Yes, this girl grew!

First of all a very BIG heartfelt thank you to all you lovely friends who contributed towards Snowy - and also I am so very grateful for your lovely words, comments and prayers for Snowy. We don't yet have a diagnosis for his condition but he has improved since his last episode and is now in a stable condition. He awaits further treatment and I promise keep you updated on his progress.

BUT for now an update about the über charming and strong-willed Cookie... She is now about 12-13 weeks and just enjoy (again) the comparison between the moment just after I found Cookie and the miraculous beauty of her eyes today. Might not seem anything special but it certainly is when you consider the inexplicable state of her eyes at just 3-4 weeks old.

You can take a peak here just to revisit how bad her eyes really looked underneath those horrible "mud-cakes." In the image above you can detect kind-of-like swollen pockets under her eyes. They were filled with pus that just oozed forth when the "cakes" were removed. It took a while to reveal two teensy eyes behind the layers and I honestly thougth her right eye was a write-off. But... you know this story by now.

But she also had another wonder in store for us. At about age 6-7 weeks she started to turn white. Until then she had been almost pitch black. But everyday she just seemed to grow a little whiter and we wondered when it would stop. 

It seems she's now reached her actual color - a very unique blend I've never seen before!

Otherwise Cookie enjoys playing all day with bro and snuggling up with moma cat when it's time for a nap. As you can see in the image above Cookie is catching up  size-wise with her tiny moma. It gives you an idea of just how young this moma cat must have been when she gave birth. She will need an intro for herself one day soon... We can't figure out what to call her. It was initally Precious as she acted real precious (didn't want to mingle with the other cats too much) - but now it's as if her inner "alter-ego" has appeared and she reminds me of a flower-power girl with her long hair flowing in the wind when she runs, lol! In that side of herself I call her Hippie (very endearingly!).

But just to round off with Cookie... I don't know how many pictures I've taken close-up of her eyes (a lot!). They are a real glistening miracle that I marvel at even today when I compare the images. I believe her eye-sight is a real testament to the fact that miracles really can happen through a lot of patience, a lot (initailly) of around-the-clock care and a heart-full of LOVE. But then of course it is humanly impossible to not pour your heart over a helpless little life of God. 

I say this because we might all take this human response for granted, but only last week a cat friend of mine told me of her neighbour finding a plastic bag discarded in an iron dumpster (shut closed). Yes, you guessed it... the plastic bag contained 3 kittens. Tree newborn kittens still with the umbilical chord attached. Probably just a few hours old - taken straight from the kitty mom. So many stories to tell really... the good, the bad, the ugly - but also the miraculous. But this to say that I believe one can no longer take a "normal" human response for granted.  It's a wonderful human gift being able to respond to our inbuilt instincts - and to not grow numb or overlay what we know to be right!


Jane and Chris said…
Hasn't she blossomed !
Jane x
Sandra said…
Cookie's fur is amazingly beautiful and unique! And she has such a beautiful expression. I didn't know you have her mother as well.... I am so looking forward to read more about her.
Sandra said…
Cookie's fur is amazingly beautiful and unique! And she has such a beautiful expression. I didn't know you have her mother as well.... I am so looking forward to read more about her.
Anna E said…
Godt at høre om Snowy!
Og Cookie - hun har så smukke øjne; Det minder mig om folk som hugger efter diamanter, og bag en masse sten kommer endelig en skinnende juvel frem.. :-)
Ja, det er så ekstremt med de historier om "skraldespands-katte" at man opgiver at sætte sig ind i de menneskers tankegang. Og det samme gælder for det billede du satte på FB med killinger og hundehvalpe som madding til haj-fangst - da var jeg godt nok ved at tabe underkæben for jeg ville aldrig kunne forestille mig at nogen kunne få den idé...!!!
xo anna e.
Crafting Queen said…
Thank you for the update. Glad that Snowy is improving. Cookie is a little sweetheart, I love her speckled coat!!! Great photos, always a joy to these cats. Have a great day. Lots of hugs ANehsa
Viola said…
I am sooo glad the girl grew and is doing just fine! thanks to you dear lady! :) because I can see she was in a bad bad condition when you found her! :/
So happy for her now! :)
Dearest Joan,

So glad to read about so much LOVE and joy. Let's pray that those barbaric acts of other human beings stop. What a fate for those poor new born kittens... Cruelty at its worse.
Hugs to you,
sunshine said…
Aww! They are so cute together, I am sure Snowy will improve even more, love and care are the best medicines sometimes!!!
Madame said…
Kære Joan, det er så dejligt at læse om den smukke pige, Cookie. Varme klem!
Hi Joan,
so nice to read the good news. I love all your photos. They feature the cats so wonderful as if one could look inside their characters. Thank you so much for caring for this cats. If I will ever be reborn, I want to be a cat in your home.
Best greetings, Johanna
Marilia said…
So beautiful post.... lovely!
Annuk said…
Sweetest Joan, this is the most wonderful, amazing, heartwarming, touching, moving post I've ever happened to read!!!!!! I am SO happy to see what a GORGEOUS girl darling little Cookie has blossomed into... She is truly a miracle girl!!!!!!
I absolutely LOVE the way you write about these miracle stories, and about what moves your heart, dear Joan... And YES, absolutely, we should be grateful and thankful for that wonderful human gift of compassion... of being "unable" to look away and to grow numb. This is INDEED a gift, and I am grateful each and every day for it -- and for it giving me the opportunity to meet wonderful souls as you are, dear Joan!!!!

I am praying for Snowy too!!!!!

Lots of love and hugs!!!
Anna and Zoe :)
Cookie is just fabulous! What a wonderful rewarding thing to see her eyes so bright and full of life. WE are purring and praying for Snowy.

✿•*¨`*•. ♥Abby♥Boo♥Ping♥Jinx♥Grace♥✿•*¨`*•.
Since you first posted about Cookie, I have thought of her often. It is so nice to see her all bright eyed and bushy tailed :)

Love her coloring too, so unique to change to that after being born all black.
Maine Kitties said…
Wow, Cookie kitty is a real angel! What beautifully unique coloring!

Im thrilled that her eyes are clean and clear!

Please keep us updated on Snowy!
Just adorable! What a cutie- and a real miracle that her eye sight was saved !!
Kathie said…
Hi Joan,

I had to comment on Cookie, she is absolutely beautiful. I have been in rescue for more than 20 years and have never seen a coat like hers. I'm so encouraged about her eyes as well. I currently am fostering a 5 week old kitten that was found laying in a driveway of an apt. complex last Saturday. Her eyes were glued shut with pus and I finally managed to get that cleaned off but they were so swollen she couldn't open them. She just started opening them Monday night, right now it is hard to tell if they are going to clear up or be a problem the rest of her life. She follows my hand when I wave it in front of her but I don't know if she can see anything that shadow and light. We're currently on 2 medicines and a hydration drop and they get a little better everyday so I am hoping in time she will be able to see. Kudos for the work you do, I read often but not much of a commenter usually because I'm catching up and short of time. But when I saw this picture of Cookie it was like seeing Ribbon last week, deja vu all over again. Kathie
Oh my...Cookie looks so wonderful. You are doing such great work. Thank you so much.

Regarding the kittens in the dumpster - so many horrible people in the world. I guess that's why we are here - to balance out and save the kitties.
rosenresli said…
Sweet Joan,

I never thought that Cookie is so well done as I saw the first pictures of her. What a great work your have done for this little kitty and so many others. You truly are an angel.
I have an idea why Cookie changes her colour. It could be a reaction on the antibiotics she get. I have read something in a cat forum. But this colour makes her very special as she is, a little miracle.

Hugs and kisses,
MarkD60 said…
That is a very unique color.
Have you heard about humans who have a severe physical trauma and their hair turns white? I wonder if the same thing has anything to do with this kitty's color?
Anonymous said…
I have not found a post since september, 2012. Maybe it it my oversite. Do you ever use traps to get the cats that are in dire need for medical attention or to quickly get them spayed or neutered. I have a pretty large colloection of cats that I have spent much money on. These ae divided in groups of 15 -17 cats.
These are mostly feral that could not be returned to their former habitat. I would love to hear from you. Some of your photos are outstanding.


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