Dear God...

Please make your big people - the humans - take notice of the plea of my fellow brothers and sisters. 

Dear God, let not your big people turn their blind eye on the suffering of my brothers and sisters but let them clearly see and feel their need for help.

Dear God, please clear their hearts of fear and let empathy fill their every fiber.

Dear God, please let the big peoples hearts be filled with compassion and please
bestow upon them the ability to ACT when they see a little cat in need of help. 

Humbly one of your little people,
- a grateful rescuee

Yesterday afternoon(due to a heat wave) we sought refuge by the seaside. Having just arrived I suddenly felt the instinctive urge to turn around and drive back home. Luckily DH have come to respect my instinct and sure enough - as we arrived back to the car - a dying cat staggered towards me. Emaciated, very very sick, with a huge tummy and severely dehydrated  - her legs kept colapsing under her. Unearthly noices of a plea to please help kept coming out of her. I had no doubt this cat was dying and whilst I tried to bring her into a shaded area I asked DH to try and reach the emergency vet. To our greatest frustration it was impossible to reach anyone related to the veterinary practise. 

Whilst I sat with the cat trying to protect her from a loud barking dog, a hooting motorbike (regrettably we were in their way!) and many non-comprehending and slightly disapproving passers-by, my husband tried to reach some help. I felt very reluctant to move her really, but about 45 minuttes later - having been unable to reach the vet - we decided to bring her home and to keep trying to reach the vet. Half way home I suggested that we stop at a cat-friends home (to avoid a long bumpy road we'd otherwise need to travel with her). Luckily our cat-friend was home and she instantly went into "rescue-mode" calling upon the assistance of an otherwise dog-volunteer. For another 1 1/2 hour we did all we could to force-feed her some water and a bit of liquid cat food and to simply keep her cool. Finally we got through to the vet, and what felt like many agonising hours later we eventually got her the help she needed. We had of course hoped for some miracle at the vet - for some comforting words that she might have a chance of surviving if she was put on intravenous liquid and antibiotics,  but alas... The vet confirmed what I already knew - this poor girl was dying. There was a great chance that she could have a number of incurable bad or chronic diseases. So we decided to give this girl what she initially had ask me for - the help to put her out of her painful suffering. With the help of the vet she went quietly - and grateful I believe - that some human at least at this point took notice and helped her.

We felt sad and yet with a clean and clear conscience. This cat simply needed peace.



Sandra said…
Heartbreaking :((( I know so many before you heard her cries and nobody did anything to help her. Sometimes doing nothing is the worse you can do. Thank you again for all that you do to help the ones that most need us.

God speed, little one.
wildcatwoods said…
Oh so sad that this poor cat had endured so much suffering in her life. Yes, letting her go was the best answer and I have been in that situation before too. Thank you for being there for her.

Cats of wildcat woods
Jane and Chris said…
I know how you are feeling. Painless death is a gift, and you were able to give this girl a few hours of love and kindness. She left the world loved and cared for. Thank you.
Jane xx
I truly believe God let you hear her pleas so that she did not die alone. You likely provided the only love she had experienced since kittenhood with her mama. God bless you. purrs
Madame said…
Kære Joan, du er fantastisk og har hjertet på rette sted. Det var gribende at læse, hvad du fortæller! KH
Dearest Joan,

This is a prayer that MUST be heard. What a sad story, poor little cat girl... How can certain people be so cruel and ignore such suffering? Even more so, how can they go on and on without every neutering and spaying their pets!
Love to you,
Anna E said…
Hvor er det en smuk bøn fra Toddy, og hvor er det gribende at læse din beretning..!! Du er så meget i kontakt med det, som guider dig, og gudskelov for det! Jeg ser og mærker hele scenariet, du beskriver, og det efterlader mig med de blandede følelser, du også beskriver. Pludselig - mens jeg skriver - siger Mie, at i dag er det præcis 3 år siden MJ døde; I går så vi den nye dokumentar udsendelse, hvor bla. hans mor og nogle af brødrene og nære venner fortæller om ham. Det var næsten for smertefuldt at se den sidste time (varede tre timer), hvor man ser ham efter den sidste retssag i 2001. Herefter har han mistet tiltroen til andre mennesker - det er bare for smertefuldt at se...og det slår mig hvordan der kan drages en parallel mellem den smerte, han følte og den smerte katten må have følt - abandoned og uden den hjælp og compassion, den havde brug for. Lige indtil du kom og hjalp...(hvis du kan fornemme sammenligningen). Tak på "Guds vegne", og jeg er vis på, at både katten og MJ har fundet fred i de finere atmosfærer, som lever højere oppe. Gudskelov for dig og andre barmhjertige sjæle, som omskriver "the wrongful" og viser vejen til medfølelse og heling...
Anna E said…
PS I går skrev jeg et indlæg på min gamle blog, hvis du skulle ønske at læse det. xo
it is sad, but all too true, that sometimes a swift painless death is the best option.

God Speed little one, may you be enjoying your next life at the rainbow bridge
Crafting Queen said…
What a wonderful pray. You did all you could for this poor litle cat, thank you. At least she is not in pain anymore. Must have been so sad for you. Lots of hugs and God bless. Anesha
Marg said…
As usual Joan, you were there to help her to what she needed and that was for the hurting to stop. Who knows how long she had been suffering. We sure do thank you for helping that poor kitty. There is a time when it better for them to go over that famous bridge. Good to see you again and hope you are feeling a little better.
Beutiful pray !
So sad to read about the poor cat :(
Annuk said…
What a wonderful gift you gave this sweet girl on her "trip home" (this is what my mom calls it...): LOVE. She experienced human love, she didn't go alone... she took this gift with her. And although this story is so terribly sad, there is this light of LOVE in it that gives peace to your heart... to our hearts. Thank you sweet Joan. Thank you. God bless your heart, and bless that little innocent soul that went to the Bridge. She's happy and painfree now, and in peace.
With much love from Rhodes!
PS: emailing you tomorrow! :)

What a wonderful, wonderful prayer!!!!!!!!!
Dear God I can't keep from crying. The poor cat. My heart is breaking. Thank you for being the one to offer her some peace AND dignity.
Elizabeth said…
So heartrending and sad ... the poor wee thing. I'm sure you and the vet did all you could and the decision taken was the only one in the circumstances. Elizabeth x
Tina said…
Your entries always make me cry, sometimes happy tears, sometimes sad tears...Thank God for people like you.
By releasing her from pain you set her spirit free. Thank you and your husband for doing all you could to help this desperate little person who God called home to his heavenly throne.

*sad tears*

Daisy said…
So glad she didn't die alone, afraid and unloved.
Sankissjuice said…
Your stories are so inspiring and it touched my heart. I had a similar experience but with a dying dog. It was crashed by a car in an accident, a hit and run. While it was lying there to die, I gave it some water, took it into my car with the help of a stranger but it died on my way to the vet. We buried it in my uncle's garden. My uncle and his two sons digged a hole for it to have a resting place.

Keep up the good work. Come visit us some time.

I'll be back,
Deb said…
I find this one extremely hard to hear about. My heart just breaks for her. A kind hand is the last thing she felt and I thank you for that.
Cat said…
God bless you Joan!
Dear Joan,
what a touching story and a sweet photo. I think, after all this help it is very hard for you to realise, that a cat has to die. But don't feel sad, this cat is happy now with God and nothing can fear or harm her. And she died peaceful. I wish to hug you for all you did.
Best greetings, Johanna
Catherine said…
I guess in a way, the sweet little kitty was rescued. Rescued from any more suffering.
So sad.

Sending you big hugs!
xo Catherine
sunshine said…
Thanks Joan for showing once again the kindness of your soul, I can imagine this was a very sad moment for you, but God in heaven is giving that beautiful creature the peace and rest she needed.
purpleleath said…
Thank you for your strength, for the power of your heart, for all the love you have for these creatures... I wish there was a way for her to make it, but it's a blessing that her suffering ended with love...
Barbara said…
Such a tough decision, but I'm glad you know it was the right one. Sending another hug!

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