know my winning bid was $10 but I want to give a bit extra).

505whimsygirl said…

For some reason I couldn't get the Donate button on the sidebar to work for me. I logged in to my paypal account and sent you the payment that way -- under personal.

You should have my mailing address already (through etsy). If not I'll be happy to send it to you again.

SorryJoan! I was in East Germany and immediately one day later to Kent England,and between orders for knitting shawls! Times flows by.I missed all this of you about the sale for bags and selling! may be you can send me an email when you have more bags again to sell? Since short time I have paypal too.
What much emotions and STRESS you must have constantly , because you met ill cats again and again. It never stops.? I would be stressed all the time if I had that adventures! Kind regards and a nice weekend. Here in Holland very warm now. Mieke

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