Enchanting Cookie

Just a brief update on Cookie's progress 6 days on...
First of all she is utterly enchanting and has us going goofy over who gets to cuddle her (she likes falling asleep in a safe pair of arms or tucked around a warm neck). She eats, sleeps,  uses her litter tray (she's such a clever girl!) and creates in us waves of giggles when she plays and makes levitational 180 degree leaps in the air. She is a super loving, content and harmonious little kitten. 

And for her eyes... well this remarkble progress surprises even me. I seriously did not know what to expect when I first found her. But her left eye seem to be healing beautifully whereas her right eye seem to have an ulcer suggesting she might be blind on this eye. But it's remarkable just how much both eyes have opened - and she is still on the healing path. Just scroll down and have a look at the last images from just a few days ago.

On another note - look out for the next fundraising project... will be back on these pages within 24 hours!!

AND... I can't even begin to describe how warmed and deeply encouraged I am at all your sentimented comments. The fact that these little lives matters in such a sweet way to so many other people... it gives God a reason to still believe in the good of mankind! 


Deb said…
I thank God for YOU everyday. Amen!
Maine Kitties said…
So glad she seems so much better! Great work!
Cat said…
Oh my goodness Cookie's progress is wonderful, her eyes look so much improved!!! We are so glad that you found her and she knows love and safety now :-)
Crafting Queen said…
Cookie sounds like a beautiful little cat. Love hearing about her progress, thanks for sharing. Hugs Anesha
Sandra said…
Her eyes indeed look so much better! Oh, she is a charmer... who could resist that beautiful face? Keep improving little one!
Jane and Chris said…
Animals never cease to amaze me.One of our cats (Sydney)arrived with damaged eyes, one was removed, and she gets along just fine without it . She has a left eye and a 'noneye'.
Jane x
She's beautiful! I'm so very, VERY glad you found her in time. purrs
Becca said…
She looks so much better! Thank you for helping these little souls. It breaks my heart to see so many in distress.
sunshine said…
How sweet is Cookie, the photo you posted kind of go with my post today about "eyes", love it!

BTW, your lucky fish is on it's way!!!
Marilia said…
OMG! I´m so happy about Cookie´s evolution!!!!!!
Dearest Joan,

Your newest rescued cat seems to be a 'Smart COOKIE!'
Good for her and for you. As for the eye(s), we have to wait and see but anything looks like a miracle compared to how you found her.
Love to you,
MarkD60 said…
Cookie! Great name! I love cookies! Glad she's doing better and I hope she continues to improve.
Annuk said…
Oh my Goodness, Joan, I have tears in my eyes looking at this amazingly beautiful and adorable little girl!!!! She is such a precious little baby, and I cannot even start telling you how grateful I am to you for all you're doing for these precious little souls!!!!!
Enjoy little Cookie, she must be such a wonderful little girl, OMG, I'd SO love to hold her and kiss her on her sweet little head!
God bless you, Joan!!!!
Cookie looks absolutely delicious!!!!! What a fantastic job you have done! (as always!)
I have been out of town and haven't been able to keep up with blogs, and started at the bottom and worked my way to your newest post. What a roller coaster you have been on!! I am so sorry about Little Grey...But I'm continuing to be inspired by your strength and determination to help those that cannot help themselves. You truly are being led to help them and they are all so, so lucky that you are there and care about them!! I've no doubt that one day you will see them all, and they will thank you for what you have done and DO in their behalf!! Give Cookie a cuddle from all of us and know that I am cheering you on from Virginia and keeping all of you in our prayers with my very grateful heart!
Oh dear little Cookie looks SOOOOO much improved. This is so good to see. Many many blessings to you Joan.

Catherine said…
Oh Joan! Look at the difference! So wonderful! That little Cookie is a heart breaker. Sending lots of hugs and kisses!
xoxoxoxo C
Dear Joan,
Cookies eyes loook wonderful. I think there is a good chance of totally healing. Its not only the food and antidot, it is you love, what made this miracle. Cookie knows now that there is a Mom (and Dad) again who cares of her. This is the best medicine.
Hugs and greetings,
Anna E said…
Selv om man ikke kan sammenligne dyr, så er hun dog bare den sødeste, mest bedårende lille skabning jeg har set - helt uimodståelig. Tror jeg vil give hende kælenavnet Chocolate Cookie! :-)
purpleleath said…
She is such a beauty!!! Love can perform miracles and you are a miracle worker!!! Love, Maria & Micra
Reena said…
So glad she is better and sorry that little grey's kittens could not be found. You are doing important work and thank goodness for you! Love your art!
Bulldoggrrl said…
If I lived in Greece, I would adopt Cookie in an instant. She would be a wonderful companion for my other 9 cats. Bless your soul, Joan.

Kansas, USA
Valerie said…
Oh my golly, Joan, you are a saint in all the help you give to the little kitties, and OH MY! This little one knew just who she had to find to help her out. I am so in love with the work that you are doing. You are an angel on earth.
Big, big hugs,
Anonymous said…
Thank you for taking care of these sweet beings. I'm so glad she's healing so amazingly well! It made me smile picturing her darting about and cuddling.
rosenresli said…
What a great change and this is only possible because you have a very big heart for such little creatures. Cookie knows that you rescued her and want not to be without you. That is really love. Such a sweet little fighter. Please, give her many hugs and kisses from me.
God bless YOU.
Madame said…
Hvor er hun blevet fin - det er fantastisk at se forskellen fra, da du fandt hende. Så livsbekræftende at læse, hvad du udretter! KH
She's beautiful. Thank you for all you do. She looks really good.
So wonderful to hear that Cookie is doing so well. I do those mid-air 180s, too, you know. Cookie and I should enter Dancing with the Stars! We'd win for sure! purrs

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