A little follower

So I promised to get back to the story of Skipper. He has been absolutely remarkable. Within a few days I had him out in the garden and he just instantly moved around as if he knew the place inside out. No sense of apprehension but just a quiet checking out every little corner and it was very easy to introduce him to the place because he just simply follows my every step. It made it easy to introduce him to the "kitty-bungalow" - where all the rescues have their meals and have a warm and soft place to sleep. He is such a sweet and calm cat - utterly perfect for adoption but even though he's been up for adoption (via our vet) there's (as expected) no interest. He is of course very fine here - and we love him dearly! - but since he is so well behaved I would just have loved for him to have a home just for him.  

Skipper is a loving...

- sweetly playful 

- beautiful 

- little follower. 

He is in a very fine condition and with his endearing nature I warn you; you'd fall in love with him instantly! I've said it often, but I really do need octopus' arms. Or a team of people who'd just come and play with the the kitties. You wanna come 'round!? I promise there's enough cats for all of you, lol!


He is adorable! My very first cat was ginger and white so although I love all colours, I have a soft spot for them.
Tina said…
If you weren't so far away, I would come around in a heart beat.
Catherine said…
My heart is melting! Oh such a little sweetie. And look at that warm sunshine! Hmmmmm.....warm sunshine and playing with kittens....I'm packing my bags. Be there in a few days! :D
xo Catherine
Catherine, can't wait to see you!! LOL :-D
Crafting Queen said…
Thank you so much for the update on Skipper. He is looking wonderful. So wish we could give him a home but sadly our baby girl would not like that very much. Would love to visit the kitties. Lots of hugs. Anesha
Annuk said…
AWWWWW he's such an adorable, handsome and sweet-looking boy!!!! He has such a sweetness in his eyes! I'm so happy he's doing well and enjoying his new, happy life!
Oh Joan, I would LOVE to be in your team of cat-sitters!!!!!!!
I must visit you and the kitties some day when I'm in Greece! :)
Lots of love to you!!!
Anna & Zoe
Deb said…
He is adorable, Joan. He would make a fine companion for someone. I hope all is well with you and that the cats coming in has calmed a little. Winter is just around the corner here and this is when I worry about the ones outside. Just back from putting food down but it never seems like enough. I haven't seen any for days now but I know they are there.
If I could I would be there in a heart beat! He sounds like Cody was when I adopted him. Hope he finds a furever home
LOVE the colour on his eyes <3
He sure is a cute little guy !
Anna E said…
Skipper is adorable - and I somehow cannot understand why noone wants to adopt him -in this forum or via your vet..! If I didn´t suffer from severe allergy towards cats, I would definitely want him to be a part of my family. If there is a place in the heart for him, there is always a place in the home as well. I so hope he´ll find the right family, have you tried to put him for adoption on Facebook? Hope and love from Anna E
Dear Joan,
I am sure if you where not so far away, I would have more than one of your cats in my home. They are all so great personalities and worth to be loved. Skipper is a cutie.
Best greetings, Johanna
Dearest Joan,

Skipper is indeed in top condition and very content! Lucky guy.
Hugs to you,
Oh, I wish I could come play with them all. He is such a sweetie. I feed many feral cats in our neighborhood. Yesterday my husband saw me talking to them and they were meowing back and he said "do you think they speak English?" And I said, they speak whatever language I speak because it is the language of love and that's all the little kitties want is love! God bless you! Tammy
Anna E said…
Would you perhaps be willing to explain HOW one could adopt him, if possible? Would you put him on an airoplane and send him to the country of the person, who wants him, or would someone have to come to Greece to get him? Love A.E.
Sandra said…
Oh Joan, he is one handsome boy! I would love to come, I can help you out with the kittens, the cats, I can be very useful around the cats... the only problem would be leaving!
Sandra said…
Oh Joan, he is one handsome boy! I would love to come, I can help you out with the kittens, the cats, I can be very useful around the cats... the only problem would be leaving!
Barbara said…
If you only lived closer... He's adorable! What a sweet face!
Reena said…
He is so charming and lucky to have you in his life! If I were closer, I'd be visiting every day!
Cornelia said…
Skipper is surely a wonder and so are they all. And you do resque wonders this is what you do do. There is a long distance from playing with kittens to having agreed with oneself to have a "contract" of rensponsibility for a new member of one's family. I will wish with my whole being to have a little home
With a garden to have the gracing privilege of companionship of kittens, rabbits, sheeps, puppies, geese, donkies, horses, cows, pigs and chickens. I will thrive and enjoy to see them all loved, cared for and playful as they naturally deserve to be. I will work for this vision to become reality. It is wonderful to think that there are so many enhancing reasons to visit you. Please receive my love herefrom Oesterbro, Copenhagen, location: an appartment where it is prohibited to have pets.
Madame said…
Du tager de mest vidunderlige billeder, Joan - og hvor er det smukt at l├Žse.
Guess what? You won an award! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Come on over to Nerissa's Life and check out "cupcake city" to pick it up. purrs
MarkD60 said…
She looks great! Your cat's are beautiful!
Viola said…
What a treasure!! I love cats! :)

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