A mighty prayer needed for Ivy

So as this title suggests, things were not entirely good with Ivy. Sunday afternoon she finally braved it and came out from under the cupboard. She showed immense bravery coming out because she was very scared. But she quickly got the hang of that there was nothing to fear even though everything in her had been tuned towards fear and flight. 

Last Saturday - the day after we rescued her - she was put on antibiotics for what we believed was bronchitis. When she finally came out from under the cupboard I could see that  her breath was actually quite bad and she was brought in for an x-ray Monday. It showed a very serious respiratory infection - her entire respiratory system is infected.

Anyhow, we brought her back home with the directions to keep her in a quiet environment (which we of course did already). Tuesday she seemed to pick up a bit - she even played a little with a feather. She was even a bit playful doing gorgeous little tummy rolls for me. But... then Wednesday morning she suddenly seemed to have gotten weaker. She was no longer interested in food and I regrettably had to administer her antibiotic tablets instead of just popping it into her food.

By Thursday morning it was clear she needed more help than we could give her and she was once again back at the vet and put on intravenous antibiotics and fluids.

This morning her condition is very critical. She no longer moves around and she is using every bit of her being for her survival. She has not slept for days - her little bodily instinct doesn't allow her to because it might obstruct her airways. Yes, imagine her exhaustion.

I'm under no illusion about the statistics... I've been there before. I know Ivy is up against something mighty considering her tender age (8 weeks) - her little immune system hasn't had a chance of fully developing. Separated from her mom at way too early an age. But that just magnifies my hopes for Ivy. Her arrival in this world couldn't have been more miserable and she deserves a life full of love and care. As you can see from those huge eyes it's been impossible to not fall in love with her. I've held her tiny body up to my chest and filled her head with kisses - she responded with loud purr. Just as it should be. This is where I want Ivy to be once again. Well enough to begin to take in love in abundance. So I ask you if you will please pray for Ivy. She needs BUNDLES of strength to make it through. Right now we have to take it step by step and we hope for a slight sign of improvement tomorrow morning. I promise to keep you posted. Thank you!


Becca said…
Oh dear! Ivy you are a little cutie! Please hang in there...saying a prayer for you!
Annuk said…
My sweet Joan... I have tears in my eyes while reading this... Ivy is such a brave, precious, adorable little girl! She deserves only the best in life. Your words about her and about the love you feel for her touched me deeply... and I can only imagine your agony over seeing this tiny baby suffering.

(((((JOAN))))) I am sending you all my love, my positive thoughts and my warmest hugs... and of course you and Ivy are in my prayers!!!!
Hang in, little baby, you are loved!!!!!!!!

Lots of Love and Light,
Anna and Zoe
Marg said…
Poor little Ivy. We sure hope all those antibiotics works for her. So glad Joan that she had you to help her. We are sending some mighty strong purrs and prayers.
Joan you are such a blessings to Ivy! Sending positive energy and prayers that her Angels protect her and give her the strength to heal and live a long and healthy life.

Blessings to you all, HHL
Random Felines said…
we are sending BIG purrs to Ivy.... it is so hard when they are sick
Anna E said…
Jeg sender en bøn for Ivy´s helbredelse og velvære...Det er GODT nok en barsk omstændighed hun er født i - tænker også på de killinger, der kommer til verden nu, hvor det vel begynder at blive mere køligt og regnfuldt på øen (?)og med turistsæsonen der er ovre, og derfor mangel på mad fra tavernerne...Det må være hårdt for dig at se på disse omstændigheder, så jeg sender også en bøn for dit velvære...xo
Maine Kitties said…
Hang on little angel! You've got the world rootin' for you! *Prayers*
Elizabeth said…
My thoughts are with Ivy .... and with you too. She's up against it but I'm hoping that with all the right treatment and care for a complete recovery for her. Hugs, Elizabeth xx
Jane and Chris said…
Aw...she's such a tiny wee delicate thing. In my prayers sweetie.
Jane x
Bulldoggrrl said…
Bless her heart. I hope the next post we get is good news. Ivy is so lucky to have you, Joan. Sending a donation for her medical bills.
Much love
Glenda from KS
sunshine said…
Sending prayers and healing thoughts to Ivy, may she recover very soon and be able to enjoy a wonderful life by your side and all your other lovely kitties!

Love from the Cayman's, please keep us posted on her recovery.
Oh darling Ivy... I'm sending purrs. Lots and lots and lots of purrs. The strongest ones I can muster. You simply must get better 'cause so very many cats & peeps have fallen hopelessly in love with you. purrs
Holding her in my heart and sending purrs and prayers for her recovery..

We would love to keep you here Ivy, and give you love and cuddles and yummy food and soft places to sleep, but if you feel you can't make it, know that you will be missed but we will understand.
Deb said…
Oh my goodness, look at that sweet, delicate little baby. I keep thinking that she may have never been found only to suffer with this alone and miserable. At least she has you and your love. I'll pray for her, you know I will. Hugs, Deb
Crafting Queen said…
Poor little darling. Will keep her in my prayers. So sorry this is happening to her. Lots of hugs to her and you. Anesha
Ivy has such a sweet face. We are sending love and good wishes to her, and hoping that she gets better soon.
Oh dear sweet Ivy,
Whatever may come, you have been shown love and comfort and a sense of being completely wanted. We are praying that you are able to overcome your infection and the best possible outcome. Know you are being thought of and warm loving purrs are coming your way.

Dearest Joan,

What a struggle for sweet Ivy. We're not yet out of the loop with our Smokey, he too has a bad breath. The vet said he had an infected mouth but in the magnolia tree when I first found him, he was sneezing and sputtering so his respiratory system is under attack too. He's still so afraid, he sleeps with us, loves his cuddles and warmth and after breakfast goes up again in the magnolia tree. Guess that's the instinct. He played with a mouse for the first time in his life I guess, yesterday when I teased him with it.
Certainly my prayers are with you for this lovely big-eyed sweet girl. Wish we could make the person responsible for this suffering feel some of its pain...
Hugs to you,
O dear.Yes I will pray for your little baby Ivy! How very sad- I hope she will pull through.O, Joan! Wishing lots of strenght and sending you heaps of love XXXXXXXX
K. said…
Dear Joan, I send all my strength and hope for you. Our beloved Ivy deserves a chance.
All my love,
Daisy said…
Poor little bebbeh! Harley and I are sending our best healing purrs for Ivy.
Dear Joan,
it is so touching to read your post and see the photos of this cute cat baby. I pray for her, too. It must give her a lot of strength when she feel your love and purrs although she is so ill. Wish you the very best.
XO Johanna
Dearest Joan,

Hope things worked out for the best of Ivy! HUGS to you,
Sandra said…
Oh you beautiful baby. Please, keep up the fight,it is so worth it as you now have a home and people who love you. You will be in my thoughts little one.
Annuk said…
More love, purrs and prayers.....
You are in my thoughts and prayers, sweet little baby -- and your loving Mom too!!!!!!!!
Prayers for Ivy. I know it's hard, come on baby, you can do it. Fight, fight, fight - you have a wonderful long life waiting for you. Your are in great hands.

Mo said…
I'm sending prayers for Ivy to heal and get better.
Marilia said…
Good luck cute Ivy!
E. Smith said…
Lots of prayers for you sweet one!

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