A proud little achievement

A few weeks ago I participated in my first ever photographic exhibition entitled "The Aegean Cat." During the last few years I've really fallen in love with photography - yes, you all know why. When I rescued the first two cats (now almost  two years ago) I became obsessed with photo-journalling their progress. It wasn't even deliberately for blog-posting but it turns out it's been an invaluable source of recording all my different rescue stories - a place I can always return to if I've forgotten the date of a certain rescue (useful for the medical record!). 

Anyhow... by now I have something like 7.000 - 8.000 cat photos and I have spent HOURS laying on the ground or just sitting quietly among the bushes trying to capture them in their world - what I find the most beautiful. You might recognise the image above - very similar to the one in this post but not entirely the same.

This image was taken an evening with a particularly golden sunset and I caugth Toddy just being mesmerized by a moth she spotted in a pergola ceiling. I know nothing about photography professionally and would more call myself an intuitive photographer - but I just got very caught by the light and the beauty of Toddy in her world. Well, I'm proud to say that this image won a competition that ran alongside the exhibition. Each visitor could vote for their favorite 7 images (yes I know, how can you vote for a favorite image of cats - they're all gorgeous) and there were many many delightful images to chose between. So yes, I am proud of this little achievement and feel inspired to actually learn something about photographic skills. The great irony being that just as I won this exhibition my beloved camera packed up. Kaput! Yes, maybe it's time to make new steps altogether. 

On a more personal note...
Little miss "Aegean Cat" 2012 and photographer in a morning hug. I adore this girl - she's an irresistible mix of placid and impish... the kind of random impish that has me in fits of giggles sometimes. She's a very yummy fury package!


Deb said…
"Congratulations, Joan". Two very, very beautiful photos. The first photo captures so much in the mind of a cat. It's just lovely. I hope you do get a new and improved camera so that you can reach the stars with your talent. Hugs, Deb
Dear Joan,
what an exiting and happy message. Congratulation for winning a price. I am always amazed what wonderful cat photos you make. I know how difficult it is to get them sharp and fluffy on a picture. How cute this little girl looks for the moth. Its almost like a child, making "ohhhh", when it sees the first christmas tree. So sorry that your camera is broken. But who knows, may be thats a reason to invest in a new successful profession.
Hugs and greetings,
Jane and Chris said…
How wonderful is that?!!!
Well done! I love to see the photos on your blog,I wish I could have seen the whole exhibit.
Jane x
Congratulations! That is a beautiful photo.
Photography is all about the light. How you see light and how to interpret it in your photos. The very best light as you know is right dawn and dusk, those golden hours. The light gives such a beauty glow. No tricks all nature. Toddy is gorgeous and the colors of the light in this picture are as well, and YOU do take excellent photos.

Viola said…
Such an adorable photo the first one! :) And I like the other one also!

It's a long time since I visited your blog.. I hope you and the cats are fine! :)

Dearest Joan,

Congrats on winning that price with your lovely photo of Toddy! The one of both of you is very endearing as well.
Hugs to you,

Reena said…
Congratulations! It's a beautiful photo ... both are winners!
The Island Cats said…
Wow, we love that photo!
Crafting Queen said…
Beautiful photos, such wonderful light and a perfect subject!!!! Congratulations on your win!!!! Have a wonderful day and lots of hugs to all your furry ones.
Bulldoggrrl said…
You and Toddy are beautiful together. Many congrats on your photographic accomplishment!
Marilia said…
So awesome photos!!!
Anna E said…
Tillykke igen - også med Benji på 3. pladsen :-) Håber du får et nyt kamera snart, så du kan fange endnu flere øjeblikke til evigt minde. xo
Congratulations! that is a beautiful photo and I can see why it won (although since I didn't see the other six I can't say it is the best, I mean if I could see the other kitt... oh Connie stop begging to see more kitties, you've probably looked at over 1000 cats today alone!)

One of the reasons I follow your blog is for your images. You do a wonderful job, training or not. I think training can simply help you take better shots, but you need to have that base 'eye' for things to begin with.. which you have in spades!
I cannot think of ANYONE who deserves this more! You gave the gift of life to so many cats and they are giving the gift of a new career to YOU!!!!!!!

OMG...it just dawned on me! Did I ever thank you for my cards? I have had multiple lithotripsies for kidney stones this summer and I can't remember and I have a sick feeling that I didn't! I have to try and see if I still have your email.
Annuk said…
CONGRATULATIONS, dearest Joan!!!!!
That's truly a wonderful photo!!! And Toddy is such a gorgeous girl... I can see why you adore her! And that photo of you two is just adorable too! :) You both look SO happy!!!!!!
I love photographing cats too... they are a never-ending source of inspiration and beauty, aren't they?

Lots of love and hugs to you and all your furry babies!!!
Everycat said…
Congratulations! That is an exquisite picture of Toddy, really beautiful.

Barbara said…
Congratulations! It is a beautiful photo - love the light and the expression.
Marg said…
Wow, congratulations Joan. That is so great. Your pictures are terrific and you sure do deserve the award.Hope everyone is doing well. We miss hearing from you. Take care.
Cat said…
Congratulations Joan, the photo is just exquisite and so very deserving to the win!!!
Cornelia said…
All the pictures you have talen of your furry friends have won many hearts. You have changed their lives completely and they all are your great successes. Congratulations for winning many prizes every moment together with GodsLittlePeople. <3
Catherine said…
Such a wonderful image - a winner to be sure! And look at you - beautiful face beautiful soul. I can see the love on your face Joan. You are beaming!!
Sending you and all the kitties lots of love and hugs!
xo Catherine
The pictures is mesmerizing. I love it.

Congratulations. And thank you for all you do for the cats.
Congratulations Joan- and well deserved- your pictures are fabulous.I love the photo of you anf the cat of the year :-)
Big hugs to you XXXXX
ConCATulation´s !
The photo is lovely so I can see why you won , without seing the others :)
505whimsygirl said…
Hi Joan,

Congrats!! I do love your photography and you have a natural talent, no doubt.

Now, to pick out a new camera!!!

syros2js said…
Unfortunatelly, I was not in Syros that time... But, as my other photographer and animal (!) friends have informed me, everything was excellent!!!

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