Hiding under the cupboard

Hello! My name is Ivy. The nice lady rescued me today. 

I was living in and around a local taverna fighting and begging for food every day. No one knows what happened to my mom or siblings so I'm a little 7-8 week old orphan. I'd become quite good at acting big on the outside even though I've been struggling with diarrhea and a cough... maybe I've got bronchitis. Yesterday the nice lady found me looking for water. No one even noticed I was desperate for water - but the nice lady did. She got a bowl from the restaurant and bought me some water. It was just what I needed! Upon hearing that the taverna is closing after the weekend she decided to scoop me up. I probably wouldn't stand much of a chance of surviving when the taverna closes. So today she came back with a transport box and brought me to the vet. After a check-up I was taken back to my new home. Everything seemed very big and scary so I went straight under the cupboard.

Quickly realizing I've got no plan of coming out she popped a small quilt for me under the cupboard.

I didn't quite know what it was at first - it made me quite scared. But then I realized that it was soft and warm  - just like my mom used to be. So I started milking the quilt.

As a matter of fact, it was all so nice and fuzzy. My new food bowl is full and I even have my own bowl of clean water. It's just next to me - all I have to do is come out from under the cupboard.

But for now I'm good under here. I don't think I've been sleeping this well since I got lost from my mom. There used to be so much traffic and noise at the taverna. But here it is quiet and safe. And I get comforting cuddles all the time. I hiss at first - because I'm not that used to human hands - but the hands are gentle and kind. Yes, I think I'm good here... so I'll safely go back to sleep for the moment. I could get used to this!


Maine Kitties said…
Bless you for saving this little angel! What a lovely kitten!
Madame said…
Gribende at læse, Joan, og vidunderlige billeder ♥
sunshine said…
Such a beautiful story of yet another miracle you created in life, all these animals are certainly so blessed to have found you.

Welcome Ivy to heaven on earth!
Crafting Queen said…
Anohter one saved!!!! Can't wait to see the progress of this little one. Bless you.
Oh, sweet dear kitty. I will tell you, you had so much luck. This nice lady is an angel for all cats in your area, which probably our God have sent you. You will live like in paradise! Congratulation for beeing found and rescued by Joan. I am so sorry that I am far away. Otherwise I would straight come in and want to cuddle you. Dear Joan, wish you good success with the new baby.
Hugs and greetings, Johanna
you sleep well little one. And when you are ready to have your ears scratched and your belly rubbed you just need to come out.
Sankissjuice said…
I always feel good after reading your rescue story. She looks so much happier with you. And what a cute little face! With some love and patience, she will be up and running, cuddly and snuggly. Hope we can to read a follow up.

Jane and Chris said…
Aw, she's lovely. All of our rescues seemed to sleep for hours and hours on end when they were first resuced. I think they are simply exhausted after trying to fend for themselves.
Jane x
Deb said…
7-8 weeks old. That just tears at my heart. Little Ivy, you are safe now and will be cared for by someone who will love you. Stay under the cupboard as long as you need. Maybe a little string with a feather will ease you out at some point. I'm sending you a big hug and that wonderful woman who saved you gets one, too. ((((Hugs))))
Dearest Joan,

Ivy escaped a black destiny of death... Thanks to your LOVE and efforts.
Today we officially got our #8 cat.
For a couple of weeks I had heard, what I first thought, was a hawk rustling in our huge magnolia tree near the driveway. Also one day there walked a black cat to our gazebo, a slim one and it was not our Tiggy Tiger... I got puzzled. Till I found on a branch, in the magnolia tree this smokey colored black with brown medium longhair. I could caress it, but I was shocked at its emaciated stage. We started feeding it, putting a bowl of water out under the magnolia tree. Not long afer, it came inside our garage (had done so before I guess!) to eat with the other felines together. We started calling it Smokey. This morning Pieter brought Smokey to the vet. It is a boy and he weighs 2.7 kg after feeding him for a good week. He had an infection in his mouth and got antibiotics. All the shots he received and that was $ 187 but we get always a discount so for a good $ 150 he came home with Pieter. Hope this poor soul will soon regain strength and be happy. The heavy matting will disappear in a couple of weeks and he will look beautiful. The age is just guess work, probably 4 months or so. He will have his check up in 3 weeks and will get neutered too. I can see your dilemma with the always high vet bills because those strays are never healthy.
One can only pray that more people become responsible for their pets. This is criminal for putting them out on the streets to let them fend for themselves.
You know what hit me hard? The turkey vultures were circling around, probably smelling a weak creature soon becoming their meal! Awful thought.
Hugs to you and thanks what you are doing.
Cornelia said…
Ivy's story touches the heart in such a lovely and sweet way. To get to the perspective of Ivy is healing in itself. You are and have been such a human angel. It is a great blessing to know YOU ARE HERE!
Annuk said…
Sweet angel Joan, I could subscribe to each and every one of the comments your lovely readers wrote!!! Yet another one special, precious, unique, wonderful little life saved... a sweet little soul getting a Life!!!!
Thank you, dearest Joan, from deep in my heart!
Lots of love to you and all your furry little miracles,
Anna & Zoe
Marilia said…
OMG, Ivy, you´re so sweet!
Bulldoggrrl said…
Another diamond in your crown, dear Joan. Little Ivy deserves the best....YOU! Many blessings...I am looking forward to seeing the progress in Ivy, Cookie, her family and Snowy.

Your friend from Kansas,
505whimsygirl said…
Hi Joan,

What a sweetie! So glad you saved this little one!

Oh Ivy... this is so WONDERFUL! I'm so very, very happy for you. You've got yourself a home and your very own peep now. She's gonna take such good care of you now. I just know it. Your prayers have been answered. purrs
I forgot to mention... you look like the sweetest little angel ever... sleeping there so peacefully. Hope you have the best of dreams. purrs
Ivy you needed worry anymore, you are safe sweet one and you now have a true home.

✿•*¨`*•. ♥Abby♥Boo♥Ping♥Jinx♥Grace♥✿•*¨`*•.
Ohhhh I am in LOVE with Ivy!!! Her ears look just like Cody's did when he was a kitten! Those big ears that she hasn't grown into yet.
What an ADORABLE girl! You are going to keep her, right?
Awww so sweet little Ivy,you are just a cutesy pie,and if you don't mind a cuddle from a soft rex rabbit I would mind snuggling up to you and give you some extra warmth...hehehe.xxSpeedy
Sandra said…
Oh Joan, you have done it again.. saved a furry soul and I can only thank you for having such a big heart. Even when people see kittens this small they assume the kitten will know how to survive and they don't bother... but they don't realize they are just babies, scared and lonely, fighting for every bite. They don't deserve to live like that. I am glad Ivy is one of the lucky ones... and she is also very very cute.
MarkD60 said…
The cat posted a post on your blog! AMAZING!
Anonymous said…
I am so happy for you!!
I was once a little barn cat
and would not have survived the cold winter without food.
But I was adopted and here I am 11 years later.
Becca said…
Oh my!!! This is SO sweet! I can't wait to hear more about this little one!
O,Joan, what a sweetie.I love your pictures.Another miraculous rescue.Bless, you Saint Joan of the Greek Cats.XOXO
Anna E said…
Hallo little Ivy - wellcome, and you surely are more lucky than you realize; You´ll have all the love and care you need, plus bonus-siblings, anties and uncles too. You really got a second chance of life, and I am so happy for you :-))

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