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A: Laundry Line

 Sorry if you've visited in vain over the last few days. I did promise I'd be back within 24 hours with news of my next fundraising project. BUT... of course the delay is due to a cat story - Cookie's brother (I'm 99% certain it's her brother). More about that in my next post!

But I'll delay no more and give you the specifics of the fundrasing project in case you would like to partake.
 B: Francis of Assisi

Recently I've shared some of my watercolor artwork on these pages. Many of you expressed a wish to buy  these and I'm deligthed to announce that five of the images are now ready for sale as cards. 

C: Thank you!

Card facts: 
  • They are high quality cards printed on thick 350gsm, FSC credited paper stock. 
  • They've got a light satin coating on the outside and the inside is left uncoated (and blank), making it easier to write your message. 
  • Card dimensions: 4.13" x 5.82" or 105mm x 148mm. 
  • Each card comes with a white quality envelope. 
  • There's a very limited number of each card (5 of each) - so hurry if you are set on one of the cards! But don't despair - another set of 5 will be arriving within a few weeks.  
  • UPDATE: With the next lot of cards I will receive next week, there's now a total of:
  • Laundry line: SOLD OUT!
  • Francis of Assisi: SOLD OUT!
  • Thank you! SOLD OUT!
  • Creative girl: 3
  • Dwelling: SOLD OUT!
D: Creative girl & helpers

The price of each card is $5 and includes postage no matter where in the world you live. When considering the price of these cards please keep in mind that ALL proceeds goes towards food and medical expenses for the cats.

E: Dwelling

To buy a card, simply place your purchase/donation via the Paypal button on the right of this page. When you leave your payment please remember to leave a message with the title of the card you wish (as listed under each image) and how many you want. And please PLEASE remember to enclose your full name (not blogging name) and your full postal address. If you have Paypal problems, just drop me an email and we'll figure something: joanbowell@yahoo.com

Each card comes neatly wrapped up in glassine paper. I hope you will enjoy!


Anna E said…
Absolutely gorgeous, and I would - of course - love to buy them all! BUT - having bought half the bags and purses from the former auktion, I want to give someone else a chance to be the first to buy your artwork, and be the lucky ones :-)
What a great idea to sell the drawings as cards; Might give a possiblity for further cards in the future, since you keep the original drawing.
PS Mon du også senere sælger kort af de første tegninger med "sweet peas" og den med fødselsdagsinvitationen med de små piger i lyserødt og huset som var en muffin? (dem kan jeg slet ikke /heller ikke stå for!)
The Cat Guy said…
You are an amazing woman with many incredible gifts. I'm thankful you choose to share your beautiful heart with the world through your delightful creative works and your ceaseless compassionate works. Thank you for being you and sharing you.
The cards are lovely ! Let me see if I can help - although money is a bit tight right now :-)XXXXXXX
Sandra said…
These are so beautiful and touching. I am so glad you decided to share them with us:) I most definitely want some!
Marg said…
Those are terrific cards and we sure wish we had some money but we are out of green papers. Maybe next time. I have gotten some cards from you before and they were gorgeous. Take care.
Crafting Queen said…
These are really beautiful. :)
Marilia said…
So so beautiful!
We are looking forward to receiving a few of your cards. They are so lovely.

And we can't wait to hear how Cookie is doing, and her brother!

Cat said…
Joan the cards are beautiful, I've ordered one of each!!!

I think you have all my information from the last auction, if you have any questions please email me :-)
Ugh!! These are soooo beautiful!! We just donated to Riverfront Cats in Miami and normally we would order some cards but can't right now. I will post this on pinterest, twitter and Facebook though in hopes you get more orders!
Anonymous said…
Off topic, but I've basically started grabbing our cats and holding them till they settle down. I haven't been scratched...yet.
Maine Kitties said…
I want to buy one of each but I can't read a word of the paypal link .... its NOT in English. Can I have your email address that I can use to send you money on my English version of paypal please? :)
Maine Kitties said…
Ok...paypal sent from magyarlany email address...please let me know if you have any questions...hope I processed it correctly! :) These cards look lovely!!!!
Bulldoggrrl said…
Just bought some cards - looking forward to the lovelies in the mail.
Thanks Joan!

505whimsygirl said…
Such pretty cards! I can see that you enjoyed the on-line class and have actually produced things!!!

I bet you'll sell out of the cards in a snap!

sunshine said…
Of course I LOVE THEM ALL and I am happy to help because the product for the money is wonderful and the cause is even better. Will order some now...

P.S. You are an amazing artist (as well as person & friend!).
Barbara said…
How could I resist these beautiful cards, especially knowing they go to help you care for the cats?
Sandra said…
It is great to see that you sold so many:)) I had no doubts about it as the cards are gorgeous!
Sandra said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Annuk said…
They ARE adorable, and I'm so happy to see that most are sold out!!!!
You are such a talented artist, dear Joan!!! I'm so happy you decided to use your talent for this wonderful cause!
I'll wait until the next lot is out, I hope I can buy some!
Annuk said…
And I forget to say that your style is so sweet and personal... with that lovely touch of naif... quite simply YOU!!!!!
Lots of love from Rhodes!
Maine Kitties said…
I just got my cards yesterday! They are soo very lovely! :) Thanks! I'm glad to be able to help the kitties!
Anonymous said…

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