Healing balm in a tiny fur coat

After having popped Snowy to safety by the side of the road my husband waited around for a while to see if kitty mom would appear. It appeared there was no kitty mom around  - only another hostile hissing cat. Dear husband having been trained well (lol!) knew there was only one thing to do - to bring Snowy home to safety and proper care. Apparently it was a little easier said than done as the vet was closed for two days and this - at first - very skinny and sickly kitten wasn't eating. Upon receiving this image I soon realized that he wasn't eating because of his horribly stuffed nose. A sick cat with a stuffed nose can't smell the food and therefore loses interest in eating. So with the help of a local cat friend my husband managed to clean the horrible grunge around his little nose and he slowly began to eat a little. A little became more and more became a healthy appetite. He soon began putting on some weight, was put on an antibiotic treatment and the top and bottom image is the remarkable "result" I found upon returning home - just 10 days after his rescue.

So this little cute button has kept me great company whilst I had to sit still for a while and now he's got me on my feet - you've got to run fast with him around!!

Anyhow... just a huge nod to my dear husband. As he said; "I know what you would have done and there's no way I could have left him there on the road."


The Cat Guy said…
Such a sweet looking kitty. Yahoo for the husband!!! You're awesome! Cat Guys Unite!!
Random Felines said…
YEAH for cat guys!!! nice save....
Crafting Queen said…
What a beautiful little boy. Well done your hubby, what a great guy! Hope you recovery goes smoothy. Hugs Anesha
Deb said…
Give your husband a big hug for me. Mine would have done that, too. I guess our love for them does rub off on to our partners. He is so sweet. I can't imagine how he would have suffered if not cared for. Poor sweet little things. Bless him. I hope you heal quickly, Joan. Take care of yourself. Deb
Marilia said…
OMG! Cute and little boY!
Anya said…
What a transformation! Best wishes for your recovery.
Anna in Quebec.
purpleleath said…
Bless you guys... He is so cute!!!
sunshine said…
Bless you husband and that lovely new kitty, I am so happy you guys have found each other, looks like Snowy is is in much better shape!

He is a really cute little kitty !
Ohhhhh you HAVE trained your husband well!!!

What an incredible story and the fact that he took it upon himself to help this baby brought tears to my eyes!!

I am praying the kitty will be ok and am hoping that you are on the mend!

Sandra said…
You "trained" your husband well - thank him for saving another furry angel. Snowy is so gorgeous!
Annuk said…
OMG I can't believe it's the same kitten!!!!! Oh My Goodness, it's amazing what lots and lots of TLC can do... real miracles!!! I'm SO SO happy to see this miracle in images! Thank you so much for sharing this miracle story, dearest Joan!!!
Can you please kiss your hubby from me too? :)
Lots of love from Rhodes!!!
Annuk said…
And of course I hope your recovery is going well... I'm sure it is, with all these sweet furry nurses! :)
Your husband's heart is as large as yours Joan. Bless him for saving this special little angel.

I hope you are feeling better.

Daisy said…
Way to go! Your husband done good!
Barbara said…
He's just precious. Kudos to your husband and to your wonderful example for him to follow! Hoping you're all healed up now!
What a guy- one in a million.You both are amazing poeple- and the little tomcat is so adorable..Big hugs XXXX
Kari said…
What a wonderful husband. Are there any more at home like him?
The poor baby kitty! I can't believe the disregard /disrespect for a living thing in peril. Snowy is such a beautiful boy! You have blessed him with your love and expert care and we pray that God showers you with His blessings for all you have done.
Sankissjuice said…
Thank you for sharing this with us.
Anna E said…
I´ve seen it before: The pain and stress in a cat´s eyes, turning into settlement, joy, wellbeing ... like a couple of pearls that are polished and now shining bright. Thanks for sharing this miracle story - and of course yuor husbond - if he were to face you when you came home - couldn´t do anything else than what he did LOL - Have a continued speedy recovery, you´re in the best hands and paws :-))
I hardly trust my husband to feed all our dogs :-) And yours has gone above and beyond and saved a life--You have trained him well, and you are BOTH very obviously cut from the same cloth!! Whatta cutie, and how lucky this precious little boy is to have found his way to safety because of your husband!!
My best wishes for quick recovery to both of you!
Thank God your husband spotted this little guy and brought him home. And to think, you & your husband are helping him with his recovery and he with yours. How wonderful! A match made in Heaven. purrs
Dearest Joan,

Welcome back home! Hope your recovery goes well and this little tomcat will certainly help putting a spring in your steps.
Great act of kindness by your sweet husband. But WHO could have left this guy out there to fend for himself? Death would have been just a matter of weeks...
Love to you and wishing you a speedy recovery.
I'm so thankful that you saw this little one and took him in. Thank you for taking care of him. The difference is remarkable.

You do so much without all the support a lot of us have. Thank you really isn't enough.
Marg said…
Wow, what a good husband that one is. Snowy is so lucky to have found him. Glad he is feeling a little better.
Hope you are feeling better soon Joan. Take good care of yourself.
Guess what? You won an award. That's right... an award! Come on over to Nerissa's Life and check it out. purrs
Your husband IS very well trained! :) What an amazing transformation, so happy for Snowy.
Dear Joan,
so I hope you have a good programm for your own recovery. How sweet are those photos and how bad is the little button looking in the beginning. He must feel like in heaven. Your husband is so sweet that he rescued the little babycat.
Hugs and greetings, Johanna
MarkD60 said…
Our vet gave us potion for itchy Sheba. I thought he was crazy till, in desperation, I tried it. Who ever heard of potion on fur? But it works well, and smells like strawberries!

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